Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Anime Series: Yuri Yuri episode 1

Tip of the day: If you are going to lie about something 1) make it believable and B) don’t get caught. Don’t tell a lie to person A who has a big mouth and tell person b who knows the real truth. And doesn’t like being gossiped about. And has the ability to actually be the thing you are accusing them of. XD SEE MY HAPPY FACE!!

Less than two weeks until my friend’s wedding and then three weeks til Otakon. These events can’t come soon enough. Didn’t I just have a huge break from work…?



But behold people. It is time for the summer 2011 anime season! Up first on my list is the anime Yuri Yuri. I wonder what this anime could be about?! XD Spoilers for girls having fun.


I am late too so it's okay silly girl.

Episode Summary: Akari is happily sleeping away when her two friends Yui and Kyouko ring the doorbell to wake her up. She rushes to get ready and greets her friends at the door only to realize…she is now in junior high and needs to wear a uniform now. She is all embarrassed and runs upstairs to change. Kyouko goes to investigate the house and Yui’s panties. Akari’s sister might be a crazy person. Akari finally gets changed and off they go to school. Yui and Kyouko are second year girls so Akari marches on alone to her new class. There two girls sitting in front of her get in a random fight and Akari embarrasses herself with her magical girl like introduction. After her crazy moment she says she will be joining the amusement club. Akari skips along to what looks like a tea house to join the so called amusement club with Yui and Kyouko as the only members. They are happy to see Akari and explain that in the club….they just lay around and do whatever they want. Akari is like….that sounds boring and we shall waste our youth away. Akari demands something more stimulating so Kyouko grabs Yui’s boobs. Then she suggest a roller coaster and Ferris wheel be built at the school or something. Both ideas are shot down.


Can I have a love nest too?

The talk then turns to a popular manga that Kyouko likes to draw doujinshi of. She is super obsessed with a certain character from that series. Chinatsu is a young girl in Akari’s class whose dream is to join the tea ceremony club so she can be just like her beautiful awesome older sister. So imagine her shock when she walks in and finds…the amusement club. Now the thing is Chinatsu looks just like the girl from this manga and Kyouko instantly wants Chinatsu…for naughty purposes and dressing up and such. In the end Chinatsu stays to practice with the tea equipment in hopes the tea club will be revived one day. And because she instantly falls in LIKE with Yui who is protecting Chinatsu from Kyouko. They quickly fall into a pattern, Chinatsu clinging to Yui for help and Kyouko trying to molest and cosplay Chinatsu. Akari and the girls quickly realize that Akari is not acting like the main character anymore. Akari melts all over the place in despair. The girls try to think up interesting plots and characteristics that Akari can use but most of them are mean and unreasonable. Akari loses her mind and cackles that she will do something AMAZING. But before that amazing thing can happen two girls come in and start yelling at Kyouko. Akari has no moment and cries more. The end.


A Ferris wheel of doom?


They are in JUNIOR high? Oh lord. OH LORD IS ME.


I love little chibi drawings.

Maybe for the sake of my sanity I will pretend they are in high school. Because anybody on anybody action can only take place in my mind when all parties are at least 16. Well except if you are Gundam pilots where they were all 15 yes?

HMMMMM realizing my hypocrisy here. Well carry on junior high girls. Also perhaps it is important to consider the culture involved with this show, where same sex…curiosities are more accepted when people are younger. Maybe I am just old and feeling really old knowing they are junior high girls and not high school girls. :( Also I have no lawn so how can I yell at people to get off of it?


I am sure she will make many friends with this introduction.

Moving on now I like how this show is going to be balanced. Two first year girls and two second year girls. None of this one verses everyone else crap. That means no one will be totally left behind woohoo! More focus can be on the fun and not oh sadness they will be leaving me soon and life is so terrible.


I am sure Akari is more embarrassed that her sister is so weird.

I am sure Akari was 15 kinds of embarrassed when she was dressed like an elementary school kid. I wonder if all sixth graders in general feel embarrassed carrying around the same backpack they had in 1st grade. Sorta like our sixth graders here don’t want to ride the bus with a bunch of babies.

