Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kamisama Dolls episode 6

X___X Why do I have such internet/computer problems? Something pops up asking to update I say no and BAM nothing wants to work. Something about proxy network and such. X__x I love computers. But I clicked enough things to make at least internet explorer to work. Of course that will probably make the problem worse and I should just let my husband deal with it tomorrow….but that means no internet for 2 hours and how can I survive that long without the internet?!

So if I am not on tomorrow…I most certainly broke my computer just to have a few hours on tonight. XD Maybe I should not mess with things I don’t quite understand.


AW home sweet home.

But in between having computer problems and having RAGE at Jeff Lewis Kamisama Dolls episode 6 got watched and blogged! Go me! Such a productive day. Spoilers for crazy juice filling the streets.

Also in my attempt to get the internet to work apparently I broke Spellcheck. X__X Sorry.


More like a circus show but you know!!! XD

Episode Summary: Kyouhei takes the girls to his house. His mother greets Utao warmly and all is well in the world. Well except with Kyouhei. He has gone to see daddy dearest and question why there is crazy twin running around. He said he doesn’t know as he wasn’t around when Utao got pushed out and mom forgot the terrible experience. The dad shows no sign of even caring about the situation and Kyouhei gets reasonably upset. He acts all pissed off and momma chastises him. She then shoos everyone to see Moyako. Her father is in charge of fixing the god dolls but she speaks for him. She doesn’t censor his words and easily embarrasses Shiba and Utao as she rants about the broken god doll. But the real fun happens when Moyako’s younger sister runs into the room and proceeds to hug Utao to death. Shiba tries to save Utao and generally is a fun killer. They all walk towards the god doll fix it hut. There sister Yurako hands out more hugs and Kyouhei complements Moyako on being a good almost head of the family person. Moyako then explains more about the god dolls and how basically they are powered through crazy I mean god juice. Shiba goes MOG amazing. Moyako takes Shiba to the forest outback where the trees allow them to connect to the nature internet. And allow you to read people’s minds. Oh and let Shiba see the past. These trees are that magical folks!


It all makes sense now!!! X__X

Elsewhere Utao asks her grandfather about this random twin issue. He does state that Kirio is her brother and he was given to the Hyuugas for undisclosed reasons. Utao is happy with her twin news and skips (falls) out of the room. Kirio has been moved (possibly away from the village) to Koushiro’s place. His wife greets them warmly but Kirio is all sad about Utao having a better life. Koushiro finds out about the multiple beatings Kirio has suffered and promises to watch over him. Kirio is just happy to have food. After a few days Utao takes her god doll out for practice with Moyako being a drill sergeant. Practice ends once Moyako says Utao needs to clench her vagina muscles. Yeah. Utao starts asking questions about being a big sister but that was creepy so we won’t go there. The trio start to leave practice but Utao wants to fly on her god doll instead. Shiba is very nervous about the entire adventure. Things turn out badly with Shiba falling, Kyouhei holding her by her top, and Utao holding her by her pants. Fanservice for all but now the internet is making the pictures blurry. After that little adventure she declares Kyouhei and Utao crazy. Still Kyouhei accompanies Shiba to her momma’s grave and talks about how her dad avoids talking about her momma. After some rain soaking Shiba and her boobies the two take cover from the storm. Waiting for the storm to pass Shiba asks Kyouhei about his past with Aki. Kyouhei takes a deep breath and thinks about the event from 6 years ago. THE END!


We are all deeply offended...about something.

So things didn’t go exactly according to plan. Or at least how I thought it was going to anyway. No one was majorly fanboying over Kyouhei. But Shiba and her massive tatas made an appearance so I am a bit right. Of course that is pretty obvious…

Kyouhei’s (and Utao’s and Kirio’s) dad is a jerk. Like I rather him not give any answers to Kyouhei at all than that lame one. I guess he is still pretty mad at Kyouhei for leaving the crazy family but that is still his son. Maybe hi, how are you, and you suck for leaving your sister in charge. But he was all like meh you left…you don’t deserve answers.


Better return that Dad of the Year mug.

But then it turned out home slice dad didn’t even have answers. I never plan on giving birth but most women choose to have their husbands in the room or at least nearby. If a woman is having such a terrible birth why wasn’t the baby’s daddy close by? Instead the grandfather and the husband’s brother were in the room? Creepy. This family is full of creepy. Wouldn’t he want to find out if he had another child or not? This whole village is drinking the crazy juice no wonder Kyouhei ran away.


