Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kobato Final Drop!

XO Thanks to some lovely commentators I was notified about the latest and LAST chapter of Kobato being out and translated. So back off anime, there are other things to blog about tonight.

And possibly cry about. Even though CLAMP drives me (and everyone else) nuts it is still bittersweet when one of their series ends. And a little nerve wracking. Don’t want to get XXXholic again.

But here I am ready to say goodbye to another manga series from CLAMP. Come experience the spoilers with me. Maybe you shall be surprised.

This drop and every other Kobato drop can be found here. Without this website and their releases we would have to wait YEARS for all CLAMP's works. So thank you so much for your time and dedication to the craziness that is CLAMP.


Fujimoto needs a hug and there is no more Kobato!!!

As Kobato disappears into nothing Sayaka and Okiura look on…and then instantly forget about Kobato. Fujimoto seems to have forgotten her as well but that doesn’t stop the tears from building up. Fujimoto was having emotions all over the place. I am sure before Kobato rolled into town he was only good at experiencing anger or…well nothing. But since Kobato came to his life he got to experience rage, frustration, disappointment,….and happiness. XD Poor Fujimoto. He probably needed baby steps in the whole FEELING situation.

So Kobato died. And it was terrible sad. So sad…for one page. And that page had flowers on it so I am not sure if that even counts as a page. So CLAMP. I know you are good at being dramatic and sad and :(….but what was this?! I know Kobato was a happy manga with rainbows and butterflies. But five seconds after Kobato disappears/dies we see her again?! Give us a little suspense!


TADA! Everything is okay folks. Had you going for a whole page right?

And not only are we seeing Kobato right away…SHE HAS HER MEMORIES!! X__X What the hell?! Where is the suffering? Where is evil CLAMP?! Where are the trials and tribulations Kobato must face?! WHAT IS GOING ON?!


Price check on plushie gods from another world!

MOG! Kobato is alive, has her memories…AND has Ioryogi?! CLAMP has died. Died and gone to heaven. And in their place are fluffly unicorns who fart out cupcakes and sprinkles. Because obviously something had gone wrong. Wrong being everything is right and perfect. Kobato didn’t fill her jar and POOFED! But now she is alive and remembers what happened and gets help from Ioryogi?! Did she also win the lottery and get straight A’s in school?! How perfect is this scenario?!

It might sound like I am being harsh. I do love Kobato and I want her to be happy. As happy as fictional characters can be. But something about this ending seems too perfect (and rushed…rushed for the history lesson that is Gate 7). The anime ending was not “true” to the manga ending (mainly because it was not done yet) but I liked that both Kobato and Fujimoto had forgotten the past. That there was a moment where we were all going :( when they didn’t know each other. To me Kobato really had it laid out easy for her while other CLAMP characters had to fight a little for their happy ending.

But I guess none of this matters because everyone is like XO Kobato looks so cute in her high school uniform.

Any questions about why Ioryogi was sitting in a toy store will go unanswered. I mean if he was stalking her while she was growing up and she FOUND him one day while he was hiding that would make sense. But it looked like he was for sale to me. At least he didn’t get squished for not completing his task. He just….stayed a plushie.


Kobato gets 15 wishes because her hair is 15 feet long.

But yes. Kobato has been reborn with a slightly stronger body and with all her memories. And now at the age 16 (again) she has made it back to the nursery that started her adventure. Ioryogi warns Kobato not to get her hopes up as no one will remember her. But that’s okay. Kobato is just happy her wish of “going to where the people I love are” came true.

Even if she didn’t fill the bottle….

Ioryogi tells Kobato that her OTHER wish (why does she get two…) came true and Okiura’s has left the nursery alone. Kobato is happy that everyone seems okay. Then she finds out that the nursery is hiring part time help and Kobato decides since it was a blast last time she would once again work at the nursery. As she falls on the ground in true Kobato style.


Kobato's luck didn't long as she was stuck by lightening. Or she was shocked that Fujimoto cut his hair.

Enter the Fujimoto!!! Because when Kobato fails or falls or otherwise embarrasses herself Fujimoto must be around to see it. Only now he doesn’t remember Kobato so he doesn’t know to tease her that much.

Fujimoto has a haircut!! And Kobato looks weird without a hat on her head. Changes folks. I must deal with them.


Kobato needs a hug!!! But Fujimoto isn't much of a hugger...

Putting that aside Kobato explains that she is here for the part-time job and Fujimoto agrees to take her to the principal. Not Sayaka. Also I am not going to talk about the fact that Fujimoto is at least 35 now. Because…..I am not. Avoiding avoiding. As she and Fujimoto are walking to the principal’s office she reaches out for him but pulls back knowing he does not remember her. That is not her Fujimoto.


