Friday, August 12, 2011

No. 6 episode 6

I has the lazies. Or the melties. I am not sure how my boss thinks we can accomplish anything when the inside of the store is hotter than the outside but yeah. Melty. All the energy has been sucked out of me. Woe is the housework.

Thankfully watching anime is a pretty energyless activity. XD You just got to be sure you have the attention span to blog about it later. Oh and that your eyes aren’t too tired to read the subtitles.


Bad boys bad boys!!!

Today on this melty day is No. 6 episode 6. Spoilers for Nezumi and THE TRUTH?


Didn't we already do this scene?

Episode Summary: Safu returns home to bury her grandmother. She slowly starts to see the differences between No. 6 and No. 5. She is taken to see dead grandmother and questions of the woman was ever happy. When given grandma’s personal affects the other half of the sewing needle set is not among them nor do the clothes smell like grandmother. Upset Safu tries to call Sion but haha he has been labeled a murderer. Seeking answers Safu goes to Sion’s mother. She eventually…implies where Sion is and Safu is not pleased with this. She declares her love for Sion and that she is going to find him. Mom is like noooo but is happy that someone else loves her son. But before Safu can make it down the street the Ministry of Hate captures her. Elsewhere Sion thinks something is going on but ignores that feeling. He attends the funeral for DogWatcher’s “Uncle” where he is the only one who cares. Afterwards the boys return home and the conversation turns to Sion being worried about the killer bees. Nezumi gets pissed that Sion still wants to help and he is asking Rikiga for that help. After a little rough behavior that doesn’t scare Sion Nezumi gets really pissed. Sion questions all the hatred for No. 6 but Nezumi only gives impersonal reasons and walks away. Sion chases after him and keeps up the questioning. Nezumi refuses to answer but only says they will become enemies if Sion wants to help No. 6. Sion is desperate to keep that from happening and suggest breaking down the No. 6 wall. Nezumi laughs and walks away with Sion saying he will never leave Nezumi. Nezumi looks around the empty room and realizes that he does need Sion in his life. THE END!


I am sensing that Nezumi is not ready to answer some questions....

Dear Nezumi. I would like to know why you hate N0 6. Sion has asked you. I have asked you. The other viewers have asked you. WHY DO YOU HATE No. 6!? We are halfway through this show and we don’t know what your true reasons are!

And hopefully it is something more than the elitist type city that No. 6 is. Because then everyone on the outside would be out to bring No. 6. I am sure there is some resentment inside everyone but I am sure that some people want to be in that city. Or just to live the best life they can live. Or maybe they enjoy being on the outside. Whatever the case maybe Nezumi has a more personal reason for hating No. 6.


Sion either needs the truth or a kiss. Pick one!

Now granted I know it has to do with something with the marks on his back. But the lead up to knowing the exact reason is becoming huge so I hope it isn’t some typical I was used as a lab rat (HAHAHA) type reasoning. Maybe his family learned the truth about No. 6 and they were dispatched quite quickly?


This seems rather familiar.....

In any event I don’t know how Sion can live with the constant back and forth nature of Nezumi’s mood changes. Some real anger issues going on there. One minute he is playing around with Sion and the next he is threatening to become his enemy and such. Now we all know that Sion is in LOVE with Nezumi (as per the manga and story XD) so maybe he is seeing this throw rose colored glasses. But I think he needs to do a little more pressuring in finding out the truth. Yes that will piss Nezumi out but at least Sion will know. Plus living in constant fear about the next blow up can’t be fun.

Besides Sion is always going to want to save his mom. Maybe if he better understood Nezumi’s point of view he could at least keep his mouth closed. I doubt Sion will ever stop trying to save the city even if most people aren’t worth it. But the truth folks. I want to know it.

For the record while I think Nezumi is pissed at Sion’s constant I need to save everyone from the killer bees I don’t think that is why he knocked Sion on his butt. No no I think it was because of whose help Sion was seeking. Now we know Sion can’t ask Nezumi but asking Rikiga was probably the worse decision ever even if it was a reasonable one. In Nezumi’s head Rikiga only deals with…THOSE type of people. I am sure Nezumi thought that Sion asking Rikiga for favors included the removal of clothing and only Nezumi is allowed to see that. Long paragraph short I think Nezumi was pissed that Sion did something naughty to get the materials he needs for the serum.

Sion is a very innocent child. Perhaps he though oh hi I will be united all the peoples of Japan and this is a good thing. And in a perfect world maybe it would be. Of course the crazy officials in power will never see it that way but if all the citizens of No. 6 were to band together they could help out their people on the outside. Tear the wall down and make people equal.


