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Tamako Market episode 11

WEEE! Two episodes in a row. I can't reward myself with ice cream because I am already eating some. Not sure how I feel about it. At the biggest McDonald's ever(in Orlando) they have cotton candy ice cream that I want to eat every minute of my life. This ice cream says cotton candy but it doesn't taste exactly the same. Still on the fence about it. But as long as it isn't strawberry ice cream is ice cream yes?
 photo tamakomarketepisode116_zps34088185.jpg
Can I please have a say in my life? Thanks.
Up now is Tamako Market episode 11. Almost done folks! Spoilers for everyone losing their damn minds.
 photo tamakomarketepisode1112_zps2938cf9c.jpg
But picking me as your bride would be silly and make little sense.
Episode Summary: There is a little flashback with the Prince being informed by Choi it is bride time. Dera is being super familiar with the Prince but Choi gets them on task. She sends Dera in the right direction and the Prince wishes him luck. Dera gets tired from all the flying and takes a nap in some flowers. Thus he gets swooped up and sold on the market street. As Dera snuggles with Tamako in the now he Tamako really the one? Choi seems to think so even though she hasn't done the test yet. Tamako is like um does anyone care that I have almost all my 100 district cards filled out and I will win my medal soon? No one in her family seems to and they discuss why Choi thinks Tamako is the Princess of maybe. Everyone in the district keeps talking about it and bothering Tamako about what could be. Tamako and Anko try to go to school to avoid the insanity but Mochizou is outside his store dying at the thought that Tamako will leave. Even Shiori, Kanna, and Midori get in on the insane action. Kanna of course talks about insane stuff, Shiori might want to be friends with a princess, and Midori doesn't want anyone marrying her Tamako. Tamako tries to remind people that nothing is set in stone and this is all happening around her...but even Tamako forgets that point. After school she gets the last few punches she needs on her 100th card. While Tamako was at school Dera and Choi were talking more about the princess business. Dera is clearly trying to bring up why he thinks it is NOT Tamako but Choi is having none of that and fixes the communication device on Dera. Choi is all ready to talk to Tamako but Tamako runs in and gets her other 99 cards. She runs to the bunny bath house where her friends are waiting for this important medal ceremony. No one has ever turned in 100 cards before thus Tamako is the most important person ever. Dera points out that she is basically a princess and she should be more excited about that. Tamako said that is too weird and sudden to be excited about but she has earned this card thing.
 photo tamakomarketepisode118_zps2478026a.jpg
Um hello I don't want to marry you. Can anyone hear me?
Choi comes to interrupt this amazing moment to pull Tamako into another store. Other people follow as they are little spiers. Choi sets up Dera as he is a slightly fixed telephone now. The Prince appears and talks to Tamako about how kind she has been to all his people. Tamako is polite but nervous. Before things can get serious Dera breaks again. Mochizou and Tamako's dad is like this is BULL. Tamako tells Choi she doesn't think she is really the princess and apologizes for....being alive as everyone is dramatic anyway. Tamako tries to go about her life as a normal human being but everyone on the street has lost their minds. While Tamako tries to take a nice dinner her father leaves to go to a district meeting which is about Tamako being the princess and leaving them forever. Dad basically has to be talked off a ledge and told....Tamako should be allowed to grow up and find her way in the world. Dad eventually comes home drunk and gives his blessing...or passes out on the floor. Either way. All the characters in the show are seen being over dramatic at the thought of Tamako leaving forever. Mochizou talks to Tamako later that if she leaves and lives with someone else he will be happy as long as she is happy. Tamako gets off the “phone” and has a tantrum because she thinks everyone wants her to leave. Anko gets all cute and wants to sleep with Tamako tonight, as if Tamako is leaving that minute. The next morning horror fills the district as Tamako's medal has gone missing. She literally screams in the street looking for the stupid thing that apparently deserves to go missing because she was proud of it. Mochizou tries to step up but BAM someone hands Tamako her medal. She looks up...and it is the prince with his secret service agents. THE END!
 photo tamakomarketepisode115-1_zpsb818247a.jpg
So many crazies!
I think that this shopping district is actually a scientific experiment. I can accept one or two characters missing part of their minds and being a few fries short of a happy meal. But the entire district? Every single character? I smell the Umbrella Corporation at work. I must say....if this series ended with everyone getting killed by zombies that would be awesome.
 photo tamakomarketepisode119_zpse07cedbe.jpg stay so we have things to talk about.
