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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 11

AHHHHH! How is already July 5th? I thought I had plenty of time to catch up on my spring anime before the summer anime started. Obviously I was wrong and underestimated my desire to have a social life and work all the time. Silly is me.

But with only 2 episodes left I am nearly there. Wish me luck and hopefully I won’t become this behind again. Although I had a blast during the process of getting behind…….XD


Clearly the aliens are a lie.

Spoilers for no aliens once again. Shocking I know.


At least Erio is trying to follow her dreams? Of course they are crazy dreams...

Episode Summary: Makoto starts off the episode by explaining how he used to be on a soccer team but sucked and never got to play. His parents came to cheer him on but he quit without ever getting his uniform dirty. He thinks about this while Erio watches the stars all excited like. The next day he is bored with nothing to do so he goes out seeking food. On the way he sees Maekawa and she invites him over for some noms. After trying some lame doughnut joke Maekawa sets to work on making lunch. Out in the garden Makoto has plans to calculate his youth points. Instead he sees Yashiro trying to steal food from the garden. Makoto is like you are a freak but goes inside to get her a tomato to eat. Because the ones in the garden weren’t good enough or something. Yashiro rewards him with hp points but refuses to go back home. Back inside lunch is served and Maekawa blushes as Makoto says her food is good. Afterwards she invites him to play video games and he sucks at them. She comments that he is good at giving up in situations and she used to think that way too. That she has given up on her height and instead of sitting back and watching life she is going to try harder to be involved. Makoto talks about how he doesn’t want to be called transfer student anymore but Maekawa is like too bad. Then Makoto suggest next time they invite Ryuko and Erio over. Maekawa is like is you dumb?


Someone needs attention?

At home Makoto talks to Ryuko about attending her practice match tomorrow. Things get playful but Erio comes in demanding attention. Ryuko gets jealous and Erio is like let’s go see the stars!!! The next day Makoto goes to the basketball court. Ryuko is happy he is there even though she is teased by her teammates. Yashiro is there for some reason and Makoto sits next to her. Two people from the random baseball teams (not the school ones, the festival ones) come sit next to Makoto and say Ryuko has no chance. Ryuko proves that as she messed up all over the place. Yashiro explains that Ryuko has some of the greatest ESP potential inside of her and Makoto needs to nourish that. So Makoto gets up and cheers Ryuko on with a very embarrassing speech. She smiles and scores two points.


MOG too gross for words!!

This episode was really all over the place. Really the entire series has been all over the place. It’s like trying to watch Nancy Grace make a point. I just wonder how this is all going to be tied into one last episode (well and that 13th episodes that comes out on DVD).


You want to go to for me instead?

Makoto is a little skanky. I was going to say lazy but I guess I would like to spend all day sleeping the summer away too. That or doing as much as possible. So I will go with skanky instead. A stupid skank.

But most boys in harem animes are stupid skanks so that is not saying much. And in terms of harem this is a rather small one. But I do think Makoto is way caught up in all the attention he is receiving yet is not good at thinking how this affects every single girl.


How did you not punch him in the face?

It is obvious in the way he tries to include all the girls in every single activity. Maekawa invited Makoto over for a little home date. She didn’t use those words but it is implied. So after spending the day with Makoto, making him lunch, and blushing all over the place Makoto is like OH maybe next time we can invite my cousin and Ryuko over. Because that is what all girls want to hear. They want to hear the boy they like suggest bringing over more girls. Sounds so romantic yes?


Should have tried harder homeslice.

But since it is Maekawa I don’t feel as bad as I would for someone else. Because this is episode 11 folks. A bit late in the game to try and win the boy’s heart yes? Unless her plan of attack was to fly under the radar the entire time and then swoop in when Erio and Ryuko turned out to be crazy people. Her sitting in the wings did not work for her. I did appreciate her wearing normal clothes today and her attempt to make a normal meal for Makoto. But she was on the outside looking in for far too long so I think she is stuck in weird friend category.

However…. Maekawa acknowledged she was done watching. She knows that is what she has done her entire life. Not sure why now she needs to bring up her height when that has not been an issue the entire series. Or maybe that is why she wears the crazy costumes, to hide her height? But putting that aside I guess her little speech ties in with Makoto always sitting on the sidelines, not trying his hardest. I don’t know, she made a good point about trying harder but I think it is a little too late for that.


Are you a rabbit alien? X__X

Yashiro showing up and eating tomatoes was super weird. Not sure why she is crawling all over the place looking for food. I would steal from a store before I broke into how many houses before I stumbled on food. Also who the hell just eats a tomatoes? Like they would an apple?! Gross! Gross I say. And not because I hate tomatoes either!


Probably the only game I am good at. XD

Also I love Mario Kart. And Makoto sucking so hard at the game really hurt my soul.

I find Makoto’s phone calls with Ryuko awkward and weird. But when you might like someone and that someone likes you back I guess it can’t be anything but awkward and weird. Ryuko being jealous of Erio being in the same room as Makoto is a bit weird. He lives in the same house as her. Only be jealous if they are in the same bathroom together. XD


Well except the part where she sparkled. People sparkle when they reach happiness in this show.

The basketball game was really embarrassing to watch. I thought maybe Ryuko had been improving the past few days. That her little talks on the phone with Makoto were real, that she was going to get a chance to play and shine. But then it was just a hot mess and I almost had to pause the episode because I couldn’t handle the second hand embarrassment.


So many words for a simple explanation.

Even though Yashiro makes no sense at all with the running away and claiming to be an alien I try to look passed that. That the ESP wasn’t really ESP but something that makes more sense. That while Ryuko wasn’t the best on the team she was trying harder. That hearing words of encouragement from the boy she liked would give her confidence. So is that what this show is all about? Ordinary events in high school? That teenagers can’t handle normal explanations so they need to make up stories so they can better understand them? I have no idea at this point.


Makoto doesn't understand a lot of stuff....

The boy that confessed to Ryuko and the baseball girl being there added nothing. I guess it looked better for more people to be sitting next to Makoto so Ryuko wouldn’t be jealous of Yashiro? I don’t know. They didn’t add much to the discussion, only to say Ryuko never had a chance.


Riding along in a sea of confusion...

In conclusion I wrote this why watching “the verdict of the century” and thus my total focus has not been on this blog post. Sorry if things don’t make sense. But then again maybe my post matches the theme of the show? One more episode left!

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