Monday, August 8, 2011

No. 6 episode 5: Shall we dance?

X__X So late at night and this is my only blog post of the day? Silly little me. But while I barely caught up on blogging today I did accomplish a lot. I think I am recovering from the evil that is the con flu and with this extra energy I got some things that needed to get done around the house. X__X Stuff can pile up so fast when you are on vacations and then are a sick little blogger.

In other news my thumbs hurt and I am completely out of thumbtacks. Also my poster days may be over soon as my ceiling is nearly all covered. Unless I can convince my husband to let me start hanging posters in other rooms of the house.


What do you mean Nezumi has rats?! That is crazy talk!!!

But in between catching up on blog comments and going through the 329482 pictures I have taken thus far this year I had time to watch No. 6 episode 5. Spoilers for Nezumi being a woman and a dance teacher.


Come to me little sheep.

Episode Summary: Safu’s grandmother is being all nice and old thinking about her granddaughter off having adventures. One of the ladies in charge of watching the older folk complains about her job to her boyfriend. Then the black mark of doom appears on her face and she instantly turns into an old person and dies. The Ministry of Up to No Good shows up to collect the body and possible to Men In Black on the witnesses. Safu is having a great time in No 5. She has new friends and is making up poems about souls and stuff. She seems to be very knowledge about kissing and reproductive feelings. Over in the Real World Sion is reading to a few kids. When they leave Nezumi talks about how Sion is too soft to survive in this world but Sion is like well that girl is wearing my own sweater…..After being called out on being a nice person Nezumi refuses to let Sion see him perform and talks about moving out. Sion is sad that he doesn’t know more about Nezumi. DogWatcher laughs that Sion is even trying. When asked she says she doesn’t know why Nezumi hates No.6 but she doesn’t care for the place either.


I thought I was so good at hiding my feelings!!!!!

Rikiga and his perverted self shows up. He doesn’t seem to be scared of dogs trying to eat him but is scared to death of dogs. Rikiga has BREAKING NEWS that people are aging and dying instantly. DogWatcher then remembers that HEY Sion told me this already. Then Sion is like MOG let’s go tell Nezumi even though he already knows. X__X So they go to watch Nezumi perform Hamlet. Only he is not the lead but Ophelia. Sion is captivated by Nezumi’s performance and eagerly watches. Nezumi is like oh crap but looks like he wants to go on with the play. Suddenly he and Safu who is at a museum looking a picture of bees both get extremely dizzy and hear a song. Both look sick and pass out. Nezumi then has a dream about black ooze and bees. He wakes up with Sion RIGHT in his face asking if he is okay and can he do math? Sion was afraid that Nezumi had a bee in him but Nezumi insists he knows the cause of his dizzy spell. Sion tells Nezumi the bees are appearing again in No. 6 so Nezumi decides to celebrate by teaching Sion to dance. After the impromptu Disney moment Sion insists that he was really worried that he was losing the most important person in the world and he wants Nezumi to be okay. Nezumi is worried he has let Sion too close and doesn’t know how that happened. THE END!

XO I like how this series slowly draws you. But not slow enough to put you in a coma like some shows called Blood-C. There is enough going on to keep the audience on their toes but there is still time to sit back and have a dance in the wasteland that is Tokyo.

Safu is overseas at No. 5. The names of these future cities are very unique and special. I think No. 6 should be a little jealous though. No. 5 is looking huge compared to No. 6. And it appears they have some of their older buildings? At any rate Safu has never been to a museum (unless that was a joke) so that makes me think the damage to Japan was a lot worse than in other countries.

Which we still haven’t gotten an explanation on yet. Yes Nezumi WHY do you hate No 6? Sion knows you were a wanted criminal and we saw people shooting at you. But why? Why is No 6 hiding the random people from the general public? Why is it necessary for people to swear absolute loyalty to the city? Why after such a horrible event (WHAT WAS THE EVENT) are so many people excluded from the city and forced to live in “slums”?

If we knew these things I would be happier. Sion asked to know the truth, Nezumi said he would tell him the truth but yet we have not been told the truth. Which is kinda special because Sion is still hell bent on trying to save No 6 while knowing Nezumi hates No. 6. Maybe if Nezumi wants to change Sion’s mind frame he should tell him the truth?


And goodbye to you little rudo.

I thought the lady watching the older people died a wonderful death. No? Okay. If someone HAD to die that way I am glad it was her. Those old people were acting nice and friendly. I am sure no one likes having their freedom taken away and their butts wiped by strangers. So suck it up and show some compassion. I mean…I am not sure I could handle that job but that is why I don’t have it! So bye bye mean lady.

I thought Sion reading to the kids was nice. Their mother might be a little too trusting because according to Nezumi life is tough beyond No. 6. But Sion has a way of bringing people into a sense of calm and fluffy. Maybe Sion can be a ray of hope in the land of suck?


MOG Really bees?!? I had no idea!! Please tell me more about the bees!!!

