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Yuri Yuri episode 4

Bleh. BLEH. It is not fun staying home from work when you are sick. One would think WOOHOO a whole day away from work. But really I was sleeping most of the day and killing tissues when I was awake. So no. Not much got done today. And I have no ice cream. Not that I think ice cream would help me. It would just mentally make me feel better. XD

Maybe it is a good thing that I have 8 weeks between my next great adventure? Things need to get blogged, stuff needs to be cleaned, and maybe…I can scrapbook my Japan adventure?


Yay for no plans!!!

Up now is Yuri Yuri and all its special glory. Spoilers for swimsuits and nosebleeds.


Be a zombie while you're at it too!!

Episode Summary: The girls are walking to school when they see a Tanabata tree and slips of paper. After some antics the girls decide to write some wishes down. Kyoko wants to wish for a kiss from Chinatsu. But Chinatsu strikes first and wishes for a kiss from Yui. This leads Kyoko to getting all upset and suggesting Yui actual kiss Chinatsu. So she does..on the forehead. Akari wishes to stand out but her paper flies away. At school Ayano is all RARW I will place first on all the exams so I can beat Kyoko. But Chitose points out if she does win she will be forced to take the tea room away when really Ayano never wanted to do that. Despite that fact Ayano studies like a mad person. The day comes and Ayano places FIRST. She has a victory moment until she realizes Kyoko places….like last. Because homegirl was focused on making manga and slept through the entire exam. And Kyoko doesn’t even care she lost.


Dude what is wrong with her arm? GHOST!!

To show her who is boss Ayano runs away mad and allows the girls to keep the room. Oh and invites them to the beach. WOOHOO time for the beach. There is a bit of drama when a few of the girls actually have boobies but it mainly goes well. And Chitose spends most of the time with nose bleeds and imagining that Ayano and Kyoko are doing sexual things. Akari fails to stand out and Sakurako and Himawari bicker the entire time. They play in the water and on the sand and generally enjoy the day. Ayano does not do a great job hiding her crush on Kyoko. But she does a great forgetting all her underwear. It is time for fireworks! Sakurako and Himawari argue who has the bigger “fireworks” and Chitose passes out from blood loss. What a wonderful day at the beach WOOHOO! THE END!

Ah Yuri Yuri. I sense that more could get done if we weren’t interrupted every five seconds to have a silly fantasy. But I guess with other shows like K-On! and A Channel not much got done either. Just the stuff not getting done actually was happening and not in someone’s head. That sentence was awesome!


Well she isn't THAT honest but still. Lots of X__X going on.

Ayano isn’t good at hiding her feelings. I think I would like her character more if she was in denial and was actually mean to Kyoko. Her actually stammering and being all nervous around Kyoko makes me go meh. I wanted her to be a stronger character and protest a little more. But she is pretty transparent and all her fake anger is for nothing.


Dude you is going to die at this rate.

But I was pretty wrong about who the biggest pervert was in this series. Clearly Chitose takes the cake. Half of the episode was her taking off her glasses dramatically and imagining a yuri scene between Kyoko and Ayano. Funny how she never imagines herself in the middle of the love fest but maybe people rather watch than partake in the action. But will she ever fantasy about the others girls?


Why you are very welcome!

Also who is handing out random tissues? Creepy person following the group is creepy.


Someone has the jealouses!

The signing of the wishes took way too long. I thought it was a cute scene (with very obvious wishes) but it dragged on a little bit. I didn’t think Chinatsu would be so bold. Actually I thought the other girls were going to be low key on their girl on girl tendencies which would make Kyoko seem like the crazy person. But everyone is out in the open about their feelings.

Well except Akari. Because no one likes Akari and even her piece of paper doesn’t want to give her attention. I feel a bit sorry for her. Akari and her cute panda hair need more attention but since no one wants to get it on with her she is off on the sidelines.


And your teacher didn't shake you awake? HATER!

The entire exam battle ended…..lamely. I truly was surprised that Kyoko lost that battle. Since Kyoko was painted as the smart girl who didn’t have to try hard I thought maybe she could breeze through the exams. But apparently her deadline (self made?) kept her from completing the exams at all. So I guess if you are sleeping it is hard to pass any exam. Which means Ayano could have just answered three questions and still beat Kyoko. All that hard work gone to waste.

And that was the end of the room contest. There were not consequences of Kyoko losing the exam battle. And no one really questioned why Ayano let them keep the room. Ayano was obsessed about winning and acknowledged she really didn’t want them out of the room….but she never gave a decent excuse on why they could keep the room. Just dropped flat. Just a meh and move on type deal.


Is that drool I see?

So after all that battling…it is time for the beach! Because people who are pretending to hate each other can come together and have a fun day at the beach. But since Kyoko is all LALA are we fighting I guess that issue is fine. Sakurako and Himawari were less fun as they had their one YURI moment and now apparently hate each other. Hopefully they were just ignored on the trip so everyone else could have fun.

And fun they had. Because no one else was at that beach. Despite the fact that everyone goes to the beach during the summer (well at least during animes anyway…) this beach was nice and empty for the girls. And since all the naughty stuff was in Chitose’s head the girls wouldn’t have been ogled anyway so…you know. Empty beach. So much potential lost.


Not the thing of dreams those school swimsuits.

I think the girls wearing their school swimsuits is oh so sad. Not that I want them skanking up the place. They are only 12-13 anyway so there shouldn’t be anything in those tops. Still…just very sad indeed.


Savor all those pieces!!!!

After being in Japan I view the consumption of watermelon in animes differently. Here in Florida I can get a huge one for under 4 dollars. The ones there are 1,800 yen for tiny ones. So eat every single bite girls!


Just wtf is all this?!?!

Was there a reason why Sakurako and Himawari were pretending they had penises? Mine is longer!!! indeed. And that..whatever the snake gross thing is called. Come on. The girls were clearly pretending they were packing heat and were comparing sizes. So weird.

Another thing that is weird is that there was a changing scene but it wasn’t….that sexy. Given the name of the show I was expecting more. Instead Chitose was just imagining off the shoulder stuff. And with the whole forgotten underwear deal I was expecting more. But everyone managed to stay PG. Amen.


Freaking out is always fun. XD

And that is about it I think. Not too much going on and Chitose got a lot of screen time with her nose bleeds. Akari better step it up or she will be lost in the background. X__X Also how did I get so many episodes behind?! X__X see ya soon.

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