What no hitting?

Utao finding out the truth from her grandfather was slightly better than Kirio talking to his random old dude. Probably the grandfather to the family. But yes Utao. Her grandfather told her the truth since he was actually in the room. Crazies. But he doesn’t give her very much to go on except Kirio was given to the Hyugas. Probably to keep things more balanced so one family doesn’t have both powerful twins. Utao skips off with this information all happy like.


This is how I spend most of my time being a big sister.

Yes I said happy like. She now has dreams of being a big sister or something. I guess she missed the last episode where her younger brother tried to squish her and her god doll into the ground. Her memory is not so good is it? So that was special, her asking others how to handle her newfound older sister power.



I kinda like Moyako. Not as much as Kuuko mind you but she seems fun. Or is it the dad that is the fun one? I didn’t think she said things that were THAT embarrassing but you know those silly girls. And maybe Utao needs some yelling at XD.


She is the lady that hates all fun. Beware of her!!!

I didn’t find Yurako that bad either. Was she annoying? Yes. But Shiba loves to give Utao hugs and say how cute she is so I am not seeing the difference. Utao left the village to go to the city and got the same treatment. So basically Shiba is a hypocrite. Hug on Yurako!


Oh yes...this is all making sense now...

I am not sure I was quite following the entire….god doll process. I just assumed these magical creatures fell from the sky and things went from there. But now there is a bucket full of special resin that becomes the blood and nerves of the god doll? How did they get that magic bucket? From the spring out back? Are the god dolls inside wood from Earth with only their soul being the only unexplained part? Maybe I am thinking too much into this but I am not sure how the god dolls came into being. Like poof we carved some wood one day and they started singing and flying? Confused Tenchi is confused.

But then Moyako takes a walk through the special tree forest with Shiba. So maybe this is where the wood comes from to make the god dolls? In any event these trees are special and Shiba cries because she sees Aki acting…normal. Yeah she is weird.


At least someone cares about this genuis kid.

Once again Koushiro is amazing. He takes Kirio home, somewhere safe where old dudes won’t beat him with canes and such. He finds out about the beatings yet doesn’t treat Kirio like a child. Instead he supports him quietly and feeds him a great meal. He is giving him tough love but doing so in a caring manner. Yay for Koushiro.

The practice only existed to have Utao get molested. Moving on.


And the shirt didn't rip because.....

The flying only took place so the audience would see Shiba nearly naked. Why are they subjected us to those….breasts? What did we ever do to them? I don’t think Utao or Kyouhei were at fault for…the cloths being pulled off. I guess it was nice they apologized but I don’t think it was necessary. Just her lot in life, so sad really.


So...that whole murder thing........

So after fun times in dead mommyville and more of Shiba’s boobies we were treated to ALMOST the truth. The truth will come next episode. But at this point an explanation about Aki and Kyouhei’s past is long overdue. So insert the picturesque backdrop and cue the sad music. Kyouhei is about to open up a can of sadness. Until next week!
That teacher looks nothing like Shiba. Seriously.


Eternia said...

I honestly thought that you were joking about the vagina tightening exercise... until I watched the actual episode.
LOL, what were they making a kid do?

Also, I wonder how the dolls can go through floor when they are made of wood...

Anonymous said...

I wish Moyako's breasts could teach Shiba's breasts not to look psychotic. Because apparently the animators can draw normal grown woman breasts when they want to, just not on Shiba.

Christina said...

Eternia- I wish I was joking. It was a X__X moment. Like how do the boys train? I am not a boy so I am not sure if there is a way to tighten your balls or anything but to be fair they better be practicing that too.

But to save the world/village Utao needs to of steel. Or everyone will die. NO PRESSURE!

When it became apparent the dolls were made of wood I was like X_x...I thought they were some sort of alien contraptions from space. But now it appears they are made from magical Earth trees with Jesus juice? I don't know. Maybe we aren't supposed to ask obvious questions about how overgrown tables can fly through walls. XD

Christina said...

Anonymous- I for one am glad that the rest of the ladies in this show have normal boobies(well as normal as HUGE AND IMPOSSIBLE boobies can be). I think the show would be 95 percent less watchable if everyone had torpedo breasts bursting forth from their chests. Unless the animators think they are making Shiba sexy by making her different from the other girls.....