Friday, August 5, 2011

Kamisama Dolls episode 4

I am changing my name to Zombie Tenchi. ZOMBIE!!!! A coughing and tissue killing zombie that wants to eat your soul. But I think back to last week at this time and am happy I went. I don’t know what I could have done differently. I didn’t get a full 7 hours sleep but I ate a lot of food (Subway too!) and drank a lot of water. Maybe next convention I will walk around in a big bubble?

I guess I am fortunate to have a momager at my place o business. Not that I should be at work infecting all the pizza but some people might not be understanding for the need of 125 hours of sleep a day. But I am truly bummed that I missed out on my best friend’s birthday. I can’t remember the last time that happened. I shall make it up to her soon, when I don’t sound like Darth Vader and all.


Can we guess who the real victim is?

But for now I shall keep on blogging. Up now is the surprisingly good Kamisama Dolls episode 4. I know right? Spoilers for seeing double!!!


Why does it look like Aki got skewered?

Episode Summary: The first part of the show focuses on Aki and Koushiro’s battle more. Koushiro actually offered to take Aki in under his family’s protection. This did nothing to explain the village dynamics or the ongoing family feud. But Aki declines and thus there is a lot of fighting and throwing Aki into buildings. Aki doesn’t seem to be in that great of shape HMMM. He eventually outsmarts Koushiro’s god doll by smelling really bad. Aki is eventually saved by Kuuko and Kuoushiro is saved by random kid. Back at home Shiba and Utao have to give the god doll a bath because it smell like garbage. Utao spaces out thinking about that random kid attacking her and gets Shiba all wet so we can see her gross boobies. That’s okay because now the girls can take a bath YAY. Kyouhei comes home to talk to Utao about Aki escaping. Due to Utao having the grace of an elephant Kyouhei walks in on the girls taking a bath and is blinded the rest of his life upon seeing Shiba’s boobies. Utao tries to make things better with tea and cake but tea tastes better with sugar and not salt. But Kyouhei doesn’t have to worry for long. She talks to Kyouhei because Kuuko is acting all crazy pants about the scarecrow monsters and thinks she may be in danger. They come to the conclusion she might have come in contact with someone who is a seki thus they need Utao for backup. It takes her a while to get to their location because buses are hard. THEY ARE FOLKS!


Someone is a tiny bit creepy and scary. And I like it.

But no need to worry as Kuuko arrives back home to interrogate a nearly naked Aki. She wants to believe in something supernatural because she is tired of her boring life. When Aki refuses to answer her she takes out her gun…and shoots him with tiny little pelts. He gets upset after a while and has his god doll slice her clothing in half. Still she wants to share the power with him and when he goes lol no she tazes him. Utao finally makes it to Kyouhei and as they walk up the apartment stairs the nearly naked Kuuko rushes out the door with Aki close behind. Aki is like OH I see why you like Shiba, she looks like our old teacher. Kyouhei loses his mind and proceeds to beat Aki’s face into the ground. This apparently shocks the girls more than flying monsters. Aki is like haha you are crazy like me and escapes. Everyone breaks up to go after Aki while Kuuko goes inside to get more clothes. But Aki returns thinking this will make a great hiding spot. Kuuko is like…WOOHOO? Kyouhei thinks about his old teacher and how she begged Kyouhei to be friends with Aki. Kyouhei is mad he can’t keep that promise and beats up a wall. Shiba finds him and tends to his wounds while expressing her concerns that Kyouhei is violent. Utao can’t find Aki but that random kid from last week finds her…and he looks just like Utao! He is quite crazy which is fun and when Kyouhei and Shiba show up confesses he is their brother. THE END!!

Okay. I have to admit. This episode was pretty good. We haven’t really learned a lot about what the god dolls are, what happened in the past, or why some of the girls have really scary boobies but it was still a pretty decent episode.


Clearly aliens have taken over Shiba's chest.

Speaking of boobies…I think after seeing Shiba nearly naked everyone can agree now, even you very devoted fan boys, that her tatas are gross. There is nothing sexy about some misshaped crazy clown balloons for breasts that Shiba is sporting. Not sexy at all. And we thought Barbie was sporting some weird boobies…

I like that the fight between the menz was expanded upon. We really just saw Aki being thrown around and Kuuko acting all happy about witnessing…whatever it is she thinks she is witnessing. So yes I am glad the battle was shown a little more in detail.


I be back.

I am surprised that Koushiro and his peeps are willing to take in Aki. Not that I don’t underestimate Koushiro being bad ass and trying to hide a crazy person. But Aki went berserk on his own family, what will keep him from going berserk on someone else’s? Yes he would be powerful but he is a liability. At this point capturing him won’t do any good. They probably should kill him.