Sion wants to make my dreams come true? I LOVE HIM!
But I think that Nezumi’s view of the world is a more accurate one. The people in No. 6 have been doing without for quite a while. And the people in No.6 fear the outside and are used to having things done for them and being protected. Tear that wall down and it would be chaos. So while Sion thought that would be a good answer for both of them Nezumi probably saw it as another point in his corner.


:( A sad moment indeed. If Nezumi didn't want to take it seriously he should have stayed home.

Burying a pet is never a matter to treat lightly. I kinda hate Nezumi for treating it as such. If DogWatcher sees the dog as more of an Uncle than a pet…well that makes her special. But it still doesn’t change the fact that she lost someone very important and SOME PEOPLE were not giving the scene the respect it deserves. Or maybe Nezumi is jealous over all the time spent with DogWatcher and not him. Also I am thinking DogWatcher had tried to be Nezumi’s friend (love buddy?) at one time but that didn’t end so well and while she is jealous of Sion she can see why Nezumi is attracted to him.


Our ID bracelets are weird? I HAD NO IDEA!

So now we are at the beginning of the show! XD Because this entire post is backwards for some reason. Safu returns home to bury her grandmother. Here we learn several very important facts. One: Safu can summon Captain Planet because the wind follows her. B: No. 6 is not like the other cities. There were no ID bracelets in the land of No. 5. Things were free there and people could actually know stuff about stuff. People could look at paintings and OWN them. Shocking. Even after the short time away Safu knows her city is different the way she sees the park and the citizens. No. 5 felt like a real city while No. 6 is an imitation trying to confuse the masses.

This leads me to an important question. Why would No. 6 allow anyone to leave? I can see that the other cities would FORCE them to do so as to keep humanity’s spirit alive and what not. But why would No. 6 agree to that? They certainly want no outside influences or remembrances of the past. So why allow Safu to experience this all if nothing should come from it? It sounds like no one wants to visit No. 6 and I can’t blame them. Could the city get any creepier?


Grandma is probably holding that needle in a jail cell or something.


Why do we only see grandma's face?

The final nail in the creepy coffin is the fact that grandma got stripped of almost all her belongings. Really? She had no clothes? That sewing needle was super duper important? I get that they are trying to hide things and keep them all secret like but to keep up the lie they need to make things believable. Big mistake they made there. I am not sure about the whole not smelling like grandma thing. Only maybe that grandma is still alive and that is a false item or something.


Well you have been busy lately...I will forgive you.

I thought the scene with Safu and Sion’s mom was well done. Sion’s mom didn’t fall apart and Safu was a little vulnerable. Safu confessed her love and Sion’s mom proved to be a real mom by trying to protect her second “not really child” even though said not real child could have helped her real child. What mom wouldn’t want her kid back at no cost? But Sion’s mom tried protecting Safu despite the fact that Safu is going to be all dangerous anyway.


I want your son's sperm. Give me your blessing.

So yes I liked the Safu scenes this week. Sion’s mom is wonderful. She isn’t crying all over the place but she still has sadness in her heart. And the city is a bunch of creepiers. They must be listening in on everyone’s conversations. So why hasn’t Sion’s momma been arrested?


What do you mean I am attached?!

I really liked how the episode ended. I am sure Nezumi thought Sion would come back inside the room. Instead Sion shows a bit of defiance and walks away. Nezumi tries to entertain himself but without Sion the room is empty. Despite saying he will be Sion’s enemy the boy has worked his way into Nezumi’s life and traces of him are all over the room. So even though next week there are some angry words being said Nezumi really can’t be mad for long.


Am I sensing some jealous?

Oh and I am not buying what Nezumi isn’t giving out the Safu information because he is afraid Sion will run to No. 6. I smell some jealously. Probably because Safu is all honest with her feelings. VERY HONEST!


Marona said...

One thing I just realized: DogWatcher is a man (unless the subs I read had a typo or misunderstanding).

Sion said: "What's wrong with DogWatcher? Why is HE so angry?" (As DogWatcher chases after Nezumi during the burying of DW's uncle.)

You're not the only one who didn't know he was a man until now. I mean, DogWatcher looks so much like a woman. The deep voice could have just been a defense against the dangers of the outside world. @_@ It was quite a revelation for me.

I'm starting to get tired of Nezumi dodging the "why" question. I really want to know!! It wouldn't surprise me if he was a lab rat, I mean his name is Nezumi after all. But that would be a rather hackneyed approach to answering the mystery behind No. 6. If he is a lab rat I think there will be a rather detailed explanation for it.

