Sunday, August 14, 2011

Puella Magi Oriko Magica manga review

XO I need some motivation to get my happy self off this couch. Of course the husband might be helping me with that issue as he watches some boring movies. XD But since I bore him all the time with the crazy sci-f0/horror movies I suppose him watching his shows is fair.

But anywhere is better than being at work. X__X I think I have lost three pounds due to the AC being broken at work. Gross yes? But I think the most frustrating part of this week are the customers who come in for 5 seconds to pick up their pizza and complain about how hot it is in the store. Really?! Is it REALLY cooler outside than inside our store? Then maybe you should not be complaining as soon you will be outside and I will still be stick inside.

Since I am in a lazy mood I will blog about Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Or more specifically the manga spin offs Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice and Puella Magi Oriko Magica. XD Because instead of catching up on other mangas that I am behind on I shall start new ones! Yay for priorities. Spoilers obviously for both mangas. Beware of pictures slowing down your computer. XD

I think I will start off with Puella Magi Oriko Magica first as it ties directly into Mahou Shoujo Madako Magica. At first the manga was a bit X__X. Who is this little kid, why is Kyoko acting nice, and who are those random girls on the side. But then you remember HAHA Homura has gone through 4893483 timelines and this is just another glance into her sad past.

I am just going to state that the manga is not as…pretty as I am used to. Yes I am a bit of a snob in that regards. Mami and Kyoko are so pretty in the anime that it is hard to see Kyoko with a mess of hair or Mami looking less crisp than usual.

So to me Yuma looks a little like a homeless girl who hasn’t washed her hair in days. Her eyes are huge and she just seems off. But even if she didn’t look creepy her character is still weird to me. Or rather her character makes Kyoko act weird.


Oh your abusive parents just died? Have some candy.

Kyoko was so standoffish in the anime (and perhaps multiple timelines as Sayaka remarks what a jerk she is). Granted she didn’t run up to Yuma and declare her adopted or anything. It just struck me as odd that Kyoko didn’t kick her to the curb and walk away from the little girl.


Why are we censoring this exactly?

However I think Yuma given her circumstances in life made a good wish. Every group needs a healer right (since this timeline gathers the girls into a group instead of fighting alone). I am not seeing things right? Kyoko did lose her limbs yes? The art at times (especially during the battle scenes) makes it hard to see what is going on. But Kyoko was all like there is no way I could have healed my wounds…..when she should have been like X___X my limbs are gone.


What a funny, funny joke Mami.

Mami in this version seems a little less sad and more in control of situations. I would think she would still be upset and lonely now that Homura is keeping Madoka away from her but meh. She has a new worry in life and does her best to fix situations. Not telling on why Kyoko arrives in town at all since Mami IS there to guard it but you know.


Her costume was pretty too. I wonder what determines what they get since they aren't all like Madoka. XD

I really like Oriko. I am not sure WHY she is granted a vision of the future as her wish was to better understand herself yes? To understand the meaning of her life. Of course that could mean that her real purpose in life was to STOP Madoka and Kyubey had no way of knowing that. Which would make the manga even better in my eyes. HMM I have to think about that now.


Oh hi I am here to slash your face off.

Kirika. I liked her character design and I liked her purpose in the manga. But I do not like her wish. Of course anything is better than wishing a dead kitten back to life (one could argue that Madoka probably created the least amount of grief with her wish though…). But the fact that Kirika didn’t even TRY to talk to Oriko before resorting to her extreme wish was weird and dumb.

While Oriko came up with her solution to the Madoka problem in an INSTANT I think it was a good plan. I mean..she did assume a lot. Maybe Madoka was just some random crazy who turned into a witch. But anyway her distracting Kyubey from the not so powerful Madoka in line with Homura protecting Madoka helped Mami from never meeting the girl and causing things to be nice and happy. By nice and happy I mean forcing Yuma into Kyubey's spotlight and killing other magical girls in the process.

Homura was not as jaded in this manga. That means this timeline is after her second attempt but not before “4” when she has basically given up on trying to communicate with the other girls and befriending Madoka. Still I am surprised at the extent she is hanging out with the other girls. Especially Hitomi. But maybe in this timeline she figured keeping Madoka away from the evil and distracting her was a good plan.


