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Yuri Yuri episode 5

I am feeling about 70 percent normal now! Woohoo for better medicine that doesn’t make me feel like I am flying on a cloud to crazy land. Feeling sick is never fun. Hopefully I am well enough for work tonight and maybe I can make up missing my friend’s birthday. I know it isn’t my fault but I still feel bad. XO But I shall be well enough to see the train wreck that is Final Destination 5 THE FINAL FINAL Destination.

The entire second paragraph got erased because I was complaining about work. Just let it be known that I haven’t been there in like three weeks and I am still getting talked about. Beyond frustrated with my situation.


Is she suffering from lack of AC too?!

Trying to put a smile on my face I watched the nonsense that is Yuri Yuri episode 5. Spoilers for comics and someone reaching a new level of crazy!


Just two little magical girls selling comics. No blood or heads being bitten off here.

Episode Summary: Ayano thinks she is waiting to go on a date with Kyoko. She wakes up at the crack of dawn only to see Chitose and Yui in tow. She continues to go WHAT as they travel across Japan finally ending up in Tokyo. Specifically the huge convention center that houses Comiket. Yui finally explains that Kyoko is here to sell her doujinshi and that they are all unpaid slaves for the day. Ayano is like RARW but it is Kyoko who must pay the price as she only has three tickets and there are four of them. Ayano takes the time to actually read the doujinshi and gets a little sad that she didn’t know more of Kyoko’s likes. Kyoko finally makes it through the main line and is so pleased to learn she has sold 10 whole comics!! Kyoko also surprised the girls by revealing she brought costumes for them to wear. Ayano is less than thrilled with hers. Yui and Chitose walk around in their costumes and Chitose finds out that some of the comics contain yuri. She enters a happy nosebleed land imagining the characters are Ayano and Kyoko. Ayano seems to almost have a moment when she sees how happy Kyoko is selling her comics. But when Kyoko forces them all to carry her purchases at Comiket she is less than thrilled.


Little sister is TOO CUTE for words!

Elsewhere in BORING LAND Himawari and Sakurako are studying. When Himawari won’t cough up the answers to the homework Sakurako tries to torture Himawari’s little sister. But the little sister is too cute for her own good and is set free. They talk slightly about why Sakurako even joined the student council. Then the talk turns into Akari being a really cool person. This morphs into Akari being a super hero battling Chinatsu for a place in magical girl universe. Or this anime it is hard to tell. After that boring adventure it switches to Chinatsu being obsessed with Yui. She enlists Akari’s help into finding out everything about Yui. Chinatsu becomes almost comatose when Akari answers honestly that Yui is closest with Kyoko. Akari slowly realizes that Chinatsu more than LIKES Yui. Chinatsu then realizes she might be too nervous to kiss Yui and wants to practice on Akari. Akari protests and a chase ensues. Eventually Chinatsu catches up and BAM kissing takes place. But right as that happens Yui and Kyoko (who were ringing the doorbell and being annoying) walk in and go @_@. Then run away to give the girls privacy. Chinatsu is all NOOOOO and Akari cries that her first kiss has been stolen. THE END!

Who is crazier Chinatsu or Chitose….HMM indeed.


Oh? Is that where we are? I thought we were in CrazyLand!

I do enjoy any shows that show anime within themselves. XD It is just fun to me for some reason. So even if this episode sucked that would be a positive for me. I just wish we saw more of the girls at Comiket. :( All that other stuff should have been for next time. More focus on the comics.


This is the look of a confused and uninformed slave.

That being said I am not sure why Kyoko has any friends. XD Or a love interest. She is not a very considerate person. But maybe since she is rich she has friends? I mean she did pay for all their travel expenses right? It can get expensive once you have to travel INTO Tokyo. I know it was about 3000 yen to get us from Shinjuku to the airport IN Tokyo. So I don’t even want to know how much that all cost.


Aw someone got their hopes up about a sexy date. AWWW!

But back to the point. X__X Poor Ayano. She thought she and Kyoko were going to do something alone and it ends up she is brought along with the other girls to be slave labor. All her hopes and dreams down the tube. Do you hear that noise? DOWN THE TUBE!


This is Kyoko excited over selling 10 comics. Be excited for her!

But putting aside the fact that Kyoko wasn’t that honest with her intentions she is pretty amazing. As amazing as I can give a 13 year old credit. Of course I don’t really know how hard it is to get doujinshi published in Japan but I shall congratulate her anyway. She isn’t just some kid drawing away in class (although maybe next time she could actually take her exams) she is actually trying to do something with her…gift. XD Plus she is a great seamstress yes?


Lies you know you will help again!

Hopefully she actually sold a lot of her comics as expenses for those things can add up. Oh and the fact she probably spent all the profits buying more doujinshi. But I guess she saved on labor as she didn’t pay her slaves. Does she know my boss or something?


Maybe Chitose found it hard to have nose bleeds in that suit.

Chitose must be recovering from her nosebleeds last episode. That or she didn’t want to get blood all over the comics. But her random taking off of glasses and imagining crazy things were fewer and far between despite the fact Ayano was wearing a sexier outfit. But Chitose looked pretty cute in her sidekick outfit.

Yui didn’t get a lot of screen time this week did she? But her outfit was super cute and she is a good sport when Kyoko is acting all crazy. Yay for being reliable.


Sakurako and Himawari who?

Again Sakurako and Himawari fail to impress me. I rather have seen more of Comiket than them bickering. Were they friends before the student council issue? Because if not I am not sure why they bother trying. I mean there is something about them…an attraction if you would. But Ayano is cute in how she protests and Kyoko isn’t mean. Sakurako and Himawari are. Plus what is interesting about studying?


So magically invisible!!!

But we did get to see a special episode of Magical Girl Akari. I guess that is going to be the long running gag, that the main character doesn’t get any screen time or love. And her attacks suck and her magical girl costume looks like her school uniform. So even as a super hero Akari has it bad. XD Chinatsu was a cute little villain in her own right. So that was what I liked best about Sakurako and Himawari, the part where it wasn’t about them.

Given how hard the girls didn’t work at Comiket I think the younger one should have been invited. Thus making the episode all about that instead. XD



Oh and Chinatsu is a freak. I am really happy that Akari wasn’t totally in lala bubble land and realized that OH you like Yui that way. Then she feared for her life. AS SHE SHOULD! Run Akari run! Run for the crazy person who wants you to fill out questionnaires and practice kissing.


XO Did that kiss mean nothing to you?!

Although….I thought maybe after the kiss Chinatsu would like Akari instead. Nope. She is mourning the fact that Yui saw her cheating on her…..sorta and Akari is crying about something. Probably about not being the main character or something.

Up next I am going to get something lovely and cold to drink. Because it was a million degrees in the store today. AC my butt. Thanks for reading.

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