Saturday, July 16, 2011

No. 6 episode 2

So much to do and so little time to do it in. I KNOW! Let’s play internet games and get none of these things done at all.

XD I am awesome at keeping to a schedule. But I really am getting on a plane Sunday morning and things need to get done before I enter the wonderful world that is AZ and bridesmaid dresses. At the very least I got to get some anime blogging done so I am not far behind when I return. Oh and maybe do some laundry so I can have clothes to wear next week.


Just back away slowly....maybe nobody saw us....

Up first is No 6 episode 2. This show seems to be moving at a very fast pace. Why perhaps a time jump is in this episode? Spoilers for me mentioning time jump.


Taking a walk through the park, smelling the flowers MOG DEAD BODY!

Episode Summary: The episode starts off with a penguin robot picking up trash. A slightly older Shion is monitoring the trash picking up robot. Very interesting stuff. Only today actually seems interesting as Shion and his co-worker find a super dead and gross body in the park. After work Shion goes to dinner with Safu whom he has not seen in FOUR YEARS! She is talking about how she is going to study overseas and how lucky she is. Then she questions why 4 years ago Shion didn’t go into the gifted program. Obviously she missed the part where he got kicked out of the cushy house. Shion thinks to himself how he got in massive trouble for hiding Nezumi and that is why they lost the life style. So after Safu is done bringing up the painful past she asks Shion for sex. Shion goes UM NO…um maybe…um when I see you again in two years. The exchange is awkward and only ends when Nezumi makes a rat crawl up Shion and whisper in his ear. Later that night Safu calls via bracelet but clearly doesn’t want to admit her real feelings and hangs up. Shion’s mom is adjusting well to life not in the cushy lane. She runs a bakery. Some dude comes in and wants to do a story on her bread. Me thinks he will be more important to the plot lately. She doesn’t seem to be mad at Shion for their current situation and wishes him well at work.


This city is a little too hard core for me.

Work is X__X as one must pledge their loyalty to the city. Shion’s co-worker informs Shion that the really old dude they found in the park was really only 31 and things are being covered up. When Shion merely states well BAD CITY for covering up co-worker freaks out because you can’t talk bad about the city. But then the co-worker starts going crazy, ages 50 years, and dies on the ground like the dude in the park. Oh and a bee crawls out of his neck. Shion freaks out for about two minutes. Later people come to talk to Shion about what has happened. Then Shion thinks he is being arrested. Then Shion realizes OH CRAP they are taking me somewhere top secret and I is probably going to die. He freaks out then seems resolved to his fate. At that exact moment Nezumi comes, kicks all the dudes out, and drives away with the car. Well the car goes by remote so they are forced to jump out of said car but are safe because Nezumi has a magical cloak. Nezumi has a maintenance truck ready to go so off they drive. During the escape Shion is forced to give up his bracelet which means he can no longer contact anyone. Shion is so happy to see Nezumi but then gets all depressed about his situation. Nezumi threatens Shion a little and nearly kills him with some driving moves. Then the two talk about his naked body and whether or not Nezumi has seen Shion naked. They end up going through a sewer to escape and we the viewers see that Shion has a mark on his neck. They finally make it out of the city where Shion sees the real world, a war torn earth, for the first time. Oh snap. THE END!

So. 4 years into the future folks. It takes Kobato the manga an entire year in real time to get to the next manga day and one episode to get Sion 4 years into the future. Yay for pacing.


The future is so bad trash robots are interesting? Oh crap.

But the episode opens up with Shion doing some rather boring work. Almost pointless work. There are little robots (with some cute name like penguin or something) who clean and patrol the entire park. So Shion and his soon to be dead co-workers job is to…watch the robots. Just so amazing this job.

So citizens of No. 6. This is what happens if you give cute boys hot cocoa. You gets your cushy life taken away and you are given a job my cat could probably do. Well he would see the dead person in the park, puke, and go back to bed. But if he wanted to I am sure he could do the job.


The conversations...they flow so naturally...

Safu shows up to give us viewers some awesome details about Shion’s life. This will go down as the best segue in history. So Shion, since I have obviously not talked to you in 4 years I am going to ask specific questions NOW as to give the audience information on what the hell happened. Because in the past 4 years I have never thought to ask you these questions or keep in contact with you or to bother to investigate the truth up until this moment, the day before my departure from the series. Writers need to get a little more creative in giving us viewers information because now I doubt the closeness between Safu and Shion.


Actually we are arresting you because you were dumb enough to tell the truth.

