Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kamisama Dolls episode 3

I love ice cream. Like….if I could only eat ice cream all day long I would be a happy person. I am confused on how we can send people to the moon and make tiny machines that allow humans to communicate across the world but we can’t make veggies taste like ice cream. Like should that have been scientist first goal in life? Eating veggies would help cure a lot of the world’s problems. Big mistake scientists.

Writing blog posts after drinking Code Red and eating ice cream is an excellent idea. Perhaps I should just consume this items all the time so I can be in a happy mood.

Also why did my car insurance raise my rate by 50 dollars? Losers. LOSERS!


Kyouhei is a people person, I sense this.

Oh yes anime. Anime anime anime. Soon I will be up to my eyeballs in anime. GO ME! But for now it is Kamisama Dolls episode 3. Spoilers for arms flying everything!


The Summer Anime Season is not a good season for arms...

Episode Summary: Two men are transporting Aki back to the village gossiping about how easy it was to capture Aki (though they didn’t capture him at all….). They start talking about some family feud between the Kugas and the Hyugas but they don’t get too far in the conversation as Aki squishes them and the car. Elsewhere Utao is being cute and adorable serving food at the café and failing while doing so. The fun takes a back seat when Shiba arrives home with her friend. Said friend acts like a jerk for no reason and calls the 10 year old a fattie. Awesome times are had by all. After 7 minutes of cake talk the friend harasses Kyouhei (who came home with cake) about sleeping at (with) Shiba. Shiba promises to take Utao out to practice her god doll training. Shiba decides the best place to do so is in front of a group of people. A flying car is involved and Shiba takes Utao away before they are arrested. They wait for Kyouhei but they might be waiting for a while. Aki and his smelly self have found Kyouhei and he demands a sammich. Kyouhei repeats about 230982 times for Aki to go home. But Aki wasn’t very fond of jail, especially when he thinks Kyouhei should share some of the blame.


Best baby sitter ever!

When Aki threatens Shiba Kyouhei gets a little pissed. But before he can actually do anything some random dude comes and tries to capture Aki. Aki escapes and the due is revealed to be Koushiro, a fellow god doll user. He has a few words with Kyouhei and sets off to capture Aki. Utao and Shiba are trying to get away from the drama when another god doll user throws a car at Utao. She manages to stop it but she recognizes the voice and goes XO. Elsewhere in the city Kuuko is doing something…illegal. She leaves the illegal store and witnesses Aki and Koushiro fighting with their god dolls. She manages to get to the fight and save Aki before he is squishes. The dude who threw a car at Utao earlier helps Koushiro from being killed but he is not grateful as Aki got away. And Kyouhei did nothing. THE END!!!

WOOHOO BODY COUNT! Still Kyouhei and his sister are a bit annoying….


Cake is a very important part of my diet too Utao. Eat on.

But at least the scenes with Utao mainly consisted of cake. And I enjoy cake almost as much as I enjoy ice cream. Well normal cake anyway…not crazy wedding cakes that make no sense at all. Because cake needs to make sense. But yes. Utao running around like a clumsy kid was not really shocking. As she is a clumsy child. Perhaps I would not have her helping out in my restaurant with paying customers and expensive plates. But that is just me and my common sense. But yay cake.


I have no idea what this hot mess was all about...

I have no idea what Shiba’s friend was trying to accomplish with her weird behavior. She is so weird she doesn’t even deserve me to look up her name. She gets NO NAME. She just came in the resturante and picked on a little kid who was working for free. And now this 10 year old is going to worry about being fat. Let her be a kid for goodness sake!!!


No explanations needed. Feel free to die right now or something...

Oh yes…the beginning part of the episode with Aki AKA Accelerator escaping. Before the two dudes died in spectacular ways they mentioned something about why Utao is allowed to leave the village. There is apparently a problem between families, the Kugas and Hyugas. And my little trip to Wiki shows me that HAHA Aki’s last name is also Kuga. But since we aren’t supposed to KNOW yet who the Hyugas are….what exactly is their problem with Kyouhei? Unless they hate Kyouhei because he is a spineless dude who left his village. Then maybe I will understand.

