Thursday, August 4, 2011

No. 6 episode 4

My poor empty wallet. So little work has gotten done this summer. It is a good thing I save all year long so when things like this happen (AKA Con Flu of doom) I am not totally screwed. Just bored out of my mind from being sick and all. It is possible to get too much sleep. I think I am sleepy from sleeping too much.


That is how I feel WEEEE

So despite spending all day at home little to no blogging is getting done. Lots of kitty hugs though. My sad little treasures from Otakon are sitting all over the house waiting to find their proper space. That must wait until I can manage myself up a ladder. Ladders are hard enough when one is well. XD

Anyway it is time for No. 6. Spoilers for lots of people wanting to get it on!


XO Lay off the lady in pain dude!!!!

Episode Summary: The reporter dude Yoming is trying to comfort Sion’s mom as she cries over Sion. But soon a little rat gives momma a note about Sion being okay. Sion and Nezumi travel through the slums to visit a newspaper man (well former newspaper man). Sion is semi seduced by a prostitute but he is more interested in the dead body on the ground. Nezumi solves the problem by kissing said prostitute. Sion has to be explained what a prostitute is apparently. Nezumi gets angry when Sion is upset over the dead body. Nezumi has a grand speech about how Sion needs to only think of himself in this harsh new world. Nezumi demonstrates that by protecting Sion from the pimps of the prostitute earlier. Go Nezumi. They make it to the former newspaper dudes office. Sion’s mother sends them there as this guy Rikiga used to be her friend. Rikiga recognizes Nezumi as an actor and Nezumi realizes that Rikiga must do some not nice things to have such a nice life. Rikiga admits to pimping out girls to No. 6 and HEY maybe Nezumi could become a prostitute too? Nezumi is like um no dude and batters with Rikiga. Sion loses his mind and proceeds to try and kill Rikiga for the nasty things he is saying. Nezumi pulls Sion off and Sion cries because obviously Nezumi doesn’t care about himself. Both boys leave while Rikiga is like but I will protect you Sion!!!


I'll make you some tea honey. Let's go now.

While leaving the pervert Nezumi sees a picture of some…people. He goes and visits a crater because it makes sense? Sion questions where Nezumi was at and Nezumi gets pissed that Sion wants to know about him. The next day Sion goes to work for DogWatcher by washing her dogs. He freaks her out by saying all people are alike and should be treated with dignity and respect. She talks about how Nezumi can be nice and sing her songs into a calming death when it is time. She opens up about her past, being raised by a dog herself. Nezumi comes by and calls DogWatcher’s “mom” some not so nice things. Nezumi gets a little pissed that Sion named his rats and walks away. DogWatcher is like HMM. Later DogWatcher surrounds Nezumi. She taunts him about changing since Sion has come on the scene. Then she tells her dogs to eat him. After a brief battle and more taunting Sion shows up and Nezumi lets DogWatcher go. Sion (unaware of what just happened) talks about how he still feels ties to No.6 and apologizes to Nezumi for that. Nezumi just walks away. The episode ends with Sion’s mother receiving another note from Sion and crying tears o happiness. THE END!

Well that didn’t go exactly the way I was expecting it to. I know I shouldn’t expect…anything but when Nezumi said he was going to tell Sion the truth I actually thought Nezumi was going to tell him the truth…NOW. Silly silly me.

But I am silly about the whole outside world. I guess I was under the impression the people on the outside were few and far between. Mainly because I saw the condition of the outside world in episode 2 and assumed things. But that was a crazy thought on my part. Of course a city like No. 6 would keep out undesirable and more people would find out the truth. And since we don’t know how No.6 came into being we really don’t know if people were excluded from the start, like they didn’t to pledge their allegiance to a few corrupt people in poor. So the outside was different than I thought it was going to be.

Also I saw some sites saying Shion but now that most of the major ones are saying Sion I will go with that. Because it has less letters. XD And I hate spelling.


So much anger!!!

But me assuming that Nezumi was going to explain stuff is not my fault. He said he was going to tell Sion. And wouldn’t he want to tell Sion NOW so they can both make a decision on how to proceed in the future instead of letting it hang over their heads? Sion seems pretty fluffy in the head but is opened to the truth. So why was it denied to him and me?


Sad seeing Japan like this.