Next time make those eggs right!

The violence in the manga is pretty high considering the cuteness. XD We got girls being killed left and right. Once Oriko unleashes her plan on the school the body count started to climb. Life as Madoka knew it was going to change forever once her teacher got nommed. So while this was a “good” timeline considering what else Homura had to work with the body count was still high.


I am sensing that someone is being VERY ungrateful.

Oh Madoka? She was annoying. Homura is doing her best to protect HER and all she can do is whine? Even Mami (well I guess Madoka wasn’t aware of Mami…ever) the shining hope of compassion wasn’t saving everyone. In a situation like that it was not possible to save everyone. Madoka just learned that Homura had awesome powers and yet felt the need to tell her how to use them? I can see where Homura got jaded over time.


My what large....boobs you have.

Kirika stalling the witch process was amazing. Probably a sign of how devoted she was to Oriko. Again I think Oriko’s plan of making the other girls upset was a good one. And possibly a bad one if they all went despair on her and turned into witches. XD Always thinking ahead that girl. Despite Kirika killing all those magical girls Oriko really did have a great plan to protect the world.

Which is where Homura and Oriko differ. Homura wanted to protect her friend. You can’t fault her with her first wish. But after so many timelines of Madoka being the big bad evil one would think Homura might have changed her game plan. If Madoka knew she was going to be so evil and powerful she might have pulled a Mami on us and killed herself. Homura thought trying to reach the same goal over and over again would work while Oriko thought HEY let’s try it this way. In the end Homura was trying to protect one person and Oriko wanted to protect the most people.


I will protect the world no matter what!

I think the best part of the manga was the end. Homura was happy, people hated Kyubey, and Mami was alive. But Oriko was so determined to save people, to do something positive with her life she was able to achieve her goal and kill Madoka. I will overlook the fact that she held on for quite a bit given the fact Kyoko was out like a light when she got her soul jewel squished. So Oriko went out thinking that she and Kirika did the impossible and saved the world. YAY.


Madoka is very creative with the different ways she dies yes?

However….if Oriko had just left things alone this timeline MIGHT have saved Madoka. Homura was now trusted by Mami and Kyoko. They knew the truth about magical girls and witches without her being labeled a liar or a crazy person. Sayaka was not a magical loose cannon. And they now had a healer on their side. Now granted Homura threw the entire world’s navy at the Big Bad and it did nothing but in at least Homura’s eyes this timeline was going perfectly. Sure a couple dozen students were dead but hey Madoka was spared from making a contract and now the other girls would help her fight against Kyubey.

That is a lot of maybes though. After seeing what happened to the school Madoka might be compelled to be a magical girl to help out Homura. Sayaka could do the same thing. And even if Madoka was spared being a magical girl they probably still would have lost in the major battle. But at least Homura had hope.


I wish I had focused on killing Homura and Madoka....

In the end I think this “side” manga was really pretty cool. I wouldn’t even call it a side one either as it was really part of the main story as one of Homura’s alternate timelines. This brings up the question where Kirika and Oriko are in every other timeline though. Yuma not being there makes sense as Kyoko either did not save her or Kyubey was too busy tracking down Madoka he didn’t notice the girl. But Oriko’s wish was independent of what Homura was wishing and trying to change.

Of course that isn’t taking into consideration all the tiny things that add up. You know, the whole stepping on a butterfly turns us into whales type deal. So while I don’t SEE how Homura could change Oriko’s wish I guess it is possible in every single timeline after the fact Homura went and killed Oriko and Kirika. I guess. I GUESS.

X___X That got long. I guess I will talk about Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice in a different post. XD Go me! XD But yes the side mangas are pretty fun to real as the Madoka manga is mainly the anime with more violence. Thanks for reading!!!!


Hong said...

I already read the information about this manga in puella magi wiki

but...I can't believe Madoka is killed by oriko, but thank goodness homura makes a new timeline...

Christina said...

Hong- I think the real tragedy is if Oriko had just died with her friend and not dealt the killing blow to Madoka this MIGHT have been the timeline with the biggest chance of success. Homura had the MOST allies on her side that knew the truth and would trust her. And they had a healer. Sayaka never made it to the final boss so her not being a magical girl was not really important.

Of course it probably still would have failed but still. Sad.