Friday, July 8, 2011

New Anime Series: No. 6 episode 1!

Work has hit an all-time low. Apparently if someone uses a racial slur and I tell them I don’t appreciate that kind of language I am the crazy person. And then the entire store spends the rest of the day gossiping about me. Like I was the one out of line.

I love the pizza business folks. Fun fun fun everyday of my life.


I try not to kill myself in my happy daydreams.

Moving on to things that might actually be fun..anime. Up next on the summer line-up is a show called No. 6. Spoilers for breaking and entering.


Someone is not having a good day. He is in good company.

Episode Summary: Someone is not having a very good day. The person (Nezumi) is running from people who are using him as target practice. He looks out as he tries to escape into the city. Elsewhere in the city Shion is busy looking out the window and not listening to his friend Safu’s school report. His day dream turns into him walking in the air and dematerializes. A few boys pick on said report (which was about the brain and self-awareness) and Safu tries to attack the boys. Later on their boat ride home Shion proves that he was listening to her boring report by repeating some key phrases. After some chichat they head to Safu’s house where her grandmother has knit an ugly sweater for Shion as a birthday sweater. Now the two children match. After some cake Safu shows off some of granny’s old clothes before the war. Granny says a few things about life before there was No. 6 but seems happy with the cushy life. Despite the fact that it is about to flood Shion goes home, but not before Safu gives him a kiss and Shion demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge in the romance department. Oh and the wind makes the building City Hall make a weird noise that comforts everyone but Shion. He goes home and screams into the wind during the typhoon.


Safu is a bit weird. Wonder how much of a part she will play in all this crazy.

When Shion comes back into his room the bleeding Nezumi is in there, ready to strangle him. Shion is very calm about this situation and manages to talk his mom into not coming into his room to investigate the noise. Shion insists on stitching up Nezumi, oblivious of the danger. Nezumi forgets to be scary and smiles a bit. Also Nezumi rattles off a bunch of stuff he knows about Shion, that his high IQ allows for him to go to the special school and for his family to stay in No. 6. Nezumi simply says that he was shot and there are hunters in No. 6. While Shion goes to get dinner a little message comes up on his wrist band (and his moms). Wrist bands seem to control everything around town from communication to pay for boat tickets. The message is of Nezumi being on the loose. Nezumi is ready to attack Shion when he comes back to the room but Shion actually brought dinner for him. There is bit of talk, mainly about how the cities came to be after the last great war and weapons have been banned. Nezumi has a different view on how life is in the city. He jokes with Shion but in the next second pushes Shion to the bed and threatens him. Instead of being scared Shion thinks Nezumi is so cool. Nezumi gives up acting tough and the two end up holding hands. Well until Shion realizes that Nezumi is running a fever. The fun times might be over as the next day the Ministry of Peace shows up looking for Nezumi. THE END!


You know all

This was a great 3rd episode of No. 6. Nezumi knowing who Shion was, Shion accepting there was a crazy person in his house, and the entire war thing was explained.

Wait…this was episode 1? And Nezumi had no reason to know all that crap about Shion? And Shion was pretty much the stupidest person ever to accept the criminal into his house? Oh I see.

By the way…SPOILERS ALL OVER THE INTERNET! I just wanted to know how to spell Nezumi name. That is all folks. Now I can’t complain about the lack of CUTE MEN that I saw in the promotional stuff. Because I done know where they are. SPOILED! But I shall not spoil. Because I am going to be good today.

Moving on from the spoilers. The name No. 6 comes from the name of the city/town/huge prison everyone is living in. I am not clear if the war affected the whole world or just Japan. Either way Japan sounds pretty devastated from this war as only 6 cities exist after the fact. And no need for military or guns folks! All is safe. Except for the people who have guns of course.


This ended well. Yay for student teachers!

Children should not be teaching children. I know that Japanese children are far superior to children all over the globe what with their not having teen pregnancies, being able to navigate the confusing train system at the age of 7, and the ability to be an excellent cook at the age of 10 (well if you are a girl). But teaching should be left up to the people who went to school for 4 long years to get horrible pay checks and awful work schedules. Plus children teaching children leads to some children trying to kill the other students. Crazy I know.

From what I gather Safu and Shion go to a super-rich school and lead a super amazing life. I KNOW WHY SPOILERS but in this episode it seems to be the norm in this town. Living a very high tech life and going to a nice school. No subway scenes for us though. Boating back home is a better way to travel.

