Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kamisama Dolls episode 5

I am feeling like a lazy slug today. A day off and I am not sick in bed? Things need to be done. But apparently all I want to do is nap and let more stuff pile up. I think I need motivation after weeks of being out and about (or stuck in bed).

In other news Kanye West says something stupid. Maybe the breaking news should be when he doesn’t say something offense and dumb.


Kyouhei....I would cry too if I was wearing those pants.

But now that I am not back logged with anime shows I feel slightly better. My final catch up episode before moving onto this week is Kamisama Dolls Episode 5. Spoilers for crazy twins gone wild.


Flying was overrated anyway....

Episode Summary: The random new twin is named Kirio. And he isn’t offering up any explanations on who is he. Instead he and Utao battle on the busy streets with many witnesses. Kuuko’s cop dad witnesses Kyouhei in the crowd and wonders why HE is there. Kyouhei tries to get Utao to control her god doll while hiding in the crowd but things are just not working. Kirio’s god doll is just too powerful with its lightening attack. They try running away but that doesn’t work. Utao then tries doing a sneak attack but that ends with her god doll losing an arm. Utao starts to have a breakdown as Kyouhei tries to hide them in the woods. Shiba seems to think everything will be okay. So they are. Or Kirio finds them. Kirio explains that Utao is the one who attacked first and he just wanted to play. But now he wants to finish this off woohoo! Only Utao’s god doll manages to absorb the lightening attack and blow Kirio’s god doll into tiny pieces. Kyouhei tries asking who the heck Kirio is but Koushiro shows up. He admonishes Kirio for losing his cool and pushes Kyouhei’s questions aside. He takes Kirio away and everyone looks at all sad like.


AW true sibling love.

At home Kyouhei makes an angry call home asking who the hell this random twin is. Shiba does her best to tell Utao it will be okay despite the fact that it isn’t. Kyouhei announces he and Utao will be going back home to fix the god doll and Shiba decides she will tag along. There is a cute moment where Utao and Kyouhei bond as siblings both with being sweet and teasing each other. But later Kyouhei is all depressed in the bath when he thinks back to bashing in Aki’s face and scaring Shiba. But then it is Shiba’s turn to scare Kyouhei as her driving up a mountain is horrible. A car comes by and it is someone Kyouhei went to school with. But he is less than friendly with Kyouhei and treats Utao with the utmost respect. Kyouhei and Utao talk about how they felt/feel about being called –sama. They finally reach the village and it is all beautiful and stuff. Over in some old temple (shrine?) Kirio is getting beat with a cane by a creepy old dude. Old dude threatens to throw Kirio back in his cage and Kirio loses his little mind. Koushiro shows up to save his partner from further beatings. He also questions how Aki got out but that is dismissed fast. The old dude and some random lady that was watching talk about how the twins Kirio and Utao were thought to be the best god doll users ever and that is why he raised Kirio in secret. But now he doubts both of their abilities and has no idea who will control the most powerful god doll. THE END!

Maybe I was too quick to be so judgmental of this show. This week’s episode was pretty good. I think next week it might be less than stellar with Shiba being shown the village and all. Could lead to some dumb moments with Kyouhei being at the heart of some love triangle/squares. Maybe not since everyone might hate him and all but I can still sense these things.

But this post is about this week. And how everyone in Tokyo knows about the flying scarecrow monsters.

I am slightly disappointed that there was no Kuuko and Accelerator Aki. Even a tiny glance of them watching the news as all this craziness goes down would have been enough for me. Kuuko could have cried that she isn’t special for knowing about the scarecrow monsters and Aki could laugh at the fools being so obvious. An evil laugh of course. But we got none of that this week.


I don't want to be like THEM!

Mr. Twin has a name. And his name is Kirio. Nothing cute that rhymes with Utao. Unless it does rhyme in which I am special. And he is a bit of a crazy pants. The whole WOOHOO I get to be outside and kill things type of face. He is a little eager with the power which I am sure will be his downfall. Too much crazy.

However he needs to be answering some questions. OBVIOUSLY Kyouhei didn’t know what was going on and Utao is like um words what? Since Kirio made the comment last week that they were siblings he needed to back up what he said. I was kinda expecting the whole I HATE YOU BIG BROTHER FOR LETTING ME SUFFER deal. You know, the typical thing that happens when one sibling is raised with a crazy person and the other child is raised with a best friend who massacres lots of people. XD


What is what with all that singing the god dolls do?

