Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tenchi verses DayQuil!

So. The Con Flu. Kicking my butt. And from the looks of it a lot of other people's butt who went to Otakon. I mean I don't want anyone to be sick but it is reassuring to know I am not being a huge baby about this whole illness. Seems we all caught something nasty and gross and whatever it is lingers for a while.

Now I have been taking Nyquil right before I go to bed to help battle what I hope is just an awful cold and not the flu. Now Nyquil does a great job of helping me pass out which I expect. But the ten minutes between the consumption and passing out are weird. My limbs start feeling cold and like I have no control of them and it is like I am on a fluffly cloud. A bit trippy.


Unless honey tastes like garbage soaked in greasy 56 day old pizza...

Well since this cold won't DIE I decide to get some nasty tasting DayQuil. Nasty it is indeed folks but I want to feel better so consume I did.



SUCH LIES FOLKS! I took DayQuil and 10 minutes later the ceiling was moving and concentrating was hard. It took like three hours to post that No. 6 post because I couldn't concentrate at all. It was all like oh yeah was I doing something? Then apparently I started mumbling to myself and went to bed for three hours.

THREE HOURS. Non drowsy indeed. Maybe people feel better after taking these medicines because of all the sleep they inevitable get. But yeah. Do not take this medicine if you actually have to go to work or be somewhere or...want to watch TV. Because all you can do after you take this puke medicine is sit there like a zombie on the couch wishing the roller coaster that is your living room would stop.

In conclusion I have the Con Flu. And I do not approve of DayQuil. DayQuil is not helping the blogging process. Also medicine should taste like ice cream. Or at least not like crap.


Eternia said...

Lol, what a great cold medicine you have there. :-)
-Tastes like crap
-Gives you drowsiness
-Inability to concentrate
-Passed out
My cold medicine has a lot of flavor selection : mint, blueberry, lemon, and strawberry.
And I can still watch anime.

Anonymous said...

I had to take DayQuil at the last con I went to. But it was in pill form. I don't know if it worked or not, but I wasn't sleepy. :) Hang in there, hon!

Christina said...

Eternia- It was like I was tripping the entire time. Not that I have ever done drugs but I would like to think that is how productive I was the entire time after taking said gross medicine.

I think if we can put people on the moon and create the internets surely medicine can taste like ice cream!

Anonymous- I am feeling much better but dude that was the longest con flu ever. A lot of people seemed to have gotten sick. Next time I am turning into a crazy person, having a purse full of vitamin C, hand sanitizer, water, and possibly a plastic bubble to wrap myself around in.