Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tamako Market episode 8: Push it to the limit

Would a loaf of Dera taste good?
More anime posts for your viewing pleasure! There needs to be some noms for my eating pleasure soon but I think the husband passed out on the couch and Kira is a lazy piece of cat. TV dinners for all. But before Tamako Market episode 8 time wee! Spoilers for bird abuse!
What did Dera eat before arriving here though?
Episode Summary: Tamako is slaving away again at the shop because her dad is too cheap to pay some real help when Kanna and Midori cal.. They are at the music store no one ever goes to and are requesting Dera's presence. Since he was busy eating Choi and Tamako pick him up and drag him over. Turns out that Kanna slaved away for 5 minutes and made a bird house for Dera. Dera is very touched...but doesn't fit in the Dera House. They stuff him in there and he looks like the peanut butter in a jar. Kanna prepares to kill herself over terrible measuring but Choi points out that Dera is a fat bird. Dera is like um I am not that fat but the girls decide that he needs to lose weight. This means that Dera is not allowed to eat anything ever. At first the girls think this is going to be easy but Dera tries sneaking food from the vendors on the street since they love to give away their products for free. The girls make a sign for Dera asking everyone not to feed the bird but Dera just pouts and sad music plays. The greatest offenders of the rule seem to be the father and grandfather who try sneaking food in obvious ways. The girls are worried about Choi staying home all day and taking care of they decide to take her to school. Dera tries to tell the girls that this probably won't work but Tamako is like DUH this is a feel good anime, I do what I want.
Apparently gross things?
They manage to find Choi a uniform and pay a teacher off with mochi. The next day the girls happily walk to school. Choi couldn't be bothered to wear shoes but enjoys the experience anyway. Dera is very pissed about this entire experience but decides to put up with it because Shiori is at the school. Their teacher decides to let Choi stay in class because....well because he feels dumb that he can't remember approving the exchange student. Choi does find in school despite looking way younger than the rest of the students. After school Kanna makes Choi part of the club and they use their batons to torture Dera. He tries to deal with the “exercise” but even Shiori can't save him. The girls continue to torture Dera all the way home by ignoring him. They notice that Choi is a bit cold and decide to take her shopping at some questionable places for new clothes. They come home empty handed which makes Dera sad as he wanted clothes too. So he puts on his Rocky clothes and works out alone, gonna push it to the limit! The street is shocked to see Dera and his new look. Basically he looks like he had plastic surgery. Dera likes his new look and doesn't care what the haters think. Midori and Kanna appear to give Choi a random jacket they made her and Choi is touched by their friendship. THE END!