Not that I am saying Aki is totally evil. Well yes murder is bad. But it is looking more and more like the town made him into a crazy person and they are to blame for this family feud nonsense. So until I know more he isn’t 100 percent responsible as Kyouhei was also there on THAT DAY and got off free as a bird. I am just saying if I was an evil secret village it would be easier to kill Aki than try to restrain him.


You're not exactly a bundle of freshly cut flowers yourself.

For some reason I find it interesting that the god dolls can smell. I have no idea why but I guess I view them more as robots than…whatever they might be. Maybe they are alien robots sent to test our planet and we are failing badly. XD But I am glad the dolls aren’t that all powerful and do have limitations. And that something good came out of Aki smelling like garbage. Amen.


Most impossible thing about this series so far.

But I found washing the god doll incredibly stupid and only done for fanservicey moments. Like they live in a small apartment yes? Since I have visited Japan I know all about their dwellings and what is not possible. But I am thinking that the bathroom is not big enough to have the doll laying on the floor and the girls to have room to move around and be silly. Oh and the boobies. GROSS. XD So useless this scene.


Poor twins getting locked up and forced into craziness.

I don’t think the little boy’s (?) name was mention but it was so obvious it was Utao’s more useful twin that isn’t even worth commenting on. After Chizuru the useless I started feeling bad for the lost and forgotten twins of this world. And it seems that this twin has a crazy streak a mile long. This village is good at churning out crazy kids right?

Okay moving on to the best part of the episode: Kuuko. WOOHOO! So amazing this crazy person. Can she be my sister or something? Loving her.


Things are starting to get sexy.

First of all….she ties up a strange boy and takes all his clothes off. She does so because she says he smells. In a room full of garbage bags. XD Was this pay back for all the fanservicey scenes us women must endure? Not that it matters as Kuuko was nearly naked herself five seconds later but still. Also Aki is pretty cool too for stay calm under pressure. Like oh okay crazy lady making me all naked and such.

Then she pulls out her gun!!!! But the Christian in her decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and answer her questions. Because she is tired of this happy cushy life she leads. The life of a police chief’s daughter is hard and it is even harder when you almost get expelled from school. Finally she has something to believe in SCARECROW MONSTERS! And she will tell him everything or else.


All must suffer!!!

Or else she will shoot him with an airsoft gun! Beware the airsoft guns folks! Because if you try to move the movers will go MOG REAL GUNS and threaten to call the popo on your butts. But Aki being pelted with bullets was funny while it lasted.

Even after Kuuko was nearly stripped of all her clothes she was still able to think fast. She didn’t melt into some damsel in distress. She is like I am going to taze yo ass sucker! But yes increase the voltage next time.


I think crazy runs in your family.

When Kyouhei shows up the mood is all serious again. MOOD KILLER! Aki mentions something about a past teacher looking like Shiba. Which she doesn’t but that’s okay. This means that Kyouhei is well within his rights to smash Aki’s face in. No one really goes to stop him and Aki just laughs the entire time so this only proves that Kyouhei had a violent streak in him all along and should not have gotten a clean slate in whatever happened so long ago.

I really am harsh on Kyouhei aren’t I? I suppose when I find out the truth I shall be eating crow. That Aki really did everything and Kyouhei was like MOG Aki we shouldn’t be fighting at all! Oh and I am sure Aki killed the kind teacher who was only trying to find a friend for him. But until then I shall say shame on you Kyouhei.


I can't tell you about my terrible past until the last episode okay!

From there it turns into a bit of a mess. Shiba is comforting the sad Kyouhei who still wants to be Aki’s friend deep down but the whole silly issue of murdering a lot of people is standing in the way. Utao meets her cooler twin which makes her worry about her future in the anime. And Aki returns to Kuuko’s apartment which is what she wanted but probably as a tied up naked person.


Everyone is having fun in this series YAY!!!

So…let’s hope that next week keeps up this pace? A smile on my face? Less of Shiba? WOOHOO!


Eternia said...

Woohoo. It's the best of this season's anime, I told you.
Episode 5 has been released already, but I don't get to watch it yet since I am at my office and my scary boss is going to chew me if she find out.
LOL on Utao can't even take a bus by herself, the crazy village has certainly chosen a wrong kid as the Doll contractor.
Expect to see siblings fight soon!

Christina said...

Eternia- Late comment is totally late. Hopefully your scary boss is not too scary. Watching this anime anywhere but alone in your house might be a bad idea given Shiba's weapons of mass eye pollution.

Utao is 138985 kinds of special. But in her defense it is kinda confusing getting around Japan....Of course I couldn't read or speak Japanese......... XD

But after watching the current episode, number 7, I think Kyouhei is the worse person ever. GO AKI!!! That is the fight I want to see.