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Yuri Yuri episode 3

Well then. My master plan for yesterday was to get some blogging done, go to work, and basically catch up on my life. What I managed to get done was sleep for about 15 hours and wash my hair. Go me. Surely I am almost ready for Otakon. XD

So now today…I am still behind! Hurray. So it is looking catching up on last week’s anime might not happen. I will have lots to do when I get back from Otakon right? But after last week I think I am going to take a more chilled approached to life. Not be so hell bent on schedules and what not. This of course will apply after Otakon because much fun needs to be scheduled.


BOO indeed.

Up first on the catch up list is Yuri Yuri episode 3. Spoilers for…..um….nothing really….


I see everything!!!!!

Episode Summary: Akari is busy smiling at her new and fun life at Somewhere Junior High. Kyouko manages to make it to school on time but forgets her homework. She is punished with more homework later. Yui is like…yeah have fun doing that all on your own because she is a true friend. But Yui does teach all the girls how to write things on their hands to better remember things. See she is living on her own now and must do mature things. Once the girls get over the shock that one of their friends is living on their own they can’t wait to visit Yui. On their next Sunday off from school and Kyouko and her eye go to visit Yui. Yui suggests right away that they invite Akari and Chinatsu over for lunch. After the girls arrive and Kyouko establishes that they need a password to enter the apartment the fun continues over to the grocery store. And by fun I mean Kyouko wants to buy a million ice creams. Yui ends up buying her one so life isn’t so horrible. XD They make a meal and slowly Yui realizes that Chinatsu might be in love with her. But since Kyouko continues to act like a crazy person no one really notices.


So much friend abuse.

During a trip down memory lane Kyouko pretends that she and Yui did the deed at age…5. When Yui tries to correct such behavior soda spills all over Chinatsu. Since they are all Japanese Chinatsu must change clothes immediately and take a bath. Very clean these people are. Chinatsu is all happy that she gets to wear Yui’s clothes. Yui tries to take a shower with Chinatsu but that is fail. Kyouko decides to stay the night which upsets Yui at first. But then Kyouko reveals she really came over to spend time with a lonely Yui. Yui is touched until she realizes that Kyouko forgot her homework. This causes all 4 girls to be late to school the next day. But that is okay because they are together…as Chinatsu and Kyouko fight over the fact they both got to wear Yui’s clothes. THE END!!!


Yuri at 5 years old HURRAY!

So I am not sure how much of this episode I can blog. See I am still caught up on the little issue of a 14 year old living on her own! Confusion all over my face.


What? I can live on my own no problem.

I am just assuming Yui is 14 of course. She could be 13 which would make the situation worse or she could be 15 which would make the situation….I guess…a slight fraction of a point better. But the standard age for a 8th grader is 14 so that is what I am going with.


WTF is going on here?!

And there was no reason given for Yui living on her own. Sometimes in animes the family moves and the HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT stays behind to finish out their school career. Or the family lives in a small town and want to send their child to a better school. But I have no idea why a junior high kid with a family living in town close to the school would just randomly move out. It makes no sense at all. I am assuming that is why no one really asked because any explanation would be stupid. It is best to ignore these type things I am assuming.


Ice cream is a very important part of the food pyramid.

The rest of the episode was devoted to showing how awesome and mature Yui is living on her own. I am 27 years old and hate cooking. But I guess if 14 year olds are living on their own they need to start cooking at a young age. My house is not spotless but then again I have stuff. Maybe it is all cool and shiny living on your own 3 days after it happens. But once you are old like me it is BLEH coming home from work and having to still clean and do laundry.


This comment was slightly random...

Besides Yui being a domestic goddess Kyouko had the perv meter going through the roof. Chinatsu better watch out as Yui has her eyes on her. And Akari better start crying because no one cares about her.


The hair will consume you. Obviously she can't be a bridesmaid.

Even though Kyouko is the most perverted person ever she does make good points on a few issues. One being Akari’s hair. And most hair in animes. We can SEE how short Akari’s hair is yet some of it is tied in a bun on the side. Way too much too much given how short the rest of the hair is. So while Kyouko is a crazy person she does make sense from time to time.


Why are there so many sparkles...

Actually without Kyouko’s antics this episode would have been super boring. X__X Yui is on her own pretending to be an adult and Chinatsu’s crush on Yui isn’t really going anywhere since she is fairly normal. And Akari is…..well not there at all. So thanks to Kyouko an episode about cooking food and clean houses was slightly amusing.


A true glimpse of friendship. Love it.

And even though Kyouko forgot…everything for an overnight trip it becomes apparent why she came over in the first place. Because even though Yui is pretending to be a mature awesome 14 year old who can live on her own she is really just a scared 14 year old who is lonely. So Kyouko is a great friend and Yui needs to be more forgiving of her antics.


We can all do detention together!!!

Hopefully the next episode is a little more interesting. Also I want to know how much Kyouko gets in allowance because that ice cream alone (well all the cartons she wanted to buy) probably would have cost 30 bucks. X__X Kids these days.

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