Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yuri Yuri episode 2

So I am trying to blog this episode of Yuri Yuri while watching the 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland. I am fairly certain my childhood is being destroyed as we speak. Dear Johnny Depp. Please stop destroying movies from my past. It is not appreciated.

Or at least I think I would be traumatized by this movie version if I could understand what anyone was saying. MOG the cat thing just put its eye back in its head. Gross.


No really the movie is that bad.

But like I was saying. Yuri Yuri episode 2. Spoilers for everyone trying to out Yuri the other.


We all must suffer for love!

Episode Summary: While going over paperwork Ayano realizes her rival Kyoko has done better on a test. Thus Ayano stomps to the tea house. Because she needs an excuse to go see her yuri interest Kyoko. Kyoko admits to barely studying and Ayano almost sets the room on fire. Ayano then finds a new person to be angry, that the girls are in the tea room without permission and demand they leave. Chitose, the President of the student council decides a contest should determine if the girls can stay in the room or not. But it turns out that Chitose is a crazy yuri fangirl and wants Ayano and Kyoko to strip it out. Or sexy it out. It is very unclear. But in the end it is decided that whoever scores highest on the next test will determine the fate of the club room. Chitose doesn’t know whose side to take as each scenario could lead to yuri. Later in the council room Chitose jokes that Ayano never wanted to kick the girls out of the room, Ayano just wanted to see Kyoko. A few days later Ayano gets another opportunity to confront Kyoko as she has not turned in some paper work. Chitose and Ayano leave the new girls Himawari and Sakurako in charge of sorting 5 papers while they search for Kyoko. This search takes them all over the school with no luck. Probably because Himawari and Sakurako were so eager to impress the older girls they recruited the entire Amusement club to help sort the 5 papers. Chinatsu and Akari help explain to the other girls that Sakurako and Himawari have a deep rivalry on who can become the next Vice President of the student council. Thus the hatred. Kyoko responds by eating Ayano’s pudding.


Because she is a stalker?

Eventually all 5 papers are sorted and the Amusement Club leaves. Sakurako and Himawari bicker a bit. Somehow this leads to a yuri scene. SURPRISE Sakurako and Himawari really like each other. Ayano returns to the room to find Kyoko gone and cries huge tears of sorrow. A few days later Himawari makes cookies to show her appreciation on everyone helping with the 5 pieces of paper. Sakurako pretends to hate cookies. Himawari learns that she forgot her gym clothes at home. Sakurako is actually a Walmart though and has a spare set of clothes on her. However Himawari has giant boobies which greatly upsets Sakurako. This leads to boobie hitting and such. But the girls walk home together and Himawari gives Sakurako special cookies. A few days later Chitose misses Ayano who is at home sick. Chitose has no yuri in her life. Kyoko suggest they go visit her. So off they go, taking Yui with them because she knows how to make porridge. Ayano is doing okay but after Kyoko breaks Chitose’s glasses things start getting very weird and Ayano becomes sick again. THE END!


I think I need to make a chart on all the girl on girl crushes.

In case it wasn’t obvious by the title everyone in this anime has a crush on at least one girl. Okay maybe not Akari and Yui but the show is young. Maybe they will turn to the dark side soon.

The two girls that stormed into the club last week are classmates of Kyoko and Yui. The yelling girl is Ayano and the one wearing glasses is Chitose. Turns out Ayano just wanted an excuse to see Kyoko and that is why she stormed in. Because yelling at someone who gets good grades doesn’t make sense right?



And Kyoko being yelled at for being smart is special. Yes there are some people out there who don’t need to study every night to get good grades. Some people are just great at absorbing material in class. Even if they are dreaming about their younger classmate wearing a magical girl uniform. So Ayano we know you like Kyoko. Find another reason to yell at her besides her being an excellent student.


Kyoko seems super worried.

Like the fact that she is in a club room without the proper paperwork. Perfect excuse!!! Also where the hell are all the teachers?! Don’t clubs need a supervisor or have other animes LIED to me?! How did Kyoko even get the key to the tea room?! These are all very good questions that can’t be answered because hello hot girls having fun!


