Friday, July 22, 2011

As I lay me down to sleep....

We are about to go to bed after a full day of wedding stuffers. I just wanted to post a picture of something that is currently lurking outside the front door.

I am not responsible for any nightmares one might receive from this. You has been warned.


And then we were eaten.

After we were done screaming we ran over to take pictures. Then ran away to scream again. According to the internet this is a male who is looking for or has already mated. So as we speak there could be up to 400 spiders in the back yard. Waiting to turn me into a Sci-Fi movie victim. And since I know the rules the chances of me surviving a Sci-Fi movie scenerio are slim to none.

So I am going to bed now. So I can wake up with spiders eating my brains. YAY ARIZONA!


Anonymous said...

im sorry to have found pleasure in your fear but i laughed quite a bit with this post 0.o LOL sorry =)lol although i would also have screamed the house down if that thing was near me *shudders*

Christina said...

Anonymous- It was insane. We got out of the car and someone was like Oh what is that? And then because we are all morons we walked up to it and went XO TAKE PICTURES! I first ran away in fear...then went back to take a picture. Then ran again.

But the great part was at the wedding, which is about 20 minutes down the road from the bride's house I opened to the outside door to find the bathroom and BAM another huge spider. And I announced to everyone MOG run they all crowded around and PUT the spider on a table for all to see.

Really I am surprised we all didn't die in a Sci-Fi movie type deal.