This is like the second or third time the boys have been so close that they could kiss. And if you've seen the preview for the next episode it looks like they might actually kiss. >_<

The circumstances of Granny's death seem mysterious to me. Somehow I feel like she was killed simply so Safu would return to the city with a new outlook on No. 6. That would then lead her to find Sion's mom where she would become aware of Sion's whereabouts. And then the Ministry of Hate would abduct her . . . or something.

If they could hear the conversation, I'd imagine Sion's mom won't be safe for long. Perhaps they know she wouldn't divulge any information even at the risk of her own life. So locating Sion required another variable: Safu.

Safu is one of my favorite characters right now. I feel like in some BL and yaoi women get such a bad rap. But this anime does them nicely in my opinion. I mean, the people are interesting and human.

You know, when granny was reported dead I thought they offed her a la The Giver.

One of my theories is that the bees we're seeing are just an experiment. I mean, if you needed test subjects you would look no further than the unassuming denizens of No. 6. I think that the bees will be used as a weapon to perhaps further colonize land on the outside. Or they could be testing something which would be used on other No. locations.

Also, Safu seemed to notice that the field she was in was also an imitation. I'm guessing the flowers didn't give off a scent either, or they smelled off. So the fact that things didn't smell right was pretty significant.

I too think that Nezumi was partly jealous or felt threatened by Safu's presence. Naturally I doubt he would tell Sion anything but he could end up spilling the beans.

Anonymous said...

"This is like the second or third time the boys have been so close that they could kiss. And if you've seen the preview for the next episode it looks like they might actually kiss. >_< "

Oh honey, I hope that sad face is because they've been getting close but have yet to seal the deal... because otherwise you might be in for a couple rude surprises XD

What's funny is the guy translating the novel wrote a screed bashing fangirls for seeing a homoromance in the story. A lot of stuff Shion and Nezumi do is vague but some stuff is not at all heterosexual.

I think the translator is in some deep denial, especially if he's finished the series and read the author's comments on Shion's behavior. At this point I'm half expecting the translator to be like, "they may be cupping each other's balls but but that's no reason to assume either of them is bicurious."

(btw that doesn't happen in the novel, that we know of)

Christina said...

Marona- X_x Is she a dude? Maybe it was a typo. Because if she is a dude then that would totally shock me. But either way I can totally see Dogwatcher falling in love with Sion's innocent/refreshing outlook on life and how he treats her/he like a person.

There is only so many times the question can be presented to us before we get bored with the situation. Nezumi is always getting so angry at Sion but won't explain why. The build up is becoming so great whatever answer we get probably won't satisfy us.

I think the writers are trying to make sure the show reaches a large audience and since most anime watches in Japan are males they don't want to alienate such a huge audience by showing actual yaoi/ boy affection that is done naturally and not full of flowers. Don't know WHY that is as many girl anime watchers have to put up stupid panty shots, huge deforming breasts, ect. in most anime shows.

Granny's death is totally suspect. And maybe the flowers don't smell like anything because of the bee experiment gone wrong. XD They want the bees to leave the city afterwards so we can't be having nice real flowers?

I have been guilty of hating girls in BL mangas/shows. But I think Safu might be accepting of Sion's choice if he did pick Nezumi. She wouldn't be personally happy but I don't see her throwing in the middle and trying to cause problems for the couple. And really she has known Sion the longest and Sion didn't exactly turn her down with the offer of sperm donation. Add that all in with the fact she HAS been given a personality rather than just a female character trying to separate the MENZ and Safu is an example of how to create a female love interest in a BL manga/anime.

Christina said...

Anonymous- That does sound like some deep denial. I mean I do see the world in yaoi colored glasses but sometimes things are pretty obvious. It makes me sad as a translator should be non biased and translate what is going on. But if he is bashing fangirls for reading the obvious maybe this is not the series for him.

Marona said...

@ Christina:

Actually, looking at some pics of Inukashi again, I think she has typical wider female hips. So I guess she is female. It must have just been a typo. Sorry for the alarm. ^^;;

Unless something comes up later in the series we can go back to thinking of her as female.

Christina said...

Marona- HAHA episode 7 is up and blogged. Referred to DogWatcher as a dude. Since this an anime show we are talking about things like hair and lack of chest mean nothing. And things like how someone refers to themselves as goes out the window with tomboys and what not.

Me and my yaoi colored glasses rather DogWatcher be a dude anyway. Would make more sense why there is some hatred with the boys as we know girls are all nice and fluffy and work together ALWAYS. Right Madoka? XD