Monday, August 1, 2011

Tenchi Lives!!!

Hello there all! I am still alive! Being without the internet for about 4 days was an odd experience but I has survived. Mainly because I was at....


First time flying to an anime convention!


I had meant to do a WOOHOO on my way to Otakon post. But that day we woke up and it turned into X__X throw everything into our suitcase and make it to the airport with 10 seconds to spare type of morning. This was our first con flying and having to be up so early. So I am sorry for my lack of BYEBYE post.

But I am back. And when I left on Thursday I had plans to catch up on tons of stuff on Monday morning before work. But....

Con Flu. :( Cooties, Funk, ect. I has it. And I don't think flying around half the day really helped my potential illness. So there was no work and very little done today. I don't need money anyway. XD However I think I have learned a lesson. No more drinking out of water fountains. And maybe carrying around cute plushies that everyone wants to hug is not the healthiest way to keep away germs. That or I should travel with that C Orange whatever stuff. Me and flying never seems to end well.

Despite someone's annoying cat not letting her sleep I did manage to rest my eyes quite a bit today. Maybe I can get a post or two done today before I pass out again? I do need to get some sleep as it is my best friend's birthday tomorrow! What a crappy time to be sick yes? Missing work is fine but I don't like missing out on birthdays. So I have not dropped any animes from the Summer 2011 season. It will just take probably until next Monday to catch up. But surely I shall!!!

But yes. I am alives. It felt weird not blogging for 4 days or being on the internet. Perhaps I am a little too dependent on the internet? X__X Nah!!!

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