Utao was really showing her inexperience this week. Some people might think that Kyouhei was being too hard on her but their village is a secret for a reason. Maybe Utao was really sent to live with Kyouhei to somehow bring him back home but so far her being in Tokyo has just put a spotlight on the doll gods. If what the old creepy dude says is correct Utao has been raised to be a star where is the amazing? Shouldn’t she have been practicing longer than this? If they had to wait until a certain age to active a god doll she could at least try to work on controlling her emotions and such.


Kyouhei is trying to keep everyone alive folks. Sometimes anger is necessary.

Of course she is a 12 year old kid and giving 12 years the responsibility to save the world never ends well. Mainly because they are full of FEELINGS and such. So maybe I should give Utao a break as she just found out she had a secret twin who is evil and done broke her god doll.


Can Shiba just be quiet now?

But I do hate Shiba. Like okay things are confusing and happening really fast right now. But how about Kyouhei be allowed to speak and make some sense. It was Utao’s fault her god doll got broken and many people saw the fight. So for Shiba to say everything was all right was doing no one any good. Kyouhei was eventually going to calm down and be the big brother but he was right to discipline a soldier during battle. And yeah Shiba I don’t think you knew there was a god doll fix it shop so you didn’t know it was going to be okay. And you nearly killed Utao with your boobs. Useless.


AW everyone hates Kyouhei. So sad.

Kyouhei’s phone call home was not very helpful or informative. I guess Kyouhei really is on the outs with his people. But if that is the case why send Utao their magical princess to him? Maybe because they want him to power the demon god doll? But I would assume someone would know about a magical hidden twin. People talk. Mainly the help. Maybe more answer are to come.


Best driver? No I think not.

After all the fighting and phone calls home Shiba decides to endanger everyone’s lives further by driving to the village. Doesn’t Kyouhei have a license? Wouldn’t he make a better driver since he KNOWS where he is going? Or is this an attempt to show Shiba as a silly woman driver? Of course the road did look kinda crappy….


Respect me now or I will hit you again!

So while Kyouhei is giving Shiba the crazy boobed one the royal tour Kirio is been hit with a cane. Because that is what happens to secret children. They are raised in cupboards and hit with canes. And we wonder why he is so crazy. He was like MOG SKY and went bonkers. So maybe the kid gets a pass because he gets beat with sticks by a crazy dude missing one eye. I probably wouldn’t respond well to that either.


Want to lose that other eye dude?

Once again Koushiro was AWESOME. He was like no Kyouhei I can’t tell you the obvious answer that this is your little brother. Old dude with the stick seems to have a lot of power but Koushiro was like dude don’t kill my partner. He has a lot of guts standing up to someone with a lot of power so go Koushiro.


Kirio is your savior kid and you lock him in a closet? Awesome training dude.

Again not like old dude who randomly hits kids with sticks. I think children learn less when they are bleeding on the floor but since I am not a parent I don’t know for sure. However if someone was deemed to be super duper important and king of the god dolls maybe we shouldn’t beat their little preteen brains in? Maybe that is why he is a secret kid because he can’t be outwardly mean to Utao. Got to get that frustration out somehow.


Did this small village have a visit from this cop many years ago?

So the show ends with old creeper dude walking up to the god doll of doom. Probably the one that caused the FIRE!!!!! So clearly there is a need to reactive this god doll of doom. Maybe that is why they want Aki, to once again power up the crazy monster of doom?


At least they have electricity?

Two things I wish to know. One do these warring families live in the same village? And two what was Kuuko’s dad talking about? A witness to a massacre? Wouldn’t he only know about the dead guy in the elevator and the apartment blowing up? Something was off with that comment.

So…see ya in a few days? Yay for Shiba and her boobs riding a god doll YAY!!!


Eternia said...

Your joke cracked me up, again. Shiba's boobs are lethal weapons, now? Hehehe.
Um, yeah, it's kind of weird. Why did he say massacre? He only knows about the elevator murder case, the wrecked truck wasn't neccesarily found yet.
Either it's a mistranslation OR he was once a cop who handled the case at Kyouhei's home village.

Christina said...

Eternia- Would it be too soon to refer to them as weapons on mass destruction? They certainly are massive and the destruction they do to my eyes may be permanent.

I see the village as so tucked away that they would hide something like the massacre. Really they seem so hidden from the outside world I don't see how a city cop would be sent to help out when clearly the murder was supernatural.

So yes. I thought the comment was weird. Kyouhei and his sister were acting weird enough during the battle that he could have talked about HEY when those crazy monters fly around they seem to be nearby. The massacre talk was unnecessary. Unless proven otherwise. XD