BIRD ABUSE! BIRD ABUSE! I might just overfeed my at tonight to make up for the bird abuse I see on my TV. Maybe Kira will look cuter if there was more of her?
Why you so lazy?
What the hell?! I started writing this post like 5 days ago! Why didn't I finish it?! How am I suppose to remember what happened so long ago?! Oh the world I live in and me without a drop of ice cream in the house. Maybe some girl scout cookies will let me forget about my sad woes. XD My life, so crazy.
We enjoy the scary music though.
OKAY! Does the music guy have any customers ever? I don't think he can run around giving away recorders. Maybe he gives away the coffee. But I guess if he had a job he wouldn't be around to play dramatic music. I think that was the favorite part of the episode. Dera striking a pose and the music matching in the background. XD I live for the crazy. Or I live in crazy.
I don't even thing Chibi Duffy could fit in there!
Kanna is a crack head. She should feel bad for what she made. Is Dera fat? Yes. Should he lose weight so he can fly like a normal bird because he isn't a penguin? Yes. But Dera has been fat almost since the moment he landed. I forgot what skinny Dera looks like. So maybe you should open your tiny eyes up and see that Dera is not a hamseter. Really I don't even think skinny Dera could have fit in that house. Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow, dishonor on your family! I mean...she didn't have to make him a present at all but if someone gave me a present that just made me feel bad about myself it wouldn't be a very nice present would it?
I just realized how creepy Dera looks in this picture, his wings.
But....Dera does need to lose some weight. Even if Choi wasn't in town trying to use him as a slave bird. Since Dera is not a penguin he needs to fly. That is what makes him different than a cat. The only difference obviously. XD Dera you can do. Push it to the limit!!!!
Step in line gramps!
I think that everyone was special considering Dera is a bird. Granted he is a talking bird who has screens for eyes but still a bird. This was such serious business for everyone. People feeling bad for Dera, people not caring one second for Dera, and people claiming to care for Dera but eating right in front of him. Now I guess if Dera didn't want to go through this he could just leave....well try to leave since he can't fly that far.
This is SOOOO good.
So which moment of not helpfulness did I like? Midori and Kanna eating in front of Dera was a bit amusing. That is how I feel when I DO have ice cream and I watch the Biggest Loser. Like oh look at those people having struggles...NOM NOM NOM. Like oh I wish you could have some of this but you are on a DIET. A diet we are forcing you on. So sad for you. The adult men seem to feel bad for Dera, trying to sneak him treats. Overall there was some poor bird abuse going on in this episode.
Why for you torture me?!
OH WAIT! I guess the funniest part of the episode was when the girls were trying to help Dera exercise. And by help and exercise I mean they threw their batons in the air and Dera tried to dodge them. Dera was like hello are you trying to kill me, that girl over there is getting the KFC buckets ready so I doubt your intentions are pure!!!! Dera could have flown away okay going to this side of the gym now.....
And it was puke city.
In the end Dera....looks gross. At first I thought he was sucking it in and he really didn't lose weight. That haha look at me being a pretender. But then it was real and gross. Like all those weight lifting shows that have people with balloon looking muscles. I am sure by next episode Dera will be back to looking like normal but ew. Poor gross looking Dera. Somehow I don't think he will fit in the bird house still.
Dumb teacher is super dumb.
The other part of the show focused on making Choi feel more at home at street de lovely. Which is nice I guess but since we barely see Shiori I think we should have focused on making her feel part of the group before introducing ANOTHER girl. Like um you haven't finished with the one yet. The bird gets more screen time than anyone else in this show.
Also home girl doesn't have any shoes!
I like that there was a truck load of anime magic in this episode. Choi just plops in Japan with no shoes..or anything besides what she is wearing and is able to find Dera and a place to stay. Now she is able to go to school because....they want her to go to school with them. I thought Dera had some good points with the whole UM TESTS but he lost faith in what he was saying and it fizzled out. But hello...girl has been in the country three minutes. How did they get her in school? Oh because Tamako is a sweet girl and their teacher is a dumb as a box of rocks? I see now.
So much abuse!!!
The girls are odd though. Choi could have watched Dera from the house. She didn't need to go to school. XD Probably would have been easier that way. But the girls are silly and wanted to spend time with Choi. So maybe they believed this lie too. XD Like oh yes this is for Dera. Now borrow this slightly less ugly school outfit with no shoes and come with us. We club!
I like the top hats better myself.
I did think the shopping part was cute though. Of course I do like shopping (mainly for bears but you know...) and Japan has a lot of cute shops. Not much that I could pull off but I think they are cute and it was a nice outing for Choi. Made much more sense than Choi going to school. And then the topping on the cake was the made outfit, not the purchased one. Cute!!!!
Um everyone forgets about you Prince. No one cares.
Did I remember everything? I hope so. I need to stop being a slacker. Not like Dera, that fat bird who is now a fat bird in different ways. XD Well hopefully I remembered it all. If not...well next time. XD


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Question for you: Have you personally tried mochi? If so, what's your opinion on it?

I honestly don't know where to get it in the States other than importing, if possible.

It feels like all the characters' diet consist of mostly (90%) mochi. Can't be that nutritious without an equal amount of proteins, vegetables, grain, calcium, etc. Frankly, I'm surprised that no other character is overweight/obese like Dera.

That's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I have never tried mochi. I think I might like it though since I like rice and pasta and that is what it reminds me of. I am sure the texture would take some getting used to though. I did try to the Japanese snack with the "choco" paste in the middle, shaped like a chicken and not a fish.

I am surprised that Tamako isn't a giant mochi. Or that she has any friends left with this obsession of hers. Although there is a lot of walking in Japan and not driving.