Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shin Sekai Yori episode 23

People....people. I thought I already posted this episode. I was like why is this sitting in my not finished box. I went to drag it to the March 2013 folder when I thought wait let me make sure I haven't posted it yet and behold...I haven't. I don't know why. Maybe I got distracted by Aika and her little story or something. Wait is this the day that I had to go out and do some retail therapy because that is the best way to deal with stress? Yes that must be it. Probably solved. Disney bags trump anime posts. Or at least remembering them.
You mean this ENTIRE series?!
Here you go, a few days late! XD Shin Sekai Yori episode 23. The continuing store of Saki's life really sucks. Like really sucks folks. How much suck can this girl handle?! It is really blowing my mind at this point.
Thanks Fail Eevee. Because Saki wasn't freaking out or anything.
Episode Summary: Life continues to suck for Saki. Satoru is trying to wrap his mind around why a slug would turn out that way. Saki starts mumbling about cantus being leaked and the barrier but it is clear this is information erased from the minds of others and she leaves it at that. Besides there are killer mites behind them that threaten to eat them. They run away from that and other dangers in the cave. Kiroumaru stops to tell the group and Yakomaru and his group have broken up into two teams but have not found them yet. They continue their way through the horrible cave until they reach an opening and a very strong river. Fail Eevee tells them they have to go upstream so Kiroumaru is like oh lets go back and get the sub. He explains more before anyone kills him for suggesting such a thing. One group (he and Kiroumaru) will lead Yakomaru around in circles while the other group (Saki and Inui) will go back further under ground to get the sub and find some underground passageway to make it to the river. This seems like a plan and Saki complains about having to walk in the water. Inui decides this is the moment to voice his concerns about how maybe Kiroumaru shouldn't be trusted, you know when they left him alone with Satoru. He is very subtle about it, about how things aren't adding up. Like why did Kiroumaru travel to this place, Tokyo, so long ago and lose so many men for exploration? Saki has had a long day and doesn't really want to think about that. They make it to the sub and Saki asks Fail Eevee what the most dangerous animal is in the area. Fail Eevee runs out of batteries but manages to say it is some water worm thing. AHA Inui says. Why didn't Kiroumaru warn them of that?
And why do you say that Shun?
If on cue the damn water worm attacks and Saki sorta stands there in shock. Inui manages to kill the beast and is like lets go folks! They take off in the sub before the birds can locate them. Inside the sub covered in bat poop, worm guts, and who knows what else Saki starts to lose it. “Shun” starts talking to her, saying that everything will be okay. He refuses to answer who he is when she asks and Saki starts to get upset, thinking this is too hard to kill a Fiend. “Shun” is like are you sure that is a Fiend? Inui snaps Saki out of what he thinks is a trance and they travel on, taking time to recharge the Fail Eevee and to let Saki have a cry/take a bath. They make it to the cave part of the river but no Satoru or Kiroumaru are around. Inui decides they need to keep on going because they have to complete this mission. They travel on what looks like an old subway line until they reach a part where the sub can't go. With air bubble hats they continue on. Along the way another worm slug thing comes and eats Inui. Inui manages to land a killing blow though and Saki is able to escape. She takes a moment to cry about her horrible life and continues on to what looks like an old hospital. She looks and looks and finally finds a necklace full of anthrax. Suddenly Saki breaks out of the hospital and starts running, running towards something. She thinks she sees “Shun” and calls out his name, finally remembering him and what happened to him due to his powers. She continues running after him like he is trying to lead her somewhere. The somewhere is overlooking destroyed Tokyo and Saki goes to ask Shun what is going on when THE END!
Quit saying that!
Well I called it. CALLED IT! I mean I didn't call it all the way and now I am sorta kicking myself in the pants for not calling it more but called it. Humans are doomed folks, doomed because of QueerRats AKA humans without powers.
Why did Satoru look confused when she said this?
But first things first. Sometimes this anime is hard to watch because the characters have had their memories messed with. Does Satoru not remember about the sacred barrier and how their powers change the outside world? Or did Satoru want Saki to be quiet and he was covering for her because Inui might not know that. Either I was like....yep you guess got random powers that have to be harnessed in such a way that only 10 percent of you have to die before adulthood. Who knew that things could get that messed up. WHO KNEW?!
Oh how very interesting. Interesting indeed.
Well we know who. Kiroumaru. He was like oh yeah those dust mite things....gonna kill us. Probably killed that monster thing in front of us. Good thing we didn't take our chances above ground with the enemy we know. We just will take a happy walk in a cave full of things that can kill us. That's the spirit. Oh and I will tell you about all these secret sounds Yakomaru is making with the other QueerRats. HMMMMM could that be code for you?! I mean....maybe all the humans really are that tired so they need a little bit of slack but really... Kiroumaru is a QueerRat. Maybe they really thought he was the most loyal creature ever but me thinks that that temple dude is going to do the I TOLD YOU SO dance really soon.
Time to swim then!
I felt really....I don't know the words when they reached the end of the tunnel and there was rushing water. Kiroumaru was like oh we will just turn around and get the sub. I would have been like BITCH I just walked through bugs and shit and monsters trying to eat my soul. I will swim through this damn water! I am not going back and then making my way back through another path that will probably have just as many dangers. Like nope I am swimming, can't make me go back.
Red shirt time?
The second Inui went off with Saki I was like....see yay Inui. I thought that Satoru would have stayed with Saki and Inui, with his suspicions, would have stayed with Kiroumaru. But maybe Satoru isn't thinking right and Inui wanted to die. I mean he said that he was going to risk his life to protect Saki. Sealed his fate right there. Notice Saki didn't say anything back....
Sure I do. Since they are communicating with me.
I think that Inui should have said more. Maybe because we are the viewers we just know more. But yes more! Tell Saki more so she knows what she will be up against. Like um....if Yakomaru has been planning this attack for years don't you think he had EVERYTHING planned out? Every tiny detail....and maybe even a bit of luck since I still think there is something special about Maria's kid becoming a magical Fiend when those are rare to begin with. But behold folks. Yakomaru and Kiroumaru are probably besties.
Oh....just a fun fact to throw in there.
Okay maybe not besties. I am not sure when this alliance happened but maybe Saki and Satoru need to start thinking about that when. Because if it was BEFORE the war....them bitches are in trouble. I mean Kiroumaru hid in a ditch? He is the biggest QueerRat out of the bunch and he hide in a ditch? No this story of survival smells funny. Which means that HIS entire army is still out there, waiting to strike.
Like anthrax important?
But maybe Kiroumaru and his buddy Yakomaru decided to kill off half the armies just as a way to get rid of humans. A huge price to pay but something they might have decided on long ago. Which would mean that whole argument in front of the elders/important people was a farce too. Those signals Kiroumaru heard were probably for him. Kiroumaru came to Tokyo those years ago to find the Anthrax themselves. Either to take out humans or the Fiend when he outlived his usefulness. Now it would have been easy for Kiroumaru to lead Satoru to the Fiend and let him get taken out that way but in the clips for next week he is still alive. But that is a lot right folks? Yeah he is a traitor face. Or really on the side he should be on.
Well good thing you didn't say anything stupid....
None of this really got said to Saki because yet another monster came out of nowhere and attacked them. Poor Fail Eevee is getting blamed for some of that too since he wasn't fully recharged. But it is getting ridiculous now. What else can go wrong? Just what else is out there? I was being sarcastic last week but apparently I was telling the truth.
Say my name say my name.
After all this fun Saki needed to take a nap. But instead of a nap she got visited by Shun. Now I don't know if Saki is crazy, strong willed, or if Shun is a ghost. But I really don't find him all the comforting or helpful. Like she wants to know your name dude, it is bothering her. Maybe it is like those painting from Harry Potter that my husband told me about because I haven't seen the movies. But it can't be since Shun seems to know things as they are happening, like he is a current character. Either way he doesn't seem to bring Saki any peace.
Peace out Inui. :( You tried your best.
I like that Inui was like must focus on the mission. But as he stated earlier he was really trying to avenge his fallen people because they were his family. WORD TO THAT. So at that point what is one dead Satoru right? We got.....well a handful of people to save! So yeah it was kinda sad he went out Deep Blue Sea style but he got his licks in so it wasn't a total loss.
Slightly dramatic but maybe it will be more effective this way?
I really thought that Saki wasn't going to find the anthrax. That Kiroumaru had already found it years before. And maybe they did find some and just thought this necklace was simply a necklace. Okay so Saki has the weapon. Now how is she going to use it? Things have been going so well for her and no one she knows that I don't think they have thought how to use this without killing innocent people. We need to some people left to rebuild yes?
Has Saki lost her mind or does part of Shun still really exist...and can tell the future?
And now there is doubt that Saki will even use the weapon. She decided at the end of the episode she needed to run outside, like she sensed the Shun ghost. Her remembering Shun was rather sudden but his message was familiar. Oh is that a Fiend? Now was Shun ghost telling her that or is Shun really Saki's common sense and of course he will say what she is thinking? Either way...Saki remembers Shun. Because 12 years later she has not moved on. And now she may not want to kill the Fiend. She second guesses a lot of things right? Well even if this kid is being used and is innocent....I am thinking death is in order to save the most people. Sorta like what the people thought when they made the Anthrax. Such a feel good show.


