Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gate 7 Chapter 4: WTF did I just read?

YAWN!!!! After working 4 whole hours today and not passing out I decided to reward myself with…no ice cream :( Because today is the first time I saw sunlight in like 6 days and I have not gone to the grocery store.

So instead I decided to watch Sci-Fi movies with my friend! We have little date nights where we watch the same movie at our houses and text each other about how horrible the movie is. It is especially awesome when we have seen said movie 1289 times each.

What does this have to do with the manga Gate 7? Well my home girl fell asleep. See she actually went to work all this week and was exhausted. Silly girl. So since I didn’t have my texting buddy my fingers were like WE NEED SOMETHING TO DO. So it was onto downloading Gate 7 Chapter 4.


I would say SPOILERS but really....I have no idea what this means.

Big mistake.

If you were expecting a review on this chapter you aren’t getting one. Sorry. And do you know why?

Because I have absolutely no idea what is going on.

And this isn’t normal CLAMP confusion. Like um why are their multiple Sakuras and um hey people are traveling into different timelines kind of confusions. It’s more like I have no idea what the words are even supposed to mean at this point.

The site where I get my translations from is the same site that did the translations for Tsubasa, XXXholic, and Kobato. From time to time a few words were off and I chalked that up to differences in the languages. Other than that things made sense and I enjoyed my stories.


Lost in translation...or lost in the minds of CLAMP?

So I am thinking that the problem is Gate 7. That it is too crazy for words. The sentence structures make NO SENSE. I can’t tell what the heck people are talking about and half the time I get attacks confused for actual dialogue.


Words don't matter! Look how cute Hana is!

Not that the dialogue is any better. Between Hana fighting…the something people were talking and I have absolutely have no idea what they were talking about. Actually I am not even sure who the people talking were. I do know some cute little dragon kid randomly showed up but that is about it. Oh and Hana can use other people’s powers or something.


I do like this new New NEW character. Yay cute little boys!

So while the art is very lovely and the battle scenes are spot on I have no idea what the hell is going on. And from the looks of it on the internet people are getting bored. And think that CLAMP is relying on their previous fans to be captivated with the pretty pictures and ignore the fact that NOTHING is making sense. Others are saying that this series would be easier to understand if one knew Japanese history. To think of this historical figures as someone tied to our own history (whatever country that may be).


Um I would like things to start making sense please?

Even if that were the case….it is still far too confusing for me to understand at 2 am in the morning. Probably too confusing forever. So for the time being I will not be following this train wreck. Some people say they will pick it back up when the cliff notes come out so we know who those people are. Perhaps I will too. For now I am just disappointed that Kobato had to be dropped so fast for a hot mess that is all flash but too much story for its own good.

Maybe CLAMP can release another manga at the same time? The thought of having no CLAMP in my life for a time being is a sad thought. :( I really wanted Gate 7 to be great but I am too confused and frustrated to try and make it make sense. I wonder how many others are thinking the same thing.


Anonymous said...

CLAMP is going to be doing Legal Drug again, if that interests you :D

that's going to be their "new" manga..

Christina said...

Anonymous- Do you see my excited face? It looks something like this:


Thank you so much for the happy news!!!!! It's like a gift from God. I had given up hope of X/1999 and now with this hot mess Gate 7 I was really sad to be without CLAMP. I can surely wait until November.


I am so excited I am not even going to worry about how the characters will inevitable look different. In fact I liked the slight change in characters from old X/1999 chapters to the "newer ones". It will be good.

SO EXCITED! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

haha at least now CLAMP hopefull won't turn it into Tsubasa/xxholic type mess :P

I haven't read Legal Drug yet but I'm going to start now that it publishing again.

Also if CLAMP continues they could finish X and Clover

now you have something to get yourself through work :P

Christina said...

Anonymous- Counting down to events does get me through the day! XD 6 more weeks til AWA!!!! XD I do love my job don't I?

So as it stands we have AWA, My birthday, Legal Drug, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. See, I can totally get through the rest of this year!!!

I think after the Tsubasa/XXXholic CLAMP can't afford to create another mess.

OH WAIT Gate 7 is what this post is about. XD

So yes. I hope that Legal Drug picks up where it left off and doesn't end up becoming another disaster.

Before March I had little hope for X/1999. Now I have no hope at all. :( But I guess we can still wish for Clover.