Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kamisama Dolls episode 2

Today I learned something. Or relearned something. Something I probably should have learned a long time ago.

People are INSANE. XD Some people can function like a normal person but out of nowhere can make up an event that didn’t happen and believe the made up version of events. And you have to work these people, share the roads with these people, and maybe be related to these people. INSANE! I would go and live under a rock to escape such crazy people but I doubt the internet connection is good there.


I think he sees insane people too.

So instead we will just blog anime and pretend the crazy people don’t exist. Or are just crazy enough to come up with weird shows for us to watch. Up now is Kamisama Dolls episode 2. Spoilers for underwear and explosions!!!


Someone was very impressed with Utao's abilities!

Episode Summary: The opening scene is of Utao receiving her god doll (Kyouhei’s old one). The ceremony is so boring Utao falls asleep. But after forever they are able to bond and they fly over the village ready for adventures and dancing through flowers. Or going to Tokyo, one of the two. Back in the present a detective is going over the case of Kyouhei’s apartment magically exploding. He doesn’t have much time to think about that as he is reminded of his pain in the butt daughter. Said daughter is named Kuuko and she attends the same college as Kyouhei. And in her quest to discover the mysteries of the universe she has taken an empty club room hostage and the college heads are coming for her. She only has one unloyal subject left and he is trying his best to escape. He doesn’t make it very far and in the end both Kuuko and the unnamed slave are trapped in a car that is about to explode as the club room goes up in flames. Across the lake Utao is training her god doll with Kyouhei yelling at her and Shiba watching as if she understands this all. Shiba says some romantic things like how Kyouhei used to suck but now he is so cool. Kyouhei explains that his village doesn’t know much about the god dolls but since they are awesome things must be okay. Except when people like Aki freak out and such.


Shiba is such a happy and uplifting person.

After lunch Kyouhei talks a little more about himself and how he was fired as a god doll trainer person. They notice the fire that Kuuko and her slave are trapped in. Utao sends her god doll to rescue them and with a little self-confidence from Kyouhei she is able to rescue them from the car and nearly drown them in the lake. The next morning Shiba sees Kyouhei in his underwear and that is unacceptable. Shiba wants to set some ground rules at lunch because underwear is gross. There is some talk about Utao and her training but that is interrupted by Kuuko. Turns out she is friends with Shiba but obviously her wet hair confused Shiba as she did not recognize her from yesterday. Kuuko is all like HMMM you two like each other but listen. I got rescued by a monster!!! After dodging that and Kuuko’s father Kyouhei tells Shiba they need to be more careful from now on. And how he will never go back to being a god doll person as that leads to only suffering. They return home to find that Utao destroyed a video game system but has managed to act like a good waitress in the family restaurant. Kyouhei attempts to talk to the god doll but it leaves to talk to Utao on the roof so Kyouhei can be all emo by himself. THE END!

There were no panty or boobie shoots in this episode. For that I am grateful. The shape of Shiba’s chest still frightens me but I guess I can handle that.


Clearly Utao was the best replacement. CLEARLY!

Kyouhei’s sister is useless. WOOHOO! Who saw that one coming? A complete shock I know. Utao barely being able to control the god doll. Psht. Perish the thought. PERISH! Wait why is it spelt that way and not parish? That sounds like an a to me….Moving on. Yes. When attempting to go after a known killer and protect a fellow village member perhaps one should send a seasoned god doll handler person. Maybe someone that has all their adult teeth and can see a PG-13 movie. Or at the least someone who has a chance against Aki. Not someone who can barely manage to cross the street by themselves.

But then we wouldn’t have a show. We wouldn’t have Kyouhei teaching the cute sister the ropes and we wouldn’t see him reminiscing about the good old days where he set half the mountain on fire. No no folks it would not be fun unless the baddie was at a huge advantage and the underdog was able to face said baddie on a level playing field. It’s training wheels verses Nascar Driver!


And then you suck. The end.

I know Shiba is the main love interest but I think Kyouhei should kick her to the curb. I think she called him a coward 5 times. Or weak. Something like that. We didn’t see much of their interaction before the god doll showed up but to call someone weak is a bit much. She doesn’t know him. SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE’S BEEN THROUGH! Don’t make me get all Tyra on you. The dude was probably drunk all the time trying to gather up the nerve to ask you out. Please be a little more grateful.


At least he is WEARING underwear Ms. I see everything.

Also Shiba needs to grow up. She is in college now and is all MOG underwear?! Now if Youhei had dropped his towel and she saw a bit of penis I would be laying down some ground rules. But she wasn’t exactly all covered up either. Get a life or you will never get a husband.

Moving back to Utao. I am glad she is trying to become a better god puppet master. Hopefully she grows stronger faster as Aki is on the loose again. Not quite sure how much Kyouhei can teach her as he was young when he quit himself. One might think someone with more experience would be a better teacher. But the big city has video game systems which are always a good teaching tool. Nothing can go wrong with this training folks. Just focus more. Stop being a young silly girl who thinks about boys and glitter.


Being confident in your lies is the first step towards success and or being Tenchi's co-worker.

I like Kuuko. Glad she didn’t die. Also not seeing the big deal about her using a building on campus for her own club/activities. They do it all the time in high school. If that behavior goes uncheck I don’t see why they would learn not to do this in college. Also where are all these young people getting the keys for the buildings?! We know it is not the janitors so WHO?!


Sure...a scarecrow...X___X

But yes Kuuko is fun. I like how she didn’t try to hide the fact she didn’t know who her only club member was. And I think her trying to uncover weird things in the universe is fun. Heck I don’t understand most science. I just know that someone out there makes Code Red for me and that my computer is working today. But finding out about monsters and mysteries and ALIENS. ACTUAL ALIENS!!!! Yes all that sounds like fun and would awesome to prove.

However if Kuuko is only in this to piss off her dad…SHE IS THE COOLEST PERSON EVER! Sorry dad issues.


Is it time to call Dad the detective?!

Kuuko might have me worried though. She only thinks there was a scarecrow monster because no one reported the fire? Um how about you crossed a lake? How about you weren’t found burnt to a crisp in a car? These are important questions that you should be using as proof. Crazy.


This village sounds like it is full of smart people.

I was sorta disappointed that we didn’t learn more about the god dolls. But I guess we can’t learn what the main character doesn’t know. Which makes me question the sanity of most of the people in that village. Aki already said that they were the ones insane not him and now I think I believe him. You train young people to put their souls in something you don’t understand and hope it all goes well? Surely this will end well. Let’s ask Kyouhei about that mountain again.


So we meet again....

In the end we are left with a Kyouhei trying to deny his connection to the god dolls but you can tell he wants to get behind the wheel of that hot ride again. It might take him a while since his good friend Aki had some slight “personality problems” and that lead to not some fun times in the city. But his time will come. Or Aki will kill him. Either way I don’t see this ending well for Shiba. WOOHOO!


Kamisama Dolls: The series about Kyouhei's flashbacks!


Marona said...

Shiba's boobies are bugging me. They just don't look good drawn in a shirt. And yeah, what was she wearing . . . barely there underwear? Or a thong?

Christina said...

Marona- Big boobs are all over animes. But these are....well they look like tumors poking out of her shirt. The shirt she wore in middle school because obviously they don't fit. So instead of Shiba being the sexy girl she looks like a science project gone wrong. And people wearing glass thongs shouldn't thrown stones at people wearing boxers. XD