Usually people who lead super rich fabulous lives are portrayed as rude people who look down on the world. Except for Mugi. Because Mugi is awesome. Or they are portrayed as clueless yet well-meaning folks who want to get to know people better. Guess which one is Shion is?! Although I think he is rather stupid for wanting a typhoon for his birthday. And standing out in the rain. Is life that boring when you are smart and rich that you have to put your life at risk?


Pay no attention to me, holder of much knowledge. I will just sit here and knit...

I wish Safu’s grandmother had more to say to the viewers. Clearly she lived in a different era than these young people, a time before the war and dividing into 6 cities nonsense. She seems to hold onto the old ways as she is seen knitting most of Safu’s clothes (what an ugly sweater). Her scene was too small to give us many details on life before this amazing world which makes me a sad panda.


A scar or some type of branding?

While all this happy fun life is going on Nezumi is running away from people who are shooting at him. He better turn out to have some special powers or something because that many people shooting at him and he walks away with a bleeding arm? What do they think this is, a bad American action film? Upon breaking out of jail he decides to sneak on a boat and head to Shion’s house as it is the nearest place to hide? OH WAIT NO!


Can I has one of those bracelets please?

I have no idea why Nezumi has so much information on Shion. Did he know him prior to breaking and entering? To me it seems as if Nezumi was just looking for a place to hide. But then he started going on and on about Shion, that he is super smart and because of that his family gets to live life all cushy like. But no matter if it were by accident or if Nezumi meant to end up there he was surprised by how….special Shion was.


A slight bit of crazy is in this one.

I don’t know if special begins to describe Shion. Instead of being scared to death that someone broke into his room and manhandled him he was like OH HI. And then HE acted like he knew who Shion was. He didn’t see the mark on Nezumi’s back until later but he automatically knew OH this is a crazy person on the run from the Ministry of Peace (who have guns).


Criminal? In my room? TIME TO SERVE HIM TEA!!!

Then when he has a chance to tell his mother that HEY someone is in my room and is a criminal….no. Just no. Shion gives Nezumi his dinner. Doesn’t press the questions on how he ended up in jail. Oh and didn’t mind that Nezumi nearly broke his arm and threatened to cut his throat. Instead Shion got all shounen ai on us and held Nezumi’s hand. Hold the hand of the person who is on the lamb and tried to kill you. Okay then.


They can be crazy together AWWWW.

But to be fair Nezumi is pretty nuts too. Instead of holding onto his tough guy image he joins in this hand holding fest and snuggles on the bed. Tells Shion he is hot (okay I am stretching that one…). Smiling and such about this weird situation. So it was hard to think of this boy as a big bad criminal when he was the same size as Shion and is wearing a rather girlish sweater.


Me thinks it looks a bit creepy too Shion.

All of this is somehow connected to City Hall. Which looks like a huge beehive that makes noise in the wind. That would get a little annoying after a while. Everyone in town seem to find comfort in this noise making building except Shion. Oh and Nezumi as that is where he was taken prisoner.


Not sticking around for the awesome sweaters.

So….going to stick around for the appearance of the hot men. Because I have priorities folks. Also I want to how Shion gets in life with this very, very naïve outlook on life. Thank goodness he is has a new hot jaded guy in his life to watch his back and hold his hand. Until next time!


Marona said...

I've read your reviews up to episode three and decided to finally start watching the series. Sion/Shion is weird, and I had the exact same reaction as Nezumi after he displayed his fighting prowess by pinning Sion/Shion to the bed. I think grandma kind of serves the purpose of showing how life is made very simple and easy for people, giving them a sense of a lack of purpose and also cushioning them from the realities of a hard life on the outside. No wonder Sion/Shion was so unassuming and unguarded. City life does that to people I guess. I like Safu so far. Haha.

City Hall does indeed look like a beehive. I wonder why. :)

Christina said...

Marona- I am happy that my review made you pick up the series! Now I just hope it meets both of our expectations.

I think Shion is still a weird little boy after 3 episodes. After being shown and told some pretty harsh things he still wants to save the city. I can see him wanting to save certain PEOPLE (aka his momma) but to save an entire city out to get him is a bit much.

Nezumi is 1387 kinds of specials. He gets randomly violent (well I guess aggressive is a better word) with Shion but it is easy to see he really cares for Shion. Craziness.

And I agree with you about grandma. Sorta how all the people ended up in Wall-E. Everything is just easy and simple they fail to see how they are drone bees to the city. XD