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No. 6 episode 3

XO One and a half days left until Otakon. Clearly my mind was not thinking last year when I planned so many events closed together. Obviously I planted a money tree in my back yard to supply me with a never ending supply of cash. And I guess I planted a back yard while I was at it.

But things are slowly getting accomplished in Casa de Tenchi. I will have clothes to wear next week! I guess that is the most important part. Oh and my cat is doing his part by throwing up as much as possible before I leave. That way I can clean it up now instead of the hours it would take my appointed cat sitter to get here and notice. Thanks cat.


How can one person get so little done in one day? X__X

Up next is the show of the season (?) No. 6. Spoilers for bees and white hair and mice OH MY!


I think Nezumi was just trying to show off his sexy body to Shion...

Episode Summary: Shion takes the grand tour of Nezumi’s house. Which appears to be a library? Shion shows off his learning by not knowing who Shakespeare’s work. When Nezumi teases him Shion explains that they were discouraged from reading classics in school. After Nezumi impresses us with some shirtless Shakespeare Shion takes a hot bath. Because in this wasteland Nezumi has found ways to have hot water. After his bath Shion wants to contact his mom in the city that just tried to kill him. Nezumi manhandles him into throwing away all attachments by ignoring the fact the fact Nezumi clearly has an attachment to Shion. Then Nezumi destroys all my hopes and dreams and says the mice are robots. :( Shion tries asking if Nezumi has seen anything weird in the city. Then Shion starts acting weird. It is time for the bee to come out and kill Shion. Nezumi is quick to push Shion on the bed to carve out the gross thing that is Shion’s neck. The pain becomes too much for Shion and he asks Nezumi to mercy kill him. Nezumi is like um no you dumb boy you need to live! So after some massive pain and suffering Nezumi manages to pull out the baby bee thingy. Shion then passes out for three days. There is a brief scene of Safu thinking back to her departure with her grandmother but that is really not important.


AW Shion needs a hug. And Nezumi didn't punch him in the face. So all is well.

Shion wakes up and he has some weird red ribbon mark going up his body and of course the white hair. He sorta turns into a crybaby about his appearance and about the fact that he got to live and his friend didn’t. Nezumi does not appreciate the fact that he went out and got them Wendy’s and now it is getting cold. So he does some yelling until Shion admits he wants to be alive. They discuss how the city was trying to kill Shion…but the bees are not FROM the city. They are infecting the city and obviously the city will suffer. Nezumi starts laughing and Shion is like let’s save the city! Obviously Nezumi is not down with that plan and tries explaining that to Nezumi without punching his face in. Shion then asks the truth about what happened and why No. 6 is so evil. Nezumi takes him on a trip to a dog infested inn but doesn’t answer on why he personally hates the city. The dogs decide to lick Shion instead of eating his face. The owner of the inn DogWatcher knows Nezumi and does things (for a price) for him. Somehow Shion learns Nezumi sent Shion’s momma a note saying her son was alright. Then Shion gets the great idea to send a note to the city warning about the bees. Nezumi says (without grabbing Shion for once) that if Shion learns the truth about the city and still wants to save them then they are going to become enemies. THE END!

X__X Well that was slightly confusing…..

Shion adjusted well to life on the outside. I suspect that he might be a fluffy bunny who loves everyone. Just a bit. So maybe the reality of the situation hasn’t sunk in yet. Okay what am I saying. XD The reality truly hasn’t hit this boy yet and when it does I am sure Nezumi will be there to pick up the pieces.


I am sure this will make sense later....

I am slightly confused on the whole we weren’t allowed to read classics comment. Of course when we learn more about No. 6 it will make more sense. But for now I would think a civilization that is trying to bring itself back from the brink of extinction would really try to stay connected to the past. I mean maybe I would be more understanding because MacBeth is an English classic and obviously this anime is in Japan. But when Shion confirmed they were discouraged from reading that book so it is back to being odd. Odd folks.


