Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blood-C episode 4

Con flu. Kicking me butt. Can’t think of anything funny to say.

But next convention I am drinking the dreaded orange juice or something. I love conventions but I need to work AFTERWARDS to afford said conventions. This is just bleh.


I sensed this will end well.

Spoilers for…practically nothing. I hate you CLAMP.


By attacked she means torn limb from limb and eaten by a train monster.

Episode Summary: Saya is up and doing her chores which upsets her father since she was hurt the night before. She states she is worried and concerned. Not about the bakery dude she was unable to protect but about the creature that was able to talk. She questions what the covenant is and her father make a weird I AM HIDING something face. I am sure it means nothing. He sides steps the issue by forcing Saya to think of only the battle. Saya walks to school singing her HAPPY song but her face is not happy and she down right ignores puppy-chan. She promises to get stronger and runs off. During lunch all Saya’s friends talk about how the bakery dude just disappeared and how weird it is since they live in a boring town of nothingness. Saya says nothing as she gets a clearer vision of bright lights and swords. Saya sees puppy-chan and runs off. The campus must be huge as her friends don’t see her for the rest of lunch. Saya ninjas up the tree after the dog who thinks he is a cat. She eventually falls but makes a spectacular ninja landing. Unfortunately Shinichiro doesn’t know Saya is a ninja and tries to catch her. After being smushed Saya insists on sharing her lunch with him which makes Shinichiro think he is special. Of course that is before Saya goes on and on about loving Fumito. Shinichiro tries to act all jealous but Saya doesn’t understand why he is all mad. She asks Fumito about it later but he smiles all creepy like and feeds her possible demon food.


Best rescue ever.

The bubble blood cryptic talk takes place, this time about hatred and finding an emotion just as strong. Saya patrols the town and finds three fishermen being attacked by three uglies. One fisherman dude gets eaten pretty fast and another gets injured. Saya arrives in time for the uninjured dude to help his friend out. Two of the uglies are being controlled by the bigger one and if Saya makes a critical hit the uglies make sure to take the time to eat the fallen pieces. The baddies are great at flying and shooting out acid type substances so it is not long before the uninjured dude is eaten in censored pieces. This leaves on guy left and Saya fights on. Between getting knocked unconscious and thrown around a lot the last dude is thrown down to the ground and presumed dead. The griffin like creature (head dude) talks about how Saya is not honoring the covenant and Saya should let them eat what they want. Saya gets all red eye and says bite me dude. Saya returns home but acts very confused on where she is. Her father comforts her as she passes out talking about the covenant. She is late to school the next day but her teacher promises it will be a good day. THE END!

So. I think this show is proof making the main character cute and bubble headed doesn’t make it an instant hit show. Apparently moe needs to be in a show with no plot at all, not in a show that has a premise of having a point.


I love the enemy YAY!!!

I think Card Captor Sakura or Kobato had more danger and scary moments than this hot mess of a show. I guess it is a good thing we didn’t talk about Blood-C at the Journey through the CLAMP Universe panel. Not that we could have since the panelist hasn’t finished TSUBASA but still. I don’t think even the most avid of CLAMP fans (IE me and the Chobits girl at the panel) could defend this…thisness.

I love how Saya was more upset that the monster thingy talked than the fact that the bakery dude died. Saya has very important priorities folks. If anyone was keeping track her rescue count is 0 in 4. Great job Ms. Protector.


Question your father first....

If Saya’s dad is so worried about her being injured I would like to see that injuredness. Is that spelled right? Injured I mean. Injuredness is fun. Instead we have Saya skipping down the road and looking like all is well in the world. She is eating dirt half the fight and getting her ass handed to her. Maybe a slight limp is in order?


My life...and the cake might be a lie?

The song of the day didn’t last that long because Saya was worried about her dad being worried about her. If this was me I would be thinking HMMM why do I have to do all this dangerous work and my father is chillin at home? But that is just me and my reasonable self. Saya’s daddy complex is getting on the weird side but I guess it is acceptable since he is probably not her father.


Poor ignored doggie. :(

Oh and the poor doggie got ignored in her little singing speech. But I guess it worked out because this is a magical dog that can climb trees and it got screen time that way.



I think everyone needs to have a moment of silence for Shinichiro’s lost manhood. Well his balls were almost destroyed but I am talking about any cool points he was trying to rack up in this episode. It was like he realized OH CRAP this is episode 4 and I have been so boring I have no fan base. Quick I will rescue the cute girl from the tree and show how awesome I am. Only not. Poor Shinichiro.


You should have stepped up a long time ago dude.