I thought the scene with DogWatcher and Rikiga was slightly useless. I thought it was interesting that Nezumi let Sion be around el crazy but meh. Rikiga and his NEW piece of information was not that new. And if someone told me that bees were coming out of people’s necks I wouldn’t forget that DogWatcher. So all of that was just an excuse to get Sion to see Nezumi act. Because Nezumi already knew about the bees and since Sion’s came out in the winter I am not sure what the big deal was.

But in any event we were taken to see Nezumi’s play. In which he plays the part of a woman. It is nice to see that the world can come to an end and become more technical but we are blasted back to the stone age and men are playing all the parts of women. YAY!


I wanted to see more :(. Unfair.

So was Nezumi really trying to protect Sion from the monsters at the play or was he trying to keep Sion from seeing play the part of a woman? Whatever the case may be I wish we could have seen more. Obviously Sion was very accepting and captivated by the performance so I wish we could have seen Nezumi pull out all the stops to show Sion how awesome he is.


Good to see Safu is growing as a person.

Over in better than you land Safu is enjoying her new life. She has new friends, she writes crazy poems, and she is no closer to understanding sex than she was a few months ago. Glad to see she isn’t pinning away over Sion but by the looks of next week Grandma kicks it and Safu might be joining Sion on the outside. Beware Nezumi.


And you are both splatting because.....?

The most interesting aspect of this episode was the fact both Nezumi and Safu had dizzy spells at the same time. They heard a song, a white light, and possibly a vision of Sion naked underneath them. If this had happened to one of them I would be like how interesting. But since it happened to both of them at the same in two different places it has me going…HMM??? Could these two be connected? They do have similar hair color. And as we know animes like locking up one twin and letting the other one roam free.


I still think Nezumi needs mouth to mouth though.....

Factor in that Nezumi seems to understand WHY he had a dizzy spell. Of course this makes me think that he doesn’t have much time to live and that is horrible for my yaoi coupling. Me thinks that No. 6 did some testing on Nezumi and that is why he knows. But that doesn’t answer the question why it happened to Safu at the exact same time. Maybe they were both used to find a cure for the bees?


Nezumi is shocked that the boy he has protected for years and has been pinning to beds has feelings for him. SHOCKED folks.

Whatever the case may be Sion was super worried that Nezumi was going to die. To make sure Nezumi is still alive he has to be in his face and asking math questions. Nezumi was pretty shocked on how much Sion cares because Nezumi likes to pretend he doesn’t have feelings and that he didn’t freak out when Sion was going all bee zombie on him. So instead of trying to be all emotional with Sion Nezumi cackles about the demise of No 6.


And at last I've seen the liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, and it's like the sky is new.

In a turn of events though Nezumi loses his mind. He may say he was dancing with Sion to show that despite passing out on stage he is in fact okay and in better condition than Sion himself. I would like to think after his little cackle fest Nezumi decided to he wanted to be all close to Sion. Nezumi gets like that, gets a little rough with Sion but then wants to be all cuddle like. I am sure there were other ways to show off his strength but in my head all I can think of is wrestling and you know…you know.


Nezumi sees you when you're sleeping!

So they dance around a destroyed Tokyo. Very romantic. At the end of this dance Sion confesses he can’t live without Nezumi and Nezumi is more confused than ever how he feels about Sion. Well he says he is confused but we all know he loves him. XD

What will happen with our boys now that Safu may be back on the scene? Maybe Nezumi can tell both of them the TRUTH that he promised a few episodes ago. Heres to hoping anyway. XD


Anonymous said...

This is the gayest non-yaoi show I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

For comparison: scene where Shion announces he wants to live in the outer-city with Nezumi.

Nezumi: “But why? If you’re not lying or cherry-picking the good parts, what made you so set on this place?”

Shion: “Because I’m attracted to you.”

Nezumi: “Excuse me?”

Shion: “You know the things I don’t know. You’ve taught me things no one did until now. I can’t explain it well in words, but… I’m attracted to you, extremely. So that’s why I want to stay here. I want to see what you see, eat what you eat, breathe the air you breathe. Acquire the things I could never have in No. 6.”

Mouse slowly blinked twice. Put a hand on his forehead and shook his head.

Nezumi: “Shion, this has been bugging me for a while.”

Shion: “Yeah?”

Nezumi: “You’re less linguistically competent than a chimpanzee.”

Shion: “Did you know that there’s only a 1.23% difference between the human and chimpanzee genomes? I don’t think you should make fun of chimps so much.”

Nezumi: “I was making fun of you. Dumbass. Can’t you explain it more appropriately?”

Shion: “What was weird about what I said?”

Nezumi: “Don’t use a word like ‘attracted’ so lightly. That’s a really serious word. It’s something you say to someone you care about very deeply.”

Shion: “Then how should I say it? Should I say I love you?”

Mouse forced a long sigh and muttered “I give up.”

Nezumi: “This conversation’s taken a turn for the weird."

Anonymous said...

Scene where they dance p.1:

"I'll teach you how to dance."

"What are you saying, you need to stay still and recover."

"Come here, hurry up!"

Nezumi pulled on Shion's arm, forcing him to stand up. His hand wrapped around Shion's waist.