The outside world isn’t as rough as I thought it was going to be. Don’t get me wrong it is full of crazy people. It is dirty and sad. It is full of crime and jaded individuals. But I guess it could be worse. There is a food source. There were bullets in that vender’s gun. There are buildings still standing. So life on the outside is not full of cute robots and awesome schools but people can survive if they have the will.


So much for watching out for yourself...

The outside world also has a lot of prostitution going on. Poor Nezumi is too sexy for his own good. Although I think those thugs were charging too much for one kiss. Good thing Nezumi has a hot butt and can beat up random people who obviously don’t have any friends.


Oh no big deal. People on SVU find MOG dead bodies all time. Nothing to see here.

Oh but I think the whole dead lady in the alley and no one caring was a bit much. I think I could handle people ignoring the dead body but to talk about ignoring the dead body was too much for me. I don’t think that makes much sense. I guess when Sion was like MOG DEAD body and people dismissed him with oh a team is coming was slightly too jaded for me.

I am not going to judge Sion’s mom too harshly for sending her son to Rikiga. She knew him such a long time ago (hopefully anyway) and there was no way to know he was a sleezy pimp now. So I will give a stressed out mother a break.


And you are gross dear sir.

Rikiga does not get a break. He did give us a tiny bit of information about Nezumi (an actor?!) but other than that he is scum. He flat out asks Nezmui to sell his body and doesn’t think twice about it. He implies that Nezumi is just as bad as him but I haven’t seen anything that would make say oh Nezumi is a bad person. What I hate the most about Rikiga is that he is pimping out girls to No. 6. I guess it would be different (slightly) if they were being pimped out to other poor people but No.6 is already taking advantage of those on the outside. Rikiga is just as bad as No. 6 for exploiting his own people and profiting off their misery.



The fact that Sion got so angry got my yaoi girl senses tingling. Logically I know that Sion would have spoken up against speaking so grossly about his friend but I would like to think the idea of Nezumi getting it on with anyone else for money made Sion angry. I think it scared Nezumi to see Sion so upset. Maybe he realizes that Sion is capable of showing such a side and that he too feels a special connection. Either way everyone was all X___X

There was a very important scene (I’m sure) with Nezumi seeing an old photograph. I am assuming it is some of the founders of No. 6? I am not sure as I thought No. 6 had been around a lot longer. But since Nezumi hasn’t explained anything yet who knows. WHO KNOWS!


Very calm and reasonable lady!

The scene with DogWatcher and Sion I felt was very important. Yes Sion is not edgy enough to live in the real world but people still feel a bit of connection with him. Her opening up about her past is something she has not done in a while and it probably felt good she could express herself without feeling judged. Gotta be tough in this new world. I thought she was going to smack Sion for saying they were just like citizens in No. 6 but I guess she took it in a more positive way.



However I am not sure why DogWatcher decided to attack Nezumi. Sure Nezumi seems….off his game now that Sion is in town. But how does that benefit DogWatcher? What does Nezumi have that she wants? Or was she really that pissed over the comments about her mom? I guess we have to go with that since nothing else makes sense. Unless she is really in love with Nezumi and is jealous he has emotions all over Sion?


Give me the truth dude! Plus I love you?

I hope that Nezumi tells Sion the truth about No. 6 soon. I don’t like him holding that over Sion’s head, that they might be enemies or something. I think Sion is a bit special but understands that his intentions are naïve and stupid. Despite how tough the outside world is he wants to be there with Nezumi so Nezumi needs to accept the fact he needs (wants) Sion too. This tough act doesn’t work when we know the truth.


But I want your sperm!!!

Next week it looks like Safu still has some relevance in this anime. It makes me wonder how people can study abroad. Surely when they are in the air they will see the other parts of the world, the “slums” the outsiders live in. Of course the cover up could run that deep….Anyway until next time.


Marona said...

I'm really enjoying this anime. You should really watch the next episode. I liked how Safu was depicted alongside some of her friends and classmates in No. 5 (where she's studying). I don't understand how anyone could hate her character. She's pretty cool and I like her clinical approach to sex. Haha. But yeah, you could like see the next episode today. I watch No. 6 on Gogoanime.

This episode, yeah . . . Rikiga surprised me. He'll likely surprise you in the following episode, too. Maybe for more humorous reasons, haha.

