Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 12 FINAL EPISODE!

I had a super, super lazy day today. A good portion of it was caught up in the drama of THE TRIAL and some of it was just wasting time on a particular website. I hate it when my days off are wasted. But was it really wasted? I spent one day at a theme park and another day walking around a city dodging tourists. Maybe sometimes days off should be spent doing nothing. XD


Erio is pitching...this will end well.

But woohoo! I have caught up with all my spring anime shows now. GO ME. At least something got done today yes?

Spoilers for the shortest blog post ever!

Episode Summary: The baseball game of the year is set to start. Ryuko is there to cheer Makoto on but when Maekawa’s dad (the pitcher) runs away things look bad. Meme shows up to lead the team to victory and puts Erio in charge of pitching. Makoto is sent to find the runaway dad. Erio is a decent pitcher as she has no idea what she is doing and no one can predict her moves. Makoto finally finds the dad whom was just worried about the pressure of the game. Makoto explains he has worries about life, as does everyone else, and they all should just try their best. Makoto makes it back to the game when it is one of those two on base, two players out deal. Makoto talks himself up and seems to hit a good ball. But it is going to be caught and he deems himself a failure. Yashiro then LOOKS at the ball and it goes into the river (where Makoto and Erio were at the beginning of the episode). Their team wins and everyone is all smiles. THE END!

So……this show sucked right? Or maybe I suck for not understanding the deeper meaning of everything. In any case NOT AMUSED.


And no one notices the crazy girl in the costume...because there is already one of the field!

No aliens. Unless that small act by Yashiro was proof of aliens. Even then I am not impressed. The entire premise of this show was a girl talking about being abducted by aliens or being an alien. Her mother tried to play up the alien angle by acting like the father of Erio was somehow magical/alienish too. And given the fact that the “normal” people in town believed in aliens I thought HAHA maybe we see some aliens.

And even if the alien angle was never taken serious……what about Erio? She did disappear for 6 months. One can explain her bizarre behavior after the fact as some defensive wall she put up because of her real fears and suchies. But no one wanted to find out what happened to her? Why she had no memories? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ERIO?!


Oh and the series was also about Makoto giving people bike rides. Even very unimportant people who took up screen time in the last episode.

And in the end that is why I hate this series. A girl who wraps herself around in a futon…maybe not the product of aliens but surely someone who has an interesting story to tell. Instead we just got rude comments about Erio from other people. We got Meme who is more concerned about grandmother dying for 27 years that her own daughter. And then we get Makoto who is more concerned about youth points than making sure his cousin made it back into society.

Oh and the baseball game. Can’t forget about the baseball game. Thought that was going to lead to an interesting story about old town verses new city but nope. NOPE NOPE NOPE!


A baseball outfit at a baseball is weird....but we got a fish girl, a mattress girl, and a guy who wears a cow tag on his head on the field. OKAY!

So in conclusion this show was nothing like how it was portrayed as in the synopsis. Sometimes that turns out to be a good surprise but in this case it was just a disappointment. This show was not about aliens, helping Erio get her memories back, or explaining why people were so weird. Instead it was about people being weird.


Makoto is the boy of miracles? XD Is that why his bike nearly killed him and Erio?

Which would have been fine had I been expecting that. But since I was expecting aliens, a confused memory-less girl, and maybe a lot of supernatural things it wasn’t fine. Animes about self discovery and how everyone has weird/troublesome stuff in their lives are great but only if they are marketed that way. This show was good for sparkles and cute girls acting cute. That is about it. THE END!

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