What was my point with that last paragraph? Oh so yes. Two feuding families. We don’t get to know any more about that issue because Aki breaks out and tears off limbs. But it sounds like this village has many problems with the few members it does have. We got killer youngsters and angry families. And given the nature of small towns perhaps the entire village is only two families. Weirdos.

Shiba took Utao out to practice with her god doll. That was probably a bad idea. Going to the amusement section of Tokyo on a busy day to practice with your god doll thingy is generally a bad idea. But then Shiba decided that it would be an awesome idea to dig around in the water, around the island that used to be a dump. And that lead to throwing a car up into the air. Yes it is a good idea for Shiba to watch Utao.


What no ketchup?!

Kyouhei would have been watching his special sister but Aki needed a sammich. And Kyouhei’s biggest concern was Aki smelled. Not that he broke out or was killing random people. But that he smelled. And that Aki needed food.


I am sensing a smack down soon...

Despite the fact Aki is a crazy murderer I might feel bad for him. Since we have yet to hear the truth from Kyouhei all we can go on is Aki’s word. And it sounds like both Kyouhei and Aki had something to do with that FIRE that happened in episode one. I think it turned Aki into a murderer and Kyouhei went lala land, protected from any wrong doing. Maybe if Kyouhei had tried a little harder to be a good friend or less of a douchebag who failed to take responsibility for his own actions maybe Aki would not be a smelly murderer eating a sammich after crash a truck.

Or I am wrong and Aki is all at fault and Kyouhei doesn’t deal well with pressure. WHO KNOWS.


Well I guess techinically no one is capturing Aki.

Kyouhei doesn’t have to do anything to stop Aki from his blood bath of fun. Some new dudes are in town. One of which Kyouhei is not happy to see and one who throws a car at Utao. HMMM I wonder about those family blood feuds now.


Look at my bad ass shades! Of course I am cool.

Koushiro is a little bad ass, I think I might enjoy his presence in the show. That and he didn’t try to kill Kyouhei. He just acted a bit like a show off which I am fine with. The car thrower Mahiru looks (sorta) like he could be Utao’s twin. In any event Aki must be strong as it took both those men to squish him a little bit. But since they came out with all their arms and legs both dudes must know what they are doing and don’t suck like Utao. So that is how the village has survived this entire time.


And then everyone was weird.....X__X.

Another weird subplot going on is Kuuko. She seems to be doing something slightly illegal but it helps pays the bills. She sees weird stuff (god dolls) fighting in the sky and is like WOOHOO run to the danger!!!! Then when one of the people causing the danger crashes to the ground (Aki) she decides to take him home as a souvenir. This will end well I can sense it. Accelerator Aki better not be smitten by this girl. She is not a 4 foot nothing clone girl. No sympathy please.


Kyouhei wasn't in jail because...?

And I think that is about it. Everyone is special and full of secrets. And Kyouhei is not looking like a great hero in my eyes. WOOHOO for me and Code Red pushing through this episode!


Eternia said...

Hello! It's been a while that I visited your blog. And look at the pleasant surprise, you wrote about Kami-sama Dolls, my favorite anime this season. Even though I think they should be called monster dolls instead.
This is an adaption of manga under the same title, but I have never read the manga yet, and don't plan on doing so, since it will spoil the fun. The fun of speculating!
Kyouhei and Aki must be once best buddies, I think? Otherwise he won't bother buying him food, after they are fighting and killing people who got caught up in it.
The kids face are not showing during the flashback, but the dolls who're fighting, aren't they Kukuri and Aki's doll?

Christina said...

Eternia- Hello there! Hopefully you keep stopping by even if my comments about this series might be less than flattering. XD How knows, maybe the two episodes I need to catch up on are amazing?

But yes Kyouhei and Aki have a "special" relationship and no amount of gross fake boobies can tear them apart.

I assumed the kids in the flashback are Aki and Kyouhei. I believe those are their dolls but between the FIRE OF DOOM and the darkness it is kinda hard to tell. Me thinks the dolls went a bit berserk and Aki got blamed for everything. Yay for blame!!!