They aren't real?! :( SADNESS!!!

Do you see my sad face? The mice are robots. I thought they were real. Woe is me.

Shion and Nezumi have a very love/hate relationship. Nezumi loves roughing him up and Shion loves pretending like the threat of physical violence doesn’t bother him. Instead he will say things like oh you ARE taller than me. Yeah as he tries to punch your face dude. Or make out with it. Depends on what kind of mood Nezumi is in.

Apparently Shion is amazing. Too amazing for words. Because he apparently knows the entire bee parasite issue despite being freaked out over his dying friend. I didn’t think he was really observing the process that closely. But apparently he was so go him. Not that it really mattered as Nezumi was going to hack at it anyway. Guess the explanation was more for us viewers.


I shall pretend these are sparkles and not a spider web.

Nezumi’s LIVE speech was a bit interesting. I guess it would have been too forceful to imply Shion should live to have sex with him. But maybe Nezumi should have just stuck with the mom route and left out the possible love interest. Although Nezumi did go on and on about how Shion could never contact his mom again……So I guess this LIVE speech was pretty useless on Nezumi’s part yes?


This sounds slightly sexy...

Shion being upset about the slight alteration in his appearance is dumb. Especially when Nezumi has scars on his back as well. I think Shion should have been upset for a second then really focused on it wasn’t fair he was alive while his friend wasn’t.

I like that Shion made a good point. Nezumi is all like forget about everyone else, be a loner like me but hello. You almost exposed yourself by trying to save Shion. So obvious this logic doesn’t apply to potential love interests.


Clearly no one is making sense. Water for everyone!

So here is the part that confuses me. Once Shion explains this whole bee situation to Nezumi they just assume the bees are not connected to No 6. This is after they talked about how Shion was targeted for death. Like….I just ASSUMED that people who were talking smack about the city were implanted with these bees. Of course this is a rather…special way to take out smack talkers and could lead to more smack talkers. But despite the fact that it might not be the easiest way to eliminate people I just assumed it was the city.


Never mind. I guess Nezumi prefers shoving and intimidation verses the water.

But no. After Nezumi was like blah blah they hate you he starts cackling that the city has been invaded by killer bees and they deserve it. So obviously Nezumi doesn’t think this is the city’s doing. The city is capable of doing many things but killer bees is not one of them.


This is how Nezumi communicates his love for Shion.

And then Shion lost his mind. I mean I guess he has a right to be worried about his mom. I would be. But maybe he should be thinking about a plan to save the city later. Not in front of the boy who obviously hates the city. Nezumi has good reason to hate the city so maybe Shion should be grateful to his savior. Oh and the city TRIED TO KILL YOU SHION! Maybe you should have asked Nezumi to protect yo momma and not the entire city.


Yay we aren't dead. This is a good thing!

The trip to the hotel was weird. Nezumi looked like he thought it was weird too. Like he was going to kill those dogs and Shion’s special specialness caused the dogs to turn all lovely on him. Everything is special hurray.

I am beginning to sense that everyone outside the city will have a special name. Dog Watcher indeed. I found it interesting there were that many people on the outside. I thought after the war people grouped together and lived in the city. I suppose it is possible people who rejected this new city were able to escape into the outside world. I suppose anyway.


Being enemies means the make-up sex will be better woohoo!

So after Nezumi does something REALLY NICE and REALLY DANGEROUS for Shion he (Shion) loses his mind again. What is with this constant saving the city crap? Why would you automatically assume the bees will all hatch in the spring? Yours obviously hatched now so this is my confused face. But Shion and his confused little soul. Thinking he can use robotic rats to talk to the people who tried to kill him. Crazy indeed.


I wasn't hungry anyway....

So the episode ends with Nezumi being all pissed off. Which I don’t blame him. Looks like he is going to be emo throughout the next episode too. Sadness. Nezumi thought his daring rescue would end in sexy times but then he got mush for brains.

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