And then the universe fell apart. Fujimoto has a heart. And it grew three sizes that day.

But that sadness lasts half a page! Because Mr. Bunny-chan comes down from the sky and POOF Fujimoto has his memories back. JUST LIKE THAT! FOR NO REASON! Okay there is a reason but um….yeah. Kobato saw Fujimoto for 5 seconds and tada he got his memories back. She didn’t suffer at all X__X Just happy times and yay for her. I would have expected him to look a little shocked at getting his memories back so quickly but…I guess not.


I have no idea what is going on...but I want one.

So why does Fujimoto get his memories back? Well since this is the final chapter we need to waste some pages on the other useless animals that Ioryogi knows. For some reason Ginsei bargained with God to give Fujimoto back his memories. The other animals say it is because Kobato touched his heart. I think it is because he doesn’t want anyone to suffer in a one sided love like he has (cough cough Ioryogi). And God is a hustler apparently as Ginsei had to give up…his edging stuffed animal appearance and become a chibi pet or something.

Since CLAMP has decided to give everyone a happy ending Suishou and Ioryogi get a page or two. Suishou explains that without her Kobato would still be ill (and probably die so Ioryogi accidentally killing her was a good thing WOOHOO!!!) and that she needs to stay put for now. But when Kobato is rereborn she should be healthy (because Suishou and God are tight and share info) and then she and Ioryogi can be together.


We are not questioning the happy. Just be caught up in the smiles.

I don’t recall God offering Ioryogi a deal. In fact I clearly remember him failing his task. And he was turned all plushie like as a punishment. But CLAMP is clearly done with this series and stuff like facts don’t matter.


And they all lived happily ever after. Yay magical bunnies!!!

All that matters is both Kobatos got a happy ending. And we aren’t 100 years into the future locked up in a house waiting for a dead person. Fujimoto admitted he loves Kobato, something he couldn’t 16 years ago, and all that Kobato has gone through in the last 16 years and 5 minutes were all worth it. THE END!

So while I am VERY happy Kobato got a good ending (verses a very, very bad ending) I thought it was rushed. Actually I think it was slightly obvious it was rushed. CLAMP was building us up for months (years even) and in the end they got bored. Sometimes when they get bored they drop series. Sometimes when they get bored they lose their mind and forget what the hell they were trying to even accomplish. And sometimes when they get bored they decide they hate their fans and make the stupidest and most unsatisfying ending ever.

Kobato falls in between all that. We all knew that Kobato was going to get a happy ending. But I think there could have been…more. The way between Ioryogi and God could have been better explained. I think that fans wanted to see Ioryogi as the other world Fujimoto and at the end of the day I don’t know if he was or not. And I think it would have been more romantic if Kobato had gone through her life unaware of what happened previously and she and Fujimoto remembered together at the same time.

With all of that said….I am glad the angel got a happy ending. XD She was stuck in the middle and the fact that one day things will be okay for her makes me happy. The other animals…meh. I rather have seen a 40 year old Sayaka and her man. But Kobato is happy, cheerful, and with her 35 year old lawyer man.

Not sure if there is anything left to say. It has been a long and bumpy ride. We had scenes that lasted MONTHS and stuff that was quickly forgotten about. We had loads of hair, sparkles, and smiles. But now the good times have ended and we are left with…whatever Gate 7 is. Farewell Kobato. I hope people continue to cosplay you and your wonderful fun outfits!


Anonymous said...

Man, I totally agree with you about your assessment on CLAMP, especially with how they just drops series's (X, Gohou Drug, Clover, etc...) Well, they DID promised to finish Gohou Drug in any case, so maybe they'll return to that since they've finished Kobato?

Though, I still haven't forgiven them for forever ruining Syaoran and Sakura. I didn't think it was ever possible to taint such an innocent and cute couple, but they certainly proved me wrong!!

But I'm glad Kobato got her happy ending. I knew this wasn't going to end the same way RG Veda did, but I'm still happy nonetheless.

anaaga said...

Man, what is this I don't even >.<
As much as I love how Kobato at least got hooked with Fujimoto (which is like...old...) instead of staying young forever or traveling without destination OR sleeping for a hundred years(urk), but what the hell... The manga is too rushed, TOO RUSHED. At least give us a moment to cry and wail at the depressing moments, CLAMP! isn't that the reason why depressing stuff exists!? Don't give me a colorful page and go BAM "everything's happy and I am sixteen!" And Fujimoto what the heell why didn't you forget for at least an hour? Why for, like, 15 secs only, a page for us?
CLAMP, I don't know whether to like you or not now. I hope Gate 7 won't be like this, or I'll be a mad bitch

Christina said...

Anonymous 1- I think given CLAMP's track record and their apparent lose of interest in Kobato this was the best they were going to give us.

