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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi manga review (up to volume 4)

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi the anime has come and gone. It left on a weird note implying a second season. And if a second season were to come it wouldn’t be for a quite a while. So you know what that means. XD

Time to spend hours reading all the Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi manga. And getting no sleep while doing so. XD

This post will obviously contain spoilers for both the manga and anime. I will try to keep it PG-13. XD


Such a cute and sexy couple.

XD for good measures.

For the most part the anime portrays Ritsu and Takano’s relationship exactly how it is in the manga. The only difference is the molesting part. There is a bit more of it and in the last episode where Takano is trying to do Ritsu on the floor he gets quite a bit farther in the manga. As in Takano was about to seal the deal in the next 5 seconds. In the anime I don’t think Ritsu even had his pants off yet.


Why is there a countdown when Ritsu clearly loves him? Or is the countdown when Ritsu finally admits it to himself?

Overall Takano was more into…pleasing Ritsu in the manga than the anime. Takano was more focused on forcing his idea of love on Ritsu than making sure Ritsu was having a good time. Not sure how much of a good time Ritsu was having either way but manga Takano was at least willing to give a little before you know….deflowering Ritsu all over again.

After the events of the anime the manga keeps on trucking with Ritsu having more and more responsibility with the manga magazine. He is put in charge of an issue and nearly loses his mind. I think he was given that task way too soon and people were not willing to help him. Takano scolded him a lot. Reminds me of a momma bird throwing her babies out of the nest forcing them to fly. Only Ritsu barely had his eyes opened and was nearly eaten by a cat in the process.

In terms of sexy times…yep. All over the place. Seems as if the anime stopped right before things got Rated-R. And the first official sexy times happens with Ritsu being drunk WOOHOO. Or not. Ritsu was really upset about the whole magazine deal but Takano is like let’s get drunk instead. And since in Japanese culture drinking with work buddies is seen as a necessary requirement to a job Ritsu had to go. He was complaining about his job and Takano decided it would be a good idea to reintroduce him to his penis.

Photobucket can you NOT know?!

Why is it…..that the next day the uke is like MOG did we do it? I mean…I am not into the butt sex but I would image if someone stuck something up my butt and left a sticky material inside of it I WOULD KNOW IT! I would not be questioning if something happened or not. So Takano being a jerk and pretending not to know wasn’t so jerky to me as I found that question stupid too.

And then they just keep having sex. I like how there is a countdown to when Ritsu falls in love with Takano again. Like okay you hate the dude but you eventually have sex with him after he forces the issue. But that is probably just me and my whole only have nakie times with people you love issue.

Best sexy scene was the car one. XD Love it.


Kinda makes me sad this dream never came true for them. Such sad little high school boys and their broken dreams.

Best overall scene that was not shown in the anime yet was the whole what to do on Christmas. I found it sad and cute that both boys were imagining how to spend Takano’s birthday, it being near Christmas and all. But boo to Takano still not explaining how he was stalking Ritsu before Ritsu knew it.

Oh and Takano explains that he slept with Yokozawa back in the day, when he hated life and such. Which explains why Yokozawa is a crazy jealous person. Maybe he needs to lay off though as Takano was clearly sleeping with everyone and it didn’t mean anything. That makes Takano a jerk for using his friend like that but Yokozawa is still an over protective stalker.

The weirdest thing about the manga is the whole Yoshino and Hatori relationship. I think they got ONE chapter out of all the chapters I read. And in that one chapter things did not make sense. There was no Yanase (but maybe he was lurking in the shadows) and Hatori had already slept with Yoshino and Yoshino was still CLUELESS.

And that was it. Hatori just whined about being in love with Yoshino and nothing else happened. Hatori was seen time to time complaining about “Chiharu” being late on her works and how he would punish her but that was it. X_x So why were they presented as such an important couple in the anime? Am I missing some chapters or something. Very confused on that one.

The best part of the manga was the relationship between Yukina and Kisa. The anime was accurate it what they did show but they didn’t go far enough. There was tons of material so I am not sure why they were left on the cutting room floor in favor of a couple who wasn’t important at all.


Trying to keep this post PG-13 was hard. Too many sexy pictures. So enjoy this picture of Yukina being adorable in between positions. XD

Well I say the anime was accurate but one event happened slightly differently. When Kisa was acting all shy and Yukina confessed his love there were sexy times in the manga. In the anime Yukina kissed his hand and everything was all junior high lovely dovey. And I think I preferred that ending to what happened in the manga. Not that I didn’t want these two hot guys naked and having fun. I just liked how Yukina was being sweet and Kisa was being shy. Because Kisa had only physical relationships with people in the past. It was all about sex. So when he didn’t start off a relationship with sex it felt like it meant something.

Also I could have done without Yukina mentioning that Kisa was great at blow jobs. Had he said that to me I would take that as HEY thank goodness you were such a slut before I met you. Because I am sensitive like that.

The rest of the story played out quite nicely too. It made sense anyway. Again the author has to play up the age gap but I think a 9 year age gap is quite larger than a 4 year one so it made sense. Kisa feels like an adult trying to find the time for everything while Yukina is still in the age group of having the time of his life and being carefree. Because once you graduate from college your life becomes working hell in Japan.

But I did feel bad for Kisa. He is trying to do better at work, to stand out and look important. Which I think is a good thing. And a bad thing. Working yourself to death and having no fun in life is a bad thing. But in Japan standing out at work and doing a good is super important so I can understand how Kisa needed to do this to have more self-esteem.


Damn right he needs to care more about spending time with you!

Also I think I was more on Kisa’s side of the argument. Kisa was constantly breaking dates because of work and Yukina never got angry. Turns out he was just trying to help Kisa but I can understand why Kisa felt upset. Like get mad and scream, act like our dates are important! And while I don’t approve of calling a sex friend the minute he breaks up with Yukina I understand that is part of Kisa’s self-destructive personality.

In the end Kisa’s insecurities made sense and Yukina had a bit more depth to him. And I like how they both acknowledged they needed to learn more about each other and not have sex all the time. Then they had sex.

So while the anime is faithful to the manga it turns of Ritsu and Kisa it totally made up Yoshino’s part (unless I am missing some chapters out there). They should have done more with Kisa but if a season two is coming one day maybe he will kick Yoshino to the side. And poor Ritsu…so much molesting in the future. Overall I enjoyed the manga more because….it showed the smut scenes. XD The end.


Anonymous said...

Chiaki and Hatori are from the SIH novels :P &the chapter you read was probably the bonus chapter Nakamura-sensei drew at the end of the first one.

Christina said...

Anonymous- At least that makes more sense. I thought I was missing a huge chunk of the manga. So they weren't even interesting enough to get manga pictures. I see how it is. Also I doubt they won any popularity poll to get them more episodes than my precious Risa. XD Thanks for the information. Bonus chapter INDEED.

Anonymous said...

Biggest mistake the anime made was focusing on C+H instead of Y+K.

Great review!

Anonymous said...

Oh My God :( Did u buy the manga or did u read it online??? If so, please tell me where. I havent read any of the scenes u talked about. :(

Christina said...

Anonymous- I think that was a mistake as well. Or perhaps they should have given all three couples equal screen time. Or maybe Kisa is just one of my favorites and I am bitter.

Anonymous 2- VERY LATE RESPONSE :( Super sorry. Here is where I found some of the chapters:

This site has more up to date chapters though:

Sorry about the late response. :(

Anonymous said...

You can buy the english mangas on amazon...