Friday, August 5, 2011

Blood-C episode 5 : What is the covenant?!?!

I am only going to spend an hour on this episode. As in blogging, summarizing, and posting this crap. Because that is what it is, crap. It might be hard to meet my goal since I am wordy and my cat apparently has never gotten attention EVER but I shall try my hardest.

Oh and another thing. CBS! Can you stop spoiling shows for me? I passed out last night so I didn’t get to see Big Brother. So when I try to watch it now on your front page it is front and center who went home. NOT AMUSED!



X__X When is the last time I had Code Red? Maybe I would be in a better mood if I had some. I do have Code Red but I am trying to kill my cold with water because I am not that special. Oh Blood-C? Spoilers for….Saya being special.


What do you mean you are out of coffee?!

Episode Summary: Saya is walking to school NOT SINGING! But she might have been walking home… She walks by the area where all three of the men got nommed on. She started getting a major headache but Fumito comes by to save her. He takes her back to his place which is so full of customers. She doesn’t want to talk about what is bothering her but Fumito makes it clear he is there for her. And then feeds her poison tea. Later when her father comes to pick her up (thus me thinking she was walking home) she is asleep. Dad genuinely looks upset but Fumito is dude it is okay let her sleep. Then magically it is night time and Saya is running around looking for enemies. After passing MANY business Saya ends up in a park. A human like person approaches Saya…and proceeds to kick Saya’s butt. It is all smokey so Saya can’t really see anything. She does manage to save a girl from being nommed on by some random monsters but the girl screams and hides behind the jungle gym. During the battle Saya knocks off the person’s hat and it is an Eyeball Monster. Eyeball lady talks about how there was a covenant between them and the humans and Saya is breaking it. But then Saya goes all red eyes and kicks Ms. Eyeballs butt. No answers from her right? The girl that is rescued is less than happy at the blood extended hand Saya offers.


Time to be awesome.

The random voice talks about how humans can never really understand the understandable and blah blah. The next day at school a HURT Saya is all sad but Yuka is just worried about how she is feeling. Yuka says she is there to help Saya out and it is smile time. The twins Nono and Nene rush in saying because of the rain it is study hour and let’s tell horror stories. Somehow Tsutsutori home room teacher agrees to that craziness. Itsuki tells a story that is boring and doesn’t go over well. Nene wants to hear something about the town instead. Tsutsutori says she can tell a story but then it will happen to the person who asked. She then proceeds to talk about the nonhuman things that Saya has been fighting and how they have existed since ancient times until the humans made them promise……SAYA PASSES OUT! Amazing. Now answers for us. Saya wakes up at home still wanting to know what the covenant is about. Nene shows up to make sure Saya is okay. Oh and there is some talk about telling the REAL twin apart from the other. She thinks it is her fault Saya felt bad but all she wanted was some excitement in her life. Insert a monster arising from the ground and attacking both the girls. THE END!!

SEE FOLKS?! See how annoying that was? Let us count the ways.

Well I guess starting off Blood C actually earns 1 point. NO DUMB SINGING THIS WEEK!!! Have our prayers been answered? Are the fun times going to stop and we are going enter blood bath city?

But other than that PSHT. Well maybe the last minute too. But still. PSHT!


Is it almost time for the 50 year old sleep deal?

Saya is having headaches. Of course now I realize that HAHA she is not having visions of the future. She is having visions of the past. Because we all know Saya is a young girl who gets to stay awake for a few months and then has to go back to sleep. Kill some baddies, make a difference, and pass out again. It is a lovely cycle. So she is seeing a version of herself in the past, not her mom. At this point I don’t even think she has a mom.


I was picked to be your special friend!

So that makes people a little less creepy now. Because there have been three people now who have said they are there for Saya and THAT is why they are there. Seems as if Fumito (or whoever is really watching over Saya) wants to make Saya’s down time as happy as possible and surround her with happy people. Because if she did just wake up recently it could explain why the twins didn’t know how her mom died (because she ain’t got one). They really don’t know Saya.

Or I am just making this all up in my head and everyone is really a monster and Saya has been around for a few years at least. Still home room teacher is in town because of the things Saya has done in the past and Fumito is still evil. But Saya passing out all the time is a sure sign that she is not going to be around for much longer.


Looks like a lot of places to shop and eat to me...

Which confuses me deeply. When she fell asleep at Fumito’s (didn’t her dad totally freak out over that?!) I thought that entire monster killing was a dream. I mean…the town looked pretty big. There is NOTHING to do there right? Yet Saya was running past so many businesses. I guess that is why Fumito’s place is always empty. But yes I thought that was all a dream. Silly me.


Clearly a human

Also silly me I thought maybe this ugly would be a human. But then the hat got taken off and it is a giant eyeball lady. But at least this one was more talkative? And I like how it was creating the smoke and it wasn’t just some creepy atmosphere thing. Although Saya could have taken off the string to use her sword right? Because only the sacred sword can kill the uglies.


You're welcome!!!

