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Yuri Yuri episode 6

Sorry I didn’t get many anime posts out yesterday. I finally got a chance to make up the missed birthday event to my best friends. XD With all the crazy in my life lately I can’t forget the people at home. And to have dinner and go to the movies. It is possible for me to spend time away from my computer!!!

Also my AC wish did not come true. I am a melty little mess. But at least I made enough money to buy some food. Things really add up when you are good for a while. Yay for ice cream, the most important ingredient of my life that was missing.


Beware the evil. You has been warned.

But now it is time for anime. Yuri Yuri episode 6 is up now. Spoilers for art…..scary art.


I hear familiar music....magical girls....witches...wishes...OH CRAP I see a white animal!

Episode Summary: Kyoko starts off the episode trying to take Akari’s one job. But she did a good job at it so I approve. XD Then the girls find out if they wish hard enough they can give themselves super anime eyes. Except Akari because that makes life more fun. At school an underclassman returns a drawing Kyoko did. When asked how she became such a good artist Kyoko scares the girl with her GIVE IT HEART speech. But this inspires Kyoko to draw a new manga. This manga stars Yui and Kyoko….falling in love. Chinatsu is not pleased with this manga and tries to destroy it. Kyoko says that Yui will really fall in love with Kyoko now so Chinatsu should give up and fall in love with her (Kyoko) instead. Chinatsu loses her mind and vows to write/draw a better manga for Yui. The next day Chinatsu unleashes her story upon the world. It is something of nightmares and horror movies. The basic story is Yui is a prince who falls in love with a plain Jane Chinatsu. Only it is scary and ugly and the girls are frightened. They lie to Chinatsu and tell her the story is wonderful. That makes Chinatsu continue the nightmare and things just get worse. Yui manages to get Chinatsu to stop the story halfway by claiming to be overwhelmed and Kyoko is like Let’s play with dough!!!


At least Kyoko's vision was....nice to look like. Not Chinatsu's house of pain and horror.

Chinatsu promises to continue another day and the dough playing begins. Akari makes cute things but they are deemed boring. Chinatsu makes something that has to be censored. Yui makes food in honor of the trip that they are going on soon. Oh and Kyoko makes a statue of Chinatsu dressed up as Mirakurun with her legs spread and a head of Akari that she mushes. Chinatsu hates the statue but is okay when Kyoko gifts it to Yui. There is also some talk of all the girls going on a separate trip and Kyoko makes Chinatsu all jealous. Sometime later the girls go to Yui’s house to spend the day. Yui’s little relative Mari is there and truly believes that Chinatsu is Mirakurun. Kyoko makes Chinatsu dress up as the superhero but doesn’t give her any advice on how to entertain the girl. Chinatsu does her best especially when she realizes this could get her brownie points with Yui. She even braves the public seeing her in this outfit because it makes Mari happy. But once they arrive home and Chinatsu thinks the coast is clear she lets up on the act and reveals her true crazy. Mari sees Chinatsu acting…special and her childhood is shattered forever. Akari tries to share her own manga but the show ends suddenly. THE END!!

XO See I think the episode flows better with less girls. Having all the girls around is fine once and a while but then you can’t see the individual craziness as well. Or in Akari’s case… screen time at all. XD


Akari will be out on the streets now. :( No more job.

I think that just needs to be accepted by now, that Akari is the adorable girl that we all thought people were going to have a crush on. But instead she is the girl on the sidelines. What I like about her is that she is somewhat aware of what is going on instead of going LALALA what all the time.


Why so insane?!?!?!

The scene with the underclassmen and Kyoko was just a vehicle to get the mangas drawn. Not sure if was even necessary. Or it shows how the girls (well really Kyoko) seem normal to the outside world but if given enough rope their true psycho colors show and the rest of the public is running for the hills.


All you need is love!

I never thought the Yui and Kyoko romance scene was real. I did however think it was all in Chitose’s mind. That she drank some bad milk before bed and had the wrong yuri fantasy. She would wake up thinking it was all a nightmare but still…nosebleeding. And from here on out she would be conflicted between her classic pairing or this new one between Yui and Kyoko.


Chinatsu has some anger issues.

But Kyoko actually making this crazy random manga (which I don’t know how it was inspired by the other underclassman but whatever) as an attempt to get Chinatsu was pretty smart. Or insane. I haven’t decided yet. It didn’t work however but in a club that has no real agenda it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. But yay for Kyoko having a back up coming and thinking ahead.


I imagine this is what Kyubey's world looks like.

That manga Chinatsu made was scary. Like I thought Kyubey had come back and witches were among us. I mean the scene at the beginning of the episode was pretty scary with the eyeballs of doom and the sparkles behind them. But then Chinatsu exposed her soul to the entire world and it was dark folks. Dark. Darker than Black even.


Witnessing the end of the world!!!

I do love that the girls care about their friend that much they were able to say nice things about the manga of doom. They were scared out of their minds because they had seen Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica too and assumed it was the end for them. But they still managed to put on happy faces and lie to their friend. Yay for lying!!!!


Poor sad little giraffe!

The claying was sorta fun too. A little sad to see a giraffe reduced to such a state but still fun. Even Kyoko and her ….special statue of Chinatsu was funny. Mainly because she kept throwing it in Chinatsu’s face and the girl didn’t have enough brains to smash it to the ground. Enjoy your present Yui.


Just one more special picture of the clayness. XD

The trip to Yui’s house was special. It is never fun being saddled with a kid. Also what kind of parents just leave their child with a 13 year old? I guess Yui is special as she lives on her own while still being in middle school but still. It made me X___X. Hi we are in town for the day watch our kid so we can have fun? Parents these days.


The face of innocence and love. Won't last for long.

I am surprised that no other kids have confused Chinatsu with Mirakurun. She does look a lot like the witch girl. Also can I just say while I hate kids this child Mari was cute. XD So innocent and full of sparkles in her eyes. Last week we had a cute kid sister and now we have this little ball of fluff. It is too bad that at the end of the episode she was reduced to sadness at the thought that her idol was a fake.


Quick thinking Chinatsu. XD

While Chinatsu is a crazy girl I thought she put up with the nonsense rather well. Given how embarrassing it can be in Japan to have so much attention on you she put up with it well. Yes she did it to win Yui’s love but I think she tried hard to make that kid happy. And I thought it was quick thinking to break the wand as to be absolved of doing any magic.


And all the hope is gone. Gone forever.

But in the end Chinatsu couldn’t hold up the act for that long. I give her props though. However she did turn into a little…crazypants? Acting like a drunk person home from work. XD Almost like the statue came true or something.

Notice that nowhere in this post is the kiss from last episode mentioned. That is because it was not mentioned AT ALL in the episode. AT ALL. I guess Akari is going to pretend it never happen? Maybe she was crying out the memories? The shock was too much for her? I don’t know but I think it should still be lurking in the back of Akari’s mind. BLAH.

So next week it seems as if the older girls are going on a school trip. XD I wonder if I will see any images of Kyoko that I will recognize? XD

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