Monday, August 8, 2011

CLAMP's Legal Drug resumes serialization! We have not been forgotten!!!

Breaking News: Tenchi needs to keep with Anime News Network because obviously I miss very important things when I don’t. I has been busy lately yes but during times when DayQuil wasn’t taking over my brain I should have been catching up with that informative site.

Breaking News for people who are not up to date on Anime News Network: CLAMP is going to start Legal Drug back up again.


And the crowd goes wild!!!!!!


Back in 2003 when our mall (or the country?) had a SunCoast and Borders was just starting to get a manga section CLAMP stopped Legal Drug. There had been other issues concerning their other long on hiatus story X/1999 and Legal Drug became an innocent bystander in all the mess. With the soaring popularity of Tsubasa and XXXholic CLAMP kept putting Legal Drug on the back burner but always promising to return to the series.

Since we have heard that line before I didn’t really believe them. I just tucked my sad little three volumes of Legal Drug on the shelf and moved on. Because there were things to move on to and that made me happy. But now with Tsubasa, XXXholic, and Kobato over with the only ongoing series is Gate 7.

And Gate 7 sucks folks.


Did you miss us?

So the minute I post about WOE IS ME I hate Gate 7 a happy little commenter pointed the way to news that Legal Drug has been revived. Insert a happy dancing Tenchi who thinks this is an answer from the CLAMP gods. Maybe Gate 7 is just a huge troll attempt by CLAMP to cover up their plans to make us happy?

Oh and for those who don’t know this is what Legal Drug is all about:

When Kazahaya Kudo collapsed in the snow one night and on the verge of death, he is rescued by a mysterious young man, Rikuo Himura, who takes him back to a pharmacy named the Green Drugstore.

Kazahaya, apparently running from his past, takes up work at the Green Drugstore alongside Rikuo. He comments that although Rikuo rescued him, he really feels indebted to the store's owner, Kakei, whom he thanks for his current accommodation and job. While their day job is quite simple, the boys are persuaded and, in some cases, practically forced by Kakei to take on strange extra jobs outside the store, which make use of their supernatural powers.

Thanks Wiki.

For those who think this sounds slightly like XXXholic…it sorta does. Only this series came first and Kakei….isn’t as powerful as Yuuko. And Kazahaya is cute whereas Watanuki was more…well handsome pretty. And no body parts have been exchanged YET but since it is only ¼ of the way through there is still time.


Did someone say yaoi?

And unlike XXXHolic there is already an established yaoi pairing. While it is obvious Kazahaya and Rikuo are hot for each other they do have issues with some past women. No no I am talking about Kakei and Saiga. Confirmed folks. CONFIRMED. And the entire school in volume 3 is full of gay young boys. The yaoi is strong with this one.

Now there have been conflicted reports on what exactly this news mean. Some reports are saying NEW SERIES and others are saying continuation! I would prefer it be a continuation with the first three volumes rereleased. Yes that means the art work will look slightly different as their styles surely have changed over 8 years. But I rather have that change than an entirely new series.

But since this is brand new information maybe this will be cleared up before November. XD So exciting folks. A story that is only slightly confusing and readable! And for the record yes I want X/1999 back as well. But given the fact there was a MAJOR Earthquake this year that is probably a pipedream now.

So in conclusion. Yay me. And yay other CLAMP fans. Hopefully CLAMP does not let us down again. I have strong hopes that Legal Drug will be awesome but that might be me thinking all these years what could have been. So all those little glimpses of the boys in other works weren’t just teasers. XD We are finally getting our way.

Thank you commentor. That comment totally made my night. Also when googling images of Legal Drug so many pills came up. X__X Now I am going to be on the FBI’s list or something!

Here are a few sites with more concise information and 90 percent less fangirling:
Wikipedia's Legal Drug page
Anime News Network
A happy fan's livejournal with more information


Anonymous said...

Man, I was so happy to hear this news!!! I knew that with Gate 7 their only ongoing series that they HAD to return to one of their unfinished ones!!! I'm happy with this news, because I vowed to quit CLAMP if they decided to start a brand new series instead of going back to an old one.

From what I understand, Legal Drug is going to be published in Young Ace Magazine, which is technically a shounen magazine, but the series's I've seen are very eclectic. They've got historical manga, futuristic manga, even a series targeted to children. So I'm hoping they don't make any DRASTIC changes to Legal Drug.

Then again, the first 3 volumes are going to be re-released in Japan with brand new covers one month before the first new chapter is released. So that gives me a measure of hope that they won't do too many things different.

Christina said...

Anonymous- In case it wasn't obvious I was over the moon with this happy news. I call this the denial phase, the part where I forgot how CLAMP has done us wrong in the past. Now hopefully in a year we both still have a positive attitude towards Legal Drug.

While CLAMP toes the line with the yaoi I prefer it that way and hope they can keep things similar. XD I wonder why. I hate for the series to get picked up again and the gentle "teasing" and "tense" be removed due to the type of magazine they are in.

Re-released sounds like good wording. XD I didn't think they would totally make up a new storyline with the same characters but I put nothing past CLAMP at this point. XD