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Blood-C episode 3

So. As you can see not much anime blogging got done on my trip to dirt and cactus land. Actually it would be more like…no anime blogging on done. And now with all this crap on my nails typing is fun yay!!!

But at least that huge spider didn’t eat me. I should be thankful for that.


Look how clueless and cute I am XD

Since I have to download Blood-C to watch it anyway that is what I decided to blog first. So I could have something to do on the plane when I am eating pretzels and pretending to be fine. Spoilers for….um…nothing actually?


Because cutting eggs is the most dangerous thing Saya does. Ever.

Episode Summary: Saya’s father and Fumito watch (nervously) as Saya makes a bento box. Saya barely can cut the eggs with a small knife which I think everyone finds special. Then everyone eats breakfast and it’s all eggs and rainbows. Saya promises to become a better cook and we learn her father can only drink weak coffee. There is also a bit of candy action going on again. Hard to believe the café is named after this sweet and Saya is just now eating it but a great deal of time is devoted to Saya eating and loving this candy. After some brief singing Saya runs into Mr Puppy. She is able to pick him up and save him from the dangers of the heavily traffic road. He eventually runs off and Saya is late to school. As a punishment Ms Homeroom/Chemistry teacher uses Saya as free labor. Saya asks some questions and Ms Tsutsutori reveals she used to be a researcher but being a chemistry teacher in this small town allows her to study the most interesting thing EVER. She also says she likes Saya which makes Saya all blushy. Ms Tsutsutori makes Saya promise to come to her if she (Saya) ever has any problems. After school everyone wants to do something but they realize that they still live in loser town. And the place Itsuki was talking about last week was actually Fumito’s place. But since there is really nothing to do they make their way to the bakery. As they complain about the town again everyone realizes that Saya has never watched or owned a TV. Life is truly sad.


X__X Are these girls monsters too? But I guess it is hard to be a teenager in Nomville.

They finally get over the lack of TV and make it to Fumito’s. There Itsuki watches as Saya goes on and on about Fumito’s cooking and such. There might be a little bromance growing as Itsuki also enjoys making cakes. Saya continues to be lalala until a police officer comes by. The only bakery owner dude in town has gone missing so the whole town must be informed. Saya is all XO I know him and puts on her serious face. They are told to go home and Saya is like it’s morphin time. Her father informs her it is a baddie and gives her the sword of awesome. She runs around town until she finds the bakery dude walking around like a zombie. He walks to an old train station. A random train pulls up and bakery dude walks in it. Then he wakes up just in time to be aware that he is being torn to shreds. Saya watches this all and THEN stabs Mr. Monster Train. It morphs into really gross Monster train blob. They fight for a while until Saya gets all red eyed and takes things seriously. She lands the final blow smiling like a crazy person but the dying creature manages to say something cryptic before it splats. The random voice that says random things does so at the end of the episode, talking about maybe certain parts of humans can’t change? But if they could wouldn’t it be interesting? This time Saya (or a Saya like person) is sitting down listening to this person. THE END!

Like for real folks. What is going on with this show? I don’t even know at this point. I haven’t really been all internety this week so I don’t know how people reacted to episode 2 but I am thinking episode 3 isn’t going over that well either.


Better start praying for the bakery dude too.

But I guess we can be grateful that there was a lot less singing today. We got maybe two verses and we were done. No one talked about the singing. Life moved on rather quickly from the singing. Maybe there will be no singing in the future once the body count takes off?

However I am not very impressed with Saya. She looked around like she thought something was wrong but kept on going. If Saya has been trained for this all her life shouldn’t she be better at sensing the danger? Well I guess the danger was on a moving train so that was a bit hard to sense. Still though.

Oh yeah. Guess we didn’t learn much about Saya and her family’s past this week. We were LIED to. Lies folks. All of them.


Wonder if she will survive to see the end of the series.

We did learn about Ms Homeroom teacher Tsutsutori. We saw her putting a human body model back together and the first organ in her hand was the heart. Symbolic yes? We learned that being a teacher was not her first choice and that her field research work so very different from chemistry class. And she was acting like Saya was the most interesting thing in this town.


Please be a little more obvious next time Ms Teacher.