But yes Shinichiro. I guess he was told to make an appearance or something. Maybe next time they could not talk about such boring topics like tree climbing dogs. Of course the alternative is talking about Fumito and his lovely bento boxes. It was like the same conversation that happened with Itsuki only Itsuki felt slightly sorry for himself and the twins were there to make things light and fluffy. But yes. Saya and her fluff for brains response about loving Fumito has devastated poor Shinichiro. Maybe Shinichiro is just trying to get Saya away from the OBVIOUSLY evil Fumito but deep down he does like Saya too. I mean….hasn’t he made it completely obvious so far?

Photobucket You crushed his little heart into tiny pieces on the ground. But you said nothing wrong.

Speaking of obviously evil Fumito…like for real folks. I am confused the coffee is filled with brain killing toxins which is horrible since Saya only has like 3 left. And that candy like blood stuff is really a brain washing material that will come in handy later. And it sounds like Fumito hates Shinichiro. Because I can make all this up in my head and it will be true. But Shinichiro was kinda dumb for not knowing who (or pretending not to know) who Fumito is. Now that the bakery man is dead there is only one place in town to get food.

So onto the battles. Today’s victims are three random dudes fishing at night. I am sure there are lots of critters that are available only under the night sky in ankle deep water. So very sure. But maybe if someone had just gone missing the day before just maybe you and your new crew of special fisherman could take the night off.

But bring on the body count! And censoring I see. -___-. Come on folks. I know this is Card Captor Sakura part three but when the word BLOOD is actually in the title CAN I SEE IT PLEASE! Surely the station knew what they were getting into when the name CLAMP came up right? The people who like to cut off heads and have giant swords explode inside people? So seeing someone get nommed on is something fans want to see. SOMETHING THAT MIGHT SAVE THIS SERIES. Just not understanding the censoring. I guess it is okay to see the arms chopped off the baddies but not the humans?


Tried indeed.

But at least Saya tried to save some people this week? I am sure next week she will be singing a different happy song and not give two flips about these dead people but Mr. Blond was at least an attempt at a rescue. Of course…this rescue was rather lame as Saya was knocked out and in that time frame she and Blondie should have been eaten…but she tried folks. She tried.

The fight was slightly different than the last times. There were three monsters, two which were controlled by the bigger ugly. These monsters are great at covering up their crimes as they eat ANY body parts cut off in battle, even those of their comrades. But I guess the most important part of the episode was the bigger ugly talking. Sure the last one talked but that was a dying declaration of trying to get some plot in the episode.


Allow us to nom upon everyone! It's the rules!

But yes. Sir Ugly was all about the covenant and the blah blah. The blah blah being the Shrovetide. I think Mr. Ugly was more upset that Saya didn’t know about the covenant rather than the fact that Saya was slicing his people up. Obviously this covenant says that every 21 years his kind gets to nom on all the people they see for 21 days and Saya is a crackhead for interrupting this pact.


Activate red eyes now!

Then Saya turns on the red eyes and kicks ass. I think maybe the red eye situation should come a little earlier in the battle so maybe she won’t have so much melty skin and cuts? But I think it was cool we saw SOMEONE from the past in regards to the covenant and such. Oh and her vision of something is becoming clearer. And by clearer I mean mud like. Something involving her sword and someone getting cut.


Is my entire life a lie?!

The episode ends with Saya’s dad going OH CRAP because Saya is starting to ask questions about this covenant business. Sounds like someone’s daddy has not been honest about the family’s business. But that is okay. Fumito and his creepy speeches are still creepy and Ms. Homeroom teacher insisting it was going to be a good day are more than enough to forget that daddy dearest is hiding a great deal.


OH SNAP! What could this be?!

So….are things going to get better in the future? Are we going to get uncensored versions of this hot mess? We have to wait another week for those answers. For now…on to catching up on more anime!!!


Eternia said...

We all have high expectation of this anime (because of CLAMP's big name), but we ended up disappointed.
-3 minutes for OP and ED songs
-4 minutes for bloody battles
-17 minutes for plain, boring school life and stupid father-daughter moments
My expression is totally blank from watching this anime. No smile, no laughter, no agitation, no heart thumping. NONE.

Anonymous said...

@Eternia, agree! Think I'm dropping this one, picking up the live action Ouran High School Host Club Drama. Yep, that's what kind of season it is X(

Christina said...

Eternia- I think the best part of the show is the opening song. I can't wait until the full version is released.

But other than that yes we got our hopes up because CLAMP plastered their name on something. Of course given how confusing and utterly UNFOLLOWABLE Gate 7 is sometimes less is more. But with all the singing, taking forever to get a point across, and the general waste of time a lot is being wasted. It looks like episode 6 will start kicking it with the high body count but at this point I think many people are very disappointed with the extremely slow pace and the overly happy Saya.

Anonymous- Episode 6 MIGHT make the series better. Might. Or maybe Saya's little twin friend will get eaten and she will still prance to school singing songs. Who knows.