It is always the quiet ones....

Turns out that the most perverted girl of them all is Chitose. Behind that quiet face lies the heart of a true pervert. She would put any harem boy to shame. She had so many crazy fantasies in this episode I am surprise there is any blood left in her body. Although with Chitose she is not fantasying about the girls doing stuff to her. No no she rather just be the third wheel on the road to love/lust. That is a little sad though…Or maybe it is like how I pair all the hot guys together.

Chitose was losing a lot of blood so I forgive her for suggesting the contest idea. But what was Ayano’s excuse? Didn’t she just stomp in there to yell at Kyoko for beating her on another test? So…what makes her think she can beat her on the upcoming one? Not that the stripping or sexy contest made any sense either (who the hell was Kyoko stripping for?!) but agreeing to the school test contest was just special on Ayano’s part.

I would just like point out that Akari did a very bad job of standing out in this episode too. XD So much for her main character status.


Aw someone needs a hug. And a pudding.

The whole Ayano searching for Kyoko a few days later over a piece of paper was rather special. Also is student council a fancy word for slave? Again not sure I want 12 year olds running my school but if all they do is paper work and boring tasks like that then schools in Japan need to pay kids on the student council. Got a little army of workers there. Along with all the students cleaning up the schools and most parents paying to send their kids to high school and I am seeing a money making opportunity folks.



Sakurako and Himawari were sorta special. It looked like the papers were already in some kind of order. Having four other girls come in there and help them was a bit pathetic. XD But then Kyoko wouldn’t have gotten her pudding snack.


See the love?

I was kinda hoping Sakurako and Himawari would fall on the huge stacks of paper and not each other. But then we wouldn’t have the magical moment that is yuri. Two girls that hate each other and are out for the same…job position are actually in LIKE with each other. All those years of being in the same class have bonded them together.

And now the bonds of cookies and wearing the same gym outfit will tie them forever. Even if someone is rather bitter about not having boobies. Given the fact that they are only in the 7th grade I am soon one day Sakurako will have her own pair of ginormous breasts.



Also is it typical behavior to run around hitting other women’s breasts? I have no noticed this in animes before but now I have seen in twice in two different shows so I am just wondering. Can’t they just gossip and call her a hoe like normal teenagers? Gosh.


Lost in Wonderland?

Visiting Ayano while she was sick was slightly special. A scene where Chitose could let her fantasies fly around free. Until she lost her glasses of course. Then the power of Yuri was way too much for Chitose. Surely she shall suffer greatly.

In the end nothing happened inside the club, Kyoko is a genius that no one takes seriously, and everyone wants to see everyone else naked. Woohoo!


Marona said...

I only have one question. What is MOG? I'm behind on my lingo. ^^;

Jun-chan said...

I don't know why but I find this show super cute and addicting. It's like kitten shaped cigarettes.

Christina said...

Marona- MOG is just a weird Tenchi thing. Once during a phone call I was trying to mock my friend and their continuous use of OMG. Only I spelled it wrong and since then I can't live that silly moment down. So I just embrace it now and MOG really looks like OMG to me. It is natural for me to type it and I tend to forget normal people don't know the story behind it.

Long story short..Tenchi is weird. XD

Jun-chan- The world needs more kittens. Except at this rate we might not get more kittens as they are all in love with each other and not the puppies. XD

But it is an easy watch. Hopefully more "club" stuff happens rather than the entire cast of the series being thrust into one episode.

Marona said...

Ah, I see. Haha, I thought that's what it meant, an alternative to OMG. But I tried to look it up on Google cause I thought I was just out of the loop. Haha, it's cool. :)

Christina said...

Marona- Yeah I am just a goober. Sometimes people will sarcastically say "Don't you mean OMG" and I am like...that's the joke. LAUGH!

Looking things up on google can be so dangerous. Glad it didn't end up being some weird urban dictionary word. XD