I'm confused over whether this anime fits into BL, shounen-ai or yaoi category. Not that it matters, but based on the interaction between Sion and Nezumi/Eve, I have a hard time believing that they're simply meant to be friends. I mean, it's possible that men can express friendship with different kinds of physical intimacy. But yeah, I get excited during many of their interactions and hope for something more. So, fingers crossed.

I'm hoping Safu gets in on some of this potential action, too. Whether she has a deeper relationship with Sion or another guy. Or even a woman. That would be interesting.

I'm starting to read the novel online. Someone is translating it if you're interested:

DogWatcher, I don't know why she fought with Nezumi. Could be because of what he said about her mama. Could also have been a playful show of power in their relationship. Nezumi is somewhat hindered by Sion's presence.

Hope you feel betta Tenchi.

Anonymous said...


Original Novel:

It's funny how each iteration gets less gay.

Scene 1:

Novel: Shion runs his hands up Nezumi's back while Nezumi lays on top of him and feels that his skin is hot. They fall asleep in each other's arms.

Manga: Shion touches Nezumi's arm and feels that he's burning up. Nezumi clings to him and falls asleep on top of him.

Anime: Shion holds Nezumi's hand... -_-

Scene 2:

Novel: Shion strips himself naked and sees the snake coiling up his body and collapses to the floor. Nezumi walks in and asks if he's really that into looking at himself naked. He runs his fingers all the way up the snake trail (from Shion's groin) and tells Shion that his new hair is pretty and his scar is sexy.

Manga: Shion strips imself naked, collapses, and Nezumi makes the same comment about getting off to his naked image, touches the snake trail once, and says it's rather charming.

Anima: Shion is wearing his underpants. Nezumi never touches him or teases him.

Anonymous said...

@Marona I think at this point the anime is intentionally implicit shounen-ai.

Some American fans are saying it's unintentional, but really, it's a whole genre in Japan so there's no way that the creators didn't do this intentionally or that the audience wouldn't be pretty aware of it.

Because of the animation style, I keep being reminded of Togainu no Chi and how much of a fail that was. Sion's already gotten more action than any of those guys did, combined, the entire series.

Those manga/novel/anime comparisons are funny.

Marona said...

@ Anon 2?:

I see. Thanks for confirming. I personally didn't want to jump the gun, but as I said it doesn't matter to me. More than anything commentary from other people who are all like "this isn't gay/homosexual" or whatever gets on my nerves. They completely disregard the context.

The portrayal comparison from the first Anon has really encouraged me to catch up on the novel translation. I tried reading the manga but I didn't like the art style. So I'm good with just the novel and the anime.

Christina said...

Late comments are late. XD But yes I need to bite the bullet and catch up on all these episodes! Of course the novel is sounding way more sexy....But mangas have pretty pictures.

Marona- I would consider them more than friends with obvious sexual tension between the two. But Sion is pretty slow and can only say he wants to live with Nezumi. Obviously he will learn what he feels is love but not until later. And Nezumi is just in denial because he want to look like the tough guy with no emotions.

But some people don't want to be use the word yaoi as sometimes it comes across negative with wishy washy boys who look like Bravo sidekicks. But even though I am a crazy yaoi fangirl I do like this type of show too, where the build up is natural and everyone (well mostly everyone) can agree they belong together and look past when gender they are.

Sometimes my yaoi fangirl gets the better of me and I end up hating the girl that might come between the two men. But Safu was pretty honest with her feelings which is always positive. XD

XD And I am finally starting to feel better. Never again the DayQuil times.

Christina said...

Anonymous 1- I hate how each version gets if you will. It seems to me when it comes to certain things (AKA BOOBIES) there is never any holding out. It is okay to show the youths of the world women getting molested and popping out of shirts. But OH NO if two menz are touching each other the world will end.

I am sure it has to do with censoring issues and that the creators wanted their show on the air thus they put up with limitations. I am sure the creators are not happy with the watering down of their material as now people are even questioning if the two boys are having FEELINGS!

But yes that is super sad the differences.

Christina said...

Anonymous 2- UGH! That show has been mentioned. But I think it is funny you mention that show after Anonymous 1 talks about the watering down process. Togainu no Chi was the most watered down yaoi show ever. Both in violence and in....well the sexual situations that was Akira.

Go Sion! XD We are already to the hand holding and I need you to live phase. But the Nezumi sleeping on top of you sounded like more fun....