"See? It's true."


"I really am taller than you."

"Yeah, right! We're about the same."

"Heh. My prince, have you danced before?"

"I haven't."

"Thought so. Then let's start with the basic steps. Hey, stick out your chest, raise your head. Don't look at the ground."

Nezumi started humming a melody.

"It's fine, I don't know how to dance. Besides, it's too dangerous to dance here. If we move around too much in such a narrow place, all the books will fall over."

"I won't dance that sloppily. Okay, turn here. Step back. One more time, turn. Hey, you're not half bad."

"I'm just being pulled around by you."

"That's already pretty impressive. Your movements are really graceful. Step forward, turn. Very good, you're keeping up with the rhythm. Now repeat the steps from the beginning. Dance, come on, dance, Shion."



Shion's feet twisted. He dropped to the bed, gasping for breath, his forehead covered in sweat.

"I'm exhausted. So you actually have to move your whole body to dance."

"You didn't know?"


"I'm gasping for breath here, but you're not tired at all. You want to say something about it?"

"I'll pass."

"No matter whether it's strength, agility, or stamina, you've far surpassed me in all of them, so I shouldn't worry too much. Is that what you want to say?"

"I wouldn't say it that bluntly."

Shion stood up. He stood in front of Nezumi and extended his hand. The movement took only a fraction of a second.


Nezumi's neck was grabbed. Though 'grabbed' wasn't the right way to describe it, it was only a light touch with the fingertips. Even so, he shuddered all over. Like an animal caught in a trap, shivers ran through his body.

"I thought... that thing would come out from here."


"When you collapsed, that's what I was thinking. I thought you would... die. Nezumi, it's not for your sake."

"What do you mean?"

"It's not for your sake that I'm worried about your health, it's for my own sake. I care for you just so I can avoid fear."


Anonymous said...

Dancing Scene p.2:

"Nezumi, there's so much that I don't know, but I'm at least clear on one thing... to me, losing you is an incredibly frightening thought. I think, more than anyone else... more than anyone else, I'm afraid to lose you. I'm so afraid that it's unbearable. I just want to make sure that you'll never disappear from my sight. Maybe you'll laugh at me, maybe you'll mock me, but these are my sincere thoughts."

It was an honest, simple love confession.

I can't live without you.

How straightforward, how bare, how nonsensical of a confession!

In the end... who is this guy...?

"Good night."

Shion nodded his head and walked past Nezumi.


I couldn't dodge it.

I couldn't dodge Shion's hand. The neck is one of humanity's weak points. Just a small injury or impact could cost you your life.


I just couldn't dodge it, and got caught so easily...

Killed with a single stroke.

The moment my neck was caught by Shion's hand, I wasn't indulging in any hidden emotions at all. I only felt fear, only terror. I've faced danger so many times before, I've thought many times that my life would terminate right then. Yet, becoming so frightened and alarmed of the opponent that my body won't move - that's never happened before.

Those eyes, those movements, that oppression.

What the hell is this!

Nezumi clenched his teeth.


I can't live without you.

It was a naive, yet sincere confession, and it restricted all of Nezumi's movements with ease. It was only for a split second, but all emotion vanished from Shion's eyes.

Those weren't the eyes of a person confessing love, those were the eyes of a person seizing someone's weak point, capturing them. I'm guessing he didn't notice it himself.

Is the one who knows nothing actually me?

A boy who possesses both an excellent mind and a gentle heart, who grew up in a warm home, who knows nothing of hatred, of resistance, or of battle.


Saving him, being saved, living together, letting the days go by. The two were closer than anyone else. Even though he was weary of that kind of relationship, cautious of it, he couldn't sever it - some corner of his heart still needed him, perhaps even relied on him.

More than anyone else, I'm afraid to lose you.

Shion's words matched his own thoughts...

Nezumi tightly clenched his teeth once more. Rusty gears were revolving, resounding in the depths of his heart.


That naturally bright smile, movements that lack guard, and honest expressions all left me dazzled, to the point that I saw nothing.


Goosebumps covered Nezumi's body.

Shion, what kind of person are you after all?

Within his heart, Nezumi asked this to the boy wrapped in a blanket, sleeping with the mice.

In the end, who are you?

Christina said...

Anonymous- XD Also for being the seme Nezumi is clearly the pretty one of the two....

Anonymous 2- It is really crazy how different the manga is from the novel. But I guess when you are trying to reach a broader audience (AKA most of the MENZ out there) things have to be toned down. Although it would have been better to leave the show as the novel intended to show people out there that yaoi mangas/animes are all about flowers and sparkles. That gay individuals experience love just like straights do, over time learning and caring about each other.

Of course it can tell all of this while both boys are hot. XD

All of these conversations point to Shion being the more mature one with Nezumi having things to learn. But I am sure with a life on the outside Nezumi has to be harder, more of a jaded person than Shion who is just bursting to express his feelings.

See I guess this is an example of a character JUST NOT GETTING IT but it's not overly annoying. So I enjoy their relationship and how they are slowly coming together instead of just...ripping each other's clothes off and having at it.