Brent said...

Hi, just recently discovered your blog and i think its really awesome :D.I like how you put alot of humour and personality into your posts,not just pure summaries.
What does MOG mean though?

Anonymous said...

Now I think that the queerats are not villains, they could be/are merely mutated humans without pk/cantus who realizes the truth that the humans with cantus destroyed their world and turned them like slaves in the present thus they wish to reclaim the world back from the humans who destroyed it in the first place.

I am doing a wild guesses here, but I think “Akki” (fiend) doesn’t have feedback to humans, because it this that it is a queerat, not a human.

MOG = OMG, Tenchi has the tendency to misspell things. ^_^

Anonymous said...

That ending with Shun was great! So Tokyo was good for something then right? The Cantus leakage allowed her to remember Shun. It took down the barrier in her mind that made her forget him. Or, his spirit that has always protected Saki was able to break through the barrier in her mind because of the Cantus leakage in Tokyo

Christina said...

Brent- MOG-oh my God. For some reason I was spelling things out when on the phone with a friend and the husband, to make fun of them. And instead of saying OMG I said MOG. I sure showed them didn't I? XD

I try to write my posts with all my feelings about the episode. I try to just focus on the episode and not outside information I might have. The anime has to make sense on its own you know?

Anonymous- No one has ever accused me of being a great speller. XD You should see my text messages. I need a professional translator!

I too thought that the Cantus changed the regular humans, like all the creatures outside the barrier. Like the entire planet has to suffer because such a small portion of the population took over? But is that what humans are doing now a days?

But yes Cantus using people have spent too much time worrying about kids who might turn against them than the race of beings they have treated like shit for so long.....

Anonymous 2- See?! That is what is wrong with the show. If Tokyo allowed Saki to free her mind that was lost upon me. There is way too much we are supposed to assume or know from the source material. Here I just thought she was an obsessed crazy person. Like okay I am broken, come invade my brain.