No one on this shopping street has a life. Like seriously they don't. I am not sure what they did before Tamako and it is scary to think what would happen if she ever left. Of course she isn't leaving; she will probably marry Mochizou and still run to shops across from each other. But.....these people need to get a life. A LIFE! Gossip I understand but this was a whole notha level of insanity. Of course I might just be unfun and mean since I don't even know one neighbor's name......
 photo tamakomarketepisode1113_zpsb06b8b05.jpg
No. Most Disney Princesses aren't duh.
But yes all of this insanity. I love how people were like Tamako was a hidden princess among us the whole time. That is like saying Belle from Beauty and the Beast was always a princess. By marriage folks! By arranged crazy bird picking marriage. I mean...I guess if I knew someone who ended up being a princess later in life that would be cool. I don't know, maybe these people are bored and need something new to entertain themselves with.
 photo tamakomarketepisode1114_zpsec6cd7c7.jpg
Two mules and a bag of rice for Tamako kind of deal?
However everyone was so caught up in this half news they failed to realize Tamako in all of this nonsense. They did realize that Tamako would have to go and that would make them all sad. They had to have a support group/meeting about this news. Like guys we can pull through this, we can live without Tamako. Whatever makes her happy. Ready the going away balloons!
 photo tamakomarketepisode11_zps3062e489.jpg
Um no. Not right. No one cares about your feelings even though they are telling you to be happy.
But no one asked Tamako how she felt. They were all congratulating her and saying how awesome this was. Or how people should be travel agents. But either way they were all saying how happy they were for Tamako without saying HEY TAMAKO how do you feel about this? Did one person say that? No they didn't. They were too busy trying to wipe away their tears and be strong for the hard task of allowing Tamako to go far away to a place she has never heard of and marry a dude she doesn't know.
 photo tamakomarketepisode1110_zps051cdcce.jpg
They do. RARW! Have a huge fit!
For the record Tamako is not down with any of this. That might show how special she is because if I lived with such crazy people maybe I would hop on a boat and find me my own Prince. But since Tamako likes being surrounded by all these people...why would anyone think she be down for leaving? What about the mochi? How would these people make money without her wonderful ideas?! Why would Tamako leave everything she knows to live somewhere with attractive structure beams?!?!
 photo tamakomarketepisode113-1_zpsfb85419f.jpg
So much excitement!
Before I start feeling really bad for Tamako though....she was way more concerned about her 100 little punch cards than being a princess. Which actually makes sense the way she explained it. She actually earned those cards and it was something that she was looking forward to. Having some random title of princess from a girl with no shoes and talking bird is nice....but no sense of accomplishment. No real meaning behind it you know what I am saying?
 photo tamakomarketepisode117_zps52a166a6.jpg
So much dramatics!
That all being said 100 cards? I am unclear on how many punches you needed on each card but I am going to assume it is at least 2o per card. That is a lot of stuff! I mean maybe you get a punch for every purchase but that would be awful if not worse. If you got a punch for each dollar amount that would work out okay but one punch per any event Tamako is the first crazy person to complete this awful task. No wonder this place needs new life in it. Japan people are big on this time of promotions! This one is not worth it at all. Cute medal but I am going to go down the road and buy two Lawson products to score a K-On! fan thanks.
 photo tamakomarketepisode114-1_zps0c6c3880.jpg
Just his brain melting into millions of drops of tears that's all.
I think that Mochizou has really shown some self restraint in this show. He is so in love with this girl and she is more in love with rice than anyone else. If I were him I would be punching the Dera screens. Like um no you are not coming in and taking my girl. Do you know how much work I have put into this relationship?! I will come to your island with nice support beams and kick your ass. But no...Mochizou is like be happy Tamako. Maybe if he tried harder and said what he thought he would actually get the girl?
 photo tamakomarketepisode112-1_zpsdd1af97b.jpg
Can we hear this proof please?
The only one making sense in this episode was the talking bird. Like Choi you smell a few flowers and see a mole and think it is princess time? Dera seems to be pretty close with the Prince whereas Choi kept a respective distance. That and she was trying to protect herself from the obvious heartache that was coming her way. But Dera is like um is this really happening? Why is everyone okay with it? Clearly Choi is going to end up with the Prince and I am sure Dera will take credit for that later. XD
 photo tamakomarketepisode1111_zps8fb43cdd.jpg
Well.....that was dramatic. Unless he stole it to give it to Tamako to win her heart!
The episode ends with the Prince finding Tamako's medal. Oh the thing that she loves and just got? Yeah she lost it somehow outside. But since the Prince and his secret agent people got to Japan in 5 seconds I guess there are other things to worry about this show. Like how they are going to change the Prince's name to MochiYummy duh!


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