Random girl who got her life saved was not very grateful about being saved. I mean…yes Saya was covered in icky blood. But there was no reason to scream at her the first time. UNGRATEFUL. But since this town is so small shouldn’t Saya be recognized? I mean this is her first rescue attempt that worked. Maybe she hasn’t thought that far ahead.


What do you mean dead things can't talk?!

Did the Big Bad Monster explain what the covenant is? No because this show sucks. All it managed to imply was Saya was a monster too. Note to Saya it is hard to answer a question when a fist is in your head. But how is Saya supposed to honor something she doesn’t know? If Eyeball lady saw Saya beating up her people surely she saw her being confused over the mention of the covenant.

The random words of the week didn’t really add anything to the episode. Not that it makes sense any other time but this week it felt especially weak. Also Mr. Doggie barely got any time on screen. He looked at Saya, she got a headache, and she passed out.

I am confused about something though. For a while I thought maybe Saya was only subconsciously aware of the battles. Especially with the whole thing last week Wait what “where am I”? And a little this week with “I was there last night?”. That could explain why Saya is all fluffy in the daytime and hard core fighter at night. But now I am not so sure about that….If that was the case they should have made it more obvious instead of accidental.


Things will probably seem less fun when there is only one of you.

So after Saya’s friend does the whole “That’s the reason I am here” bit it is ghost story time. Because home room teacher suck as teacher since she is not a real teacher. For the most part it was boring and too fluffy. But these kids are bored because they live in a small town folks! There is nothing else to do!!!


With the amount of people dying recently you would think everyone would already question their creepy town.

But home room teacher gets up and decides to tell the scariest story ever: The truth about this town. And cursing one the twins while doing so. I thought MOG she is really saying this all out loud? Is she doing so to hurt Saya? To warn the kids? To tell the viewers what the covenant really is?!


LOOK! I am important and need to be the love interest!!!

No. No answers folks. Because Saya passes out over all the information she already knows. Visions of her past fill her head and pass out she does. This is the only time Shinichiro does anything all week, making sure she doesn’t fall on her face. So no we don’t get to know what the covenant is this week folks. TIS SUCKS!


This whole conversation was weird...

After Saya is done passing out she is at home (magically transported) and wants answers about the covenant. Only the cursed twin Nene shows up to make sure Saya is okay. This is sweet and all but apparently home room teacher was right. Monsters are playing big time now and POOF it comes out to eat Nene. Looks like Saya’s secret is going to be revealed now!


Countdown to Saya's life going down the tubes in 5....

Despite the fact next to nothing got done in this episode it appears the blood bath is going to begin next week. Nene is either going to be killed, injured, or turned into an ugly. At least two townspeople are going to nommed up, in daylight no less. And Saya is all waking up in Fumito’s place? I guess we won’t have time to learn about the covenant when she actually has to save the entire time. Bring on the blood if you aren’t going to bring on the explanations!!!

As a side note I just realized Saya’s “dad” probably thought Saya went into the BIG sleep. Which would make Fumito in on what is going on. Which would make me sad because I want him to be the baddie. CURSES!!!


Anonymous said...

Why the hell does Saya always waits until she gets her ass kicked and then go to red eye mode?!

Eternia said...

Anonymous, that's exactly why this anime is a piece of crap. It's story composition is outdated already, it feel like old skool Kamen Rider or Power Ranger.
The heroes used to lose in the beginning, and then they transformed, and kicked the monsters' butt in return. Also, each monsters' life only lasted for one episode.I am shocked something like this gets to be aired.
Saya should have talked with them more rather than slaying them so fast, if she really wants to know about whatever agreement they are talking about.

Christina said...

Anonymous- Because apparently her father is made of money and enjoys going to the store to buy her new uniforms. That is the only thing I can think of at this point. Unless she loves having her back burned by acid and seeing her fellow townspeople nommed.

Eternia- It is amazing how dumb Saya is. are you supposed to ask the big eyeball a question if your fist is in her face?! It is kinda hard to talk when you are dead.

She really needs to press her dad more. Or once the humans are out of danger try talking to the monsters more BEFORE THEY DIE if she really cares about the covenant. She can't have it both ways, care about the covenant but be hell bent on killing the baddies without knowing the true reason.

Also now this episode says number 5. As apparently I hate that number and forgot to post it. XD

miku-chan 01 said...
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miku-chan 01 said...

is this anime related to blood+ or blood the last vampire? because her visions on this episode shows that she has two braided ponytail like saya frm the last vampire. and when her father thought she went into a deep sleep like you said, didnt saya frm blood+ did too? im confused ^^

Christina said...

miku-chan 01- It is too soon to tell if this is THE Saya. I think it is her, just a different interpretation of who Saya is. But they are all the same girl, just with different creators torturing a young girl. She is just a very....happy version of Saya. It is easy to get confused watching this show because her personality is way different.

I think her visions are of her before she took her last deep sleep. But since CLAMP is involved it could be her mom, her twin, or her clone. XD And with the pace of things getting explained we probably won't find out the truth until the last episode. XD