So obviously Ms. Tsutsutori knows about the Elder Bairn, possibly helped create Saya, and is only in this small town of nothingness to study Saya at work and all the super natural stuff that happens. Because I has my anime learnings folks. That whole almost kissing and saying she “likes” Saya was all an act. What she really was saying is she likes her blood. Maybe Ms Tsutsutori is an Elder Bairn too? Anyway she is in town because of the monsters and Saya and that is all that matters.



The whole scene walking home from school was too dumb for words. It was already established last week that this town doesn’t even have a Wal-Mart. Not sure why we needed to go into great detail again. Also I thought Saya said last week she didn’t have a TV but maybe she said she didn’t watch any….Either way everyone is oh so sad because their town sucks.


The candy is really humans. That is the whole plot of the show WOOHOO!!!

They end up going to Fumito’s place to eat as there is nowhere else to go in town for entertainment. Funny how everyone loves Saya but has never spent time with her before. So Itsuki took her to Fumito’s place to spend time with her yet has to watch as she goes on and on about Fumito’s cooking. Also she brought up Shinichiro again. He has yet to do anything to make him so important to Saya and at this point it is forcing the viewers to care about someone we know nothing about and can’t feel anything for. So basically Itsuki should just kill himself.

The police officer randomly showing up was awesome. Maybe in small towns cops really do that. Felt like a Sci-Fi movie to me. I enjoyed the flashback too. I mean….we just got told that everyone in town knows each other. I kinda figured Saya knew Mr. Bakery Man and his family. But danger folks. Danger is afoot. Considering the nature of these monsters though shouldn’t things like this happen all the time and no one thinks anything of it? Like Sunnydale only with a bigger mall?


Just...bye dude. Apparently you are going to die.

Saya is 19 kinds of suck. I actually thought the bakery man got turned into a monster thingy and she was going to have her first battle with a humanoid baddie. But nope nope. I knew he was going to die the minute he went missing. I just thought that Saya would actually try to save him. But she made NO EFFORT to save him at all. She just watched, as if she was trying to see how the monster was able to fight and what it did. Like hello isn’t your job to protect the town?


Aw no heads flying around. :(

First bloody death though. True CLAMP style we got body parts flying all over the place. I wonder if this was the censored version though. Did anyone see a version of him all falling apart? I saw him getting squished and then his arm hitting the door. So we got our Blood franchise violence. Just thought Ms Cloud for Brains would have attempted a rescue.


Someone is enjoying the killing process.....

Dude. Did you see her smile when she stabbed the monster in the head? That was a true Saya moment. That maybe that is the real Saya and her father has been keeping her at bay all these years. I don’t think someone can smile like that and have fluffy dog thoughts too. Evil smile is evil.


X__X I think I was more surprised that it had eyes, not that it talked.

The battle wasn’t anything special as the monster was just a blob. But this one managed to say a sentence before it was squished. Honor the covenant. What does that mean though? That there is deal between the baddies and Saya’s family? That some people can get nommed but if things get out of control Saya is allowed to destroy them. It doesn’t make much sense now but I am sure it will later. CLAMP is very good at explaining things, like how Mr. Bakery man ended up in a trance to begin with.


Now who could this be.....

And the end of the episode was more talk about humans changing from the mysterious voice. Only this time instead of just having the ominous floating blood vial thingys Saya was there. We couldn’t see her face but she was there listening to this man speech and staring at an empty chair. So in her spare time not watching TV is she being indoctrinated by this man who is clearly talking about her? The change is probably Saya being a happy person verses the cold blooded killer she was meant to be…..


Slowly making progress with this dog....

Oh and there was another dog scene. So amazing what the picking up and the dog running away. Really too amazing for words.

So that is about it. Cake, school, death. Very slowly learning new things about Saya. Next week all we got to see is more…cake and school. Sounds like plan I guess?

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Christina said...

I am not sure why the comment didn't post but someone asked where to find downloads because all the streams suck. And they do. I have no idea and this is the first anime that I have to actually download. But this is where I have gotten the last three episodes.

I always go with the Megaupload option. The clarity is amazing. Since I don't speak Japanese I am not sure how accurate the subs are but I will just call the creatures Monsters and call it a day.