I was willing to forgive the Tsubasa not all because I was holding out for an explanation in XXXholic. But XXXholic is the worse ending of any CLAMP manga. At least RG Veda had an atmosphere of everyone is going to die.

I am glad though that everyone seemed to get a happy ending. Even if it made no sense.

Anaaga- This was beyond rushed. There was no sadness at all. It was lalala look how everything is working out in 5 minutes! Kobato was ready to be sad and depressed that Fujimoto did not remember her. So why not have that happen for a few months!? DAYS even. Instead Mr Bunny was instantly there.

While I am happy everyone got a happy ending I think a lot of issues were magically glossed over. Kobato got TWO wishes when she didn't fill her jar at all. Some random plushie critter who is being punished by God gets to make a wish by becoming a smaller plushie critter? Kobato getting to keep her memories? Just....a lot.

I am not impressed with Gate 7. If they want to teach us fine. But don't suck us in with a supernatural type manga and change it around to a history lesson.

But at least Kobato is happy. And instead of being a 100 years later and everyone is DEAD she at least gets to hang out with old people.

Medha said...

I have to say, I didnt have time to read the manga's ending and I suppose I just caught up, but I prefer the way the anime handled the ending in comparison to this.

It is very similar but also very different as far as key points are concerned.

And, that rumor (theory?fact?) of Ioryogi/Fujimoto NEEDS to be validated!!! I swear, that little tidbit would've been EPIC and much much appreciated by the fans.

Another check I'll be giving the anime in it's favor; it left the ending ambiguous enough for fans to invent (although, I would've liked seeing the "spirit" plushies in their humanoid form lol)

Christina said...

Medha- It is weird but I like the anime ending better too. Usually when animes have to make up an ending because the manga is no where near being done it ends up sucking (AKA Tsubasa). But I like both Kobato and Fujimoto remembering at the same time, the (maybe) age difference not being so large, and how Kobato was able to get a second wish.

But in the manga I think it is was important that the angel and Ioryogi got their almost happy ending. Confirmation that Ioryogi IS Fujimoto would have been appreciated as well as the other animals in their human forms.

Perhaps if CLAMP hadn't decided to move on the manga ending would have been stronger. But the way they rushed it makes the anime seem a little more put together. Silly CLAMP.

Anonymous said...

:< do you happen to know where I can read Kobato? the manga-here link is missing quite a few chunks.... :(

Christina said...

Anonymous- This site seems to have all the manga chapter.

Hopefully anyway since I kept posting this link. XD

Unknown said...

i hate the fact that fujimoto is old and kobato stays 16 its a sucky relationship with obvious future problems! that kind of thing annoys me (even if you find it offensive reading what i'm writing now i wouldn't wait for an apology because i will speak my mind) i mean i understand the true love conquers all but i hate the fact that its so obvious fujimoto will get old and wrinkly while kobato is still youngish and perkyish ya no? seriously it sucks that there age difference is so much, i mean even before fujimoto was older; him in college, and her highschool aged.but then add another sixteen years to the years he already has ahead of her! it annoys me to death! :P

Christina said...

Unknown- Sorry for the late response. But yes the age difference is a putting. I guess it is less creepy knowing that Kobato has knowledge of her previous life, making her more mature than normal 16 year olds. So I guess in one way they are closer in age due to that fact? But in the logic sense Fujimoto will be getting them senior citizen discounts long before Kobato even needs dentures. Maybe they are going to try and live each moment to the fullest and who knows, Kobato could get hit by a car before Fujimoto dies of old age, leaving her alone for 20 plus years.

I don't know, I don't think I could have such a huge age difference between my partner and I because I would think morbid thoughts like that. But many people do that every day in real life....of course it is usually rich old men and hot young girls....hmmm. Well at least Fujimoto and Kobato love each other. XD

YUKI said...

At 2017, I'm reading this blog. It was sooooooooooooo fun, reading this. LOL. I agree about CLAMP's insane way of doing things. Thanks for this post though. <3

CLAMP98 said...

Anonymous 1 - Which Syaoran and Sakura are you referring to? Tsubasa? When you say "ruin" I assume you mean the "pretty much never seeing each other again" thing?

I have to agree, while the ending was annoyingly could have been muuuuuch worse. What are your thoughts on the follow up Tsubasa and xxxHolic series?

The age difference thing was a bit much. I mean, I know they are quite fond of age difference relationships (Rika and Terada-sensei), but yeah this seemed to really be pushing it. My parents have an age difference of 14 years, which doesn't bother them in the slightest, because they met when mum was 25 and dad was about 38, so at that age the difference isn't too obvious. But that to me is pretty much the limit. 18 (potentially 18+) years is just a bit too much for me.

(as you can see by my Google account name I adore CLAMP but they really make it difficult sometimes)