I do think that Akari should have been more.....apprehensive about her first day of junior high. I remember everyone looking so big. In fact as I type this I remember a scary moment the first time I walked into a locker room… instead of being nervous Akari decided she was a super hero and struck a pose. Good job, now you are the weird girl. I heard there was a girl named Erio who was weird too. Things worked out lovely for her.


Such harsh words!!!!

I did laugh when Akari was not amused with what the club was all about. To me having a private place to hang out with your friends sounds pretty cool. But since Akari is new to junior high I think she had a different idea of how things were going to be. That suddenly she was going to feel more grown-up and have a mature like club to be a part of. Her “wasting away youth” comment was pretty funny but overall I understood the X__X she felt and why the older girls wanted a cool club.


Master manipulator?

It seems most of the yuri action is going to come from Kyouko. She also seems deep into the otaku culture with further makes her a crazy person (in terms of how Japanese people view otakus). I thought a lot of her focus was going to be on her loving Akari. But it seems that Akari is last year’s obsession (besides her sister is in love with her it seems X__X) and Kyouko has moved onto the new flavor of the month.

Also Kyouko is probably the reason why Akari felt left out of the love. Chinatsu is the new play toy and Akari is like HELLO I have been your friend for years!!! Where is the love at!!!

As for Chinatsu….rest in peace. God’s speed. Or whatever saying is good to say at this time. She thought she was being all mature and joining the tea ceremony club (which is think is a little too mature for junior high kids but I guess Japanese kids are more mature as a whole anyway…). But no. She is joining a club that has no meaning to it. Unless you count the Ferris wheel they plan on creating next week or something.


I think we should worry about Akari more...

However….i think Chinatsu will be fine. Because she isn’t giving into to Kyouko’s groping. She isn’t all crying in the corner saying her life is horrible. She is avoiding Kyouko and her antics. That and she has a knight in shining armor. Yui is her savor and her crush. Now life will be okay and there is a reason for her to join this crazy club. Because really Chinatsu needed a reason to stay with these crazy people.


Yui is normal, the sparkles are added by Chinatsu.

Speaking of Yui she seems like the normal one of the bunch without coming off as a crazy evil person out to kill all the fun in the universe. A reasonable girl who wants everyone to have a good time and not look at underwear.

I am glad no one seems to be the over the top scared girl. I love Mio from K-On!! but sometimes she went all crazy for no reason. Let’s not have that type of character again.


So much for being a main character...

Akari having an identity crisis was rather amusing. Destroying the 4th wall is always fun but watching the girls make fun of her was humorous AND Akari acknowledge it was mean. None of that DUH crap going on. More like um why are you making fun of me, aren’t I your friend?! It is tough being the main character.


Dance Kyouko dance!!!

I wonder how much this anime character that Kyouko likes will play into the show. It is cool that Kyouko has an interest in drawing anime but comparing Chinatsu to a fictional character all the time might get old. And weird. Power up.


We still don't know what the amusement club is all about.....

Overall I thought this was an okay first episode. Junior high girls X__X having fun by trying to build roller coasters in tea rooms and Kyouko trying to get to second base before the first date. For now it shall be a fun and simple watch. No sight or mention of aliens so we are good to go!


Anonymous said...

Where did you watch the first episode?

Christina said...

Is where I watched Yuri Yuri. Finding a site that had a GOOD version of Blood-C was hard though.

Ruben said...

"a bunch of naked harry potter pictures" xD... anyway...

I watched this first episode and Akkarin's introduction was very nice xD and the fact that apparently the big sister has a crush on her it could get the things more interesting, but this episode was half funny and half a bit boring so idk if i'm going to keep watching it.

Christina said...

Ruben- Late response is super late but we have yet to seen the crazy sister yet. As of now there are some fun moments in the show and some insane moments as there is a different Queen pervert character. Kyoko is really leading the show, not Akari. :( Poor Akari.