But yes. The Ministry of We Have Guns came to interrogates Shion and it appears someone was born without the part of their brain that is capable of telling lies. Like….just pretend to lie. Pretend to care about the cushy life. Lying was going to be futile but the fact that Shion made no effort to protect himself makes me think he cares very little about his own life.


Yay for cupcakes!

But at least his momma isn’t down in life. I would probably be all depressed that my meal ticket messed up so bad I was force to WORK for the rest of my life but she is all happy making her cupcakes and bread. She will probably be less happy when she finds out Shion has been taken away forever but at least she has her cakes okay.

Shion also seems to be happy with his life too. He pretends to be jealous of Safu and her studying abroad but she detects he is lying. He seems to be happy because his actions made it possible for Nezumi to escape. So Shion will continue on with his tv monitoring life and living in absolute squalor!

Squalor folks. Horrible. Probably the size of a normal house/apartment in Japan right now. If Shion was really guilty of such a horrible crime I would expect him to be suffering more. But maybe the real people suffering at those in charge of the City as they lost a great talent in Shion.


Best pick-up line ever.

Safu’s suggestion for sex was….horrible. At first I was like OH she wants to perform tests on his sperm. But no. No folks. After keeping in such close contact with Shion all this time Safu has decided to bring them closer together with sex. And instead of becoming all X__X about the situation Shion is like…no…maybe next time. Just…just no. Safu really must not know much about human relationships if she thinks she can demand such an act after no effort on her part.


Didn't Nezumi already tell you the city was creepy and up to no good?

So after the train wreck that was the not sex Shion goes back to work. The previous day he witnessed some dude in the part acting all dead like. How rude. There was a some weird mark on his neck but Shion is more concerned about the apparent cover-up by THE CITY. Shion must have lost some of his smarts when he got kicked out of the house as he was like HMM the City might be bad. Unimportant co-worker (who you know…raises the suspicions to begin with) is like SHHHH…and dies in the same way the old dude in the park died. Only neither man was old. Instead a fly like insect sucked the life out of them before exiting their bodies.


And then we all lost our minds.

After Shion and his big eyes were done going @_@ Shion is taken away. Not because he has seen too much but because he said bad things about the City. I am sensing priorities here.


Taller?!?! When then all shall be well since Nezumi is TALLER than Shion.

But never fear! Nezumi and his new haircut are here!!! Because homeslice has been…”watching out” for Shion ever since that fateful hot cocoa day. I prefer to call it stalking but you know. The boys, despite not talking for the past 4 years, picked up right where they left off. Someone getting saved, a little bit of “rough” conversations, some smiles, and TADA a brand new worlds. Only the house Shion left behind is a lot better than the “real world”.


Always so much happy with these two.

I wonder how long Nezumi had been watching Shion. Perhaps he felt guilty that Shion lost his privileged life and made sure he was never too bad off. Or maybe since Nezumi knows the truth about the City he knew he needed to watch the boy in case he got in trouble again. OR since Nezumi broke into Shion’s house on purpose 4 years ago maybe there is something more we don’t know.

Shion being so happy to see Nezumi means that Safu is not getting her sex in 2 years. Sorry. The force is strong with this couple.


Can we go back to the city now?

The episode ends with Shion getting his first glimpse of the rest of Japan. And it is looking Resident Evil: After Life on us. Except there are no zombies. Just shriveled up dead people. What new mysteries await Shion now? Well besides nearly dying and getting a new hair color. We must stay tuned to find out!


Anonymous said...

Clearly Nezumi is now taller than Sion so he can be a proper seme.

Christina said...

Anonymous- He had to point it out so Sion didn't get any ideas about topping. But I don't see Sion topping anyone, especially after that conversation with Safu. XD

Ruben said...

The Ministry of Peace or whatever arrested Shion because he was dumb enough to tell the truth? xDD

In the end i watched the first 2 episodes of this anime, the pick-up line of Safu was xD.. I was like ._.u but apparently Shion is so used to Safu's way of being so it wasn't an awkward and not a weird situation either.

It really is getting interesting but, the ending gives me a feeling that this story will end sad :/ .. so idk if i drop it while i still can.

Christina said...

Ruben- I get the feeling that this will only end in tears. :( But I think I will tough it out because the concept of bees coming out of people is AWESOME to me.

Safu is (was?) very special. I want your sperm indeed. Best or worse pick up line ever? I can't tell.

Shion is so smart he is super dumb. Like most geniuses he lacks common sense. Poor Shion, telling the police exactly how he broke the law and why. I sense bad things in the future for Nezumi if his second banana is this honest with the enemy.

Amy said...

He did not not see Safu for four years now.

Christina said...

Amy- If he really didn't see Safu in all that time then her request for sex was all the more special.