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Blood-C episode 2

I’m typing in a plane pretending I don’t get airsick. Or motion sickness I should say. Because reading and moving does not work well for me.

But yes. I got half the things I wanted to get done yesterday. Which means No. 6 got blogged and Blood C didn’t. But that is fine since I don’t feel like sleeping on this connecting flight anyway. Gives me something to do.


Proof this is a Blood franchise and not Card Captor Sakura part two.

Don’t know when I will get time to actually post this but at least I can have it ready to go! Spoilers for lots and lots of singing and blood.


The menz have it so hard.

Episode Summary: Saya is fighting another Old One. It kicks her around a little bit and slices her slightly. She manages to cut its head off and life moves on. Well and someone is being creepy talking about time and souls and blood. The next morning she sets out to school singing her silly nonsense song. Only Fumito hears her songs and now Saya is embarrassed forever. After breakfast Fumito gently teases her about her daddy worship. He then serves her a marshmallow type like dessert. Saya finds the dessert tasty but weird. Fumito teases her about what it feels like but he is cryptic on what he thinks it is like. They also talk about how men can’t like sweets because they need to be manly men. Saya is nearly late to school as she had to stop and look at the little dog again. Homeroom teacher arrives with Shinichiro barely making it in time. Saya has to stop and look at him dramatically.


The killer of Itsuki's hopes and dreams.

At lunch Itsuki tries his best to show Saya he is interested in her with the twins providing commentary. But Saya just keeps talking about how Fumito made her bento because he cares about her so much. Saya briefly explains Fumito is her father’s underclassman or something. The twins and Itsuki talk about how the town is so small with just one of this and one of that, almost like it was abandoned. The twins talk about how the candy Fumito made feels like kisses. Shinichiro walks by and Saya literally runs over to him to give him one piece of food so he doesn’t starve. Shinichiro shows slight interest in Saya when he is concerned about the scratch on her face. Saya gets that flash of light vision again as the twins joke that Itsuki better watch out. After school Saya skips home singing a song and her father catches her embarrassing lyrics. He still takes her aside and talks about how he was trying to research more about the Old Ones. He also tells the audience that Saya has to fight them as her mother died during a battle. Later that night a huge plant like Old One is born. Saya is ready to fight. It tears her up pretty good and at one point throws a tree at her. She nearly drowns and loses an arm but she is able to chop up into little tiny pieces. Exhausted Saya is satisfied she has protected the town. THE END!



MOG THE SINGING! So much singing. I love you CLAMP despite…well everything actually but why is there so much singing? Surely something bad will happen to her father right and there will be no more singing? Because if there are 11 more episodes with ¼ of them being dedicated to singing I might scream.


This means the singing will stop yes?

I mean I guess it shows that Saya is a sweet innocent girl with fluffy clouds for brains. It just takes up too much of the show. We got 13 episodes and we can’t have Saya wasting all of them about laundry, awesome fathers, and puppies. People already are skeptical about this show don’t give them reasons to be right. Have her sing a few lines and move on.

Also the fact that Fumito and her father bring up the songs means even more time and energy is taken away from the show. We gets it now, everyone thinks Saya is cute. And clumsy. And maybe missing part of her brain.


Symbolism yes?

So I was 90 percent certain that Fumito was the one talking in the beginning about souls and being who you are over time. I thought he was comparing the candy to organs or something else squishy and blood like. Him going on about Saya’s father made me think there was some ill will there. And actually I thought the old dude was going to get it in the end since his name was brought up so much.


Does it taste like confusion?

But then the twins bring up the treat tasting like a kiss and the dad wasn’t dead. So maybe I am wrong. He does seem too perfect for his own good. We already got that with the perfect Itsuki. I am changing my vote from Itsuki being the potential baddie to Fumito. There is just something about him smiling and commenting on Saya being cute and the candy and blah. Something is up with that dude and when he does reveal who is I am sure Saya will be crying all over the place.

If this is the only café in town why is Saya the only customer? I mean I am sure Fumito’s side job of nomming people is really want pays the bills but you would think people would accidentally wander in from time to time.


Must resist the cuteness.

The dog is important. That much is obvious. I am going to go with it being Shinichiro’s dog…or Shinichiro himself. And Saya falls for not following the doggie because clearly it was trying to lead her somewhere.


More salt for the wounds please.

Saya is pretty cruel to Itsuki. He doesn’t seem too down about it and promises to keep giving it him all. I am sure the twins play by play of Saya ignoring him and all being special really helps with his spirits. So the fact that Itsuki just keeps on smiling and say it’s all okay makes me think he is really a normal person who likes a special girl. Oh and maybe he will die. But he is not someone I see being a baddie.


Because he loves her duh. Or he blood. Either way you are about 10 feet behind buddy.

Saya and her cruelness goes out of her way to explain that her bento box is from another man. She does not share it with Itsuki. Then she RUNS to give a piece to Shinichiro. Maybe he should be put on suicide watch or something.


Because she is a girl and that is what girls do DUH!

I wish Saya’s attraction to Shinichiro would be explained. She ran over to give him one piece of food (because that is going to keep me from starving….) and she was very concerned about his well-being. He was not as cold as I expected him to be but I thought she was being weird and if I were him I would run away.

We learned a little bit about the town/village/abandoned place of everyone gets nomville. Despite the school being so huge there aren’t a lot of people around. One restaurant, one café, one bread store. The twins mention it being so empty. So I guess the Old Ones are really running around and taking out the population. Which is pretty stupid. Vampire 101 states that you need to take what you need or one day the humans will be no more.


Saya is getting her butt kicked a lot....

There were two battles today. We also learned that Saya’s mom went around and squished the gross ugly ones. And died doing so. Good job dad. I know the gross ones have to be squished and probably a girl has to do it but sending your daughter to fight seems…harsh.


Oh snap you are really dead.

The long battle involved a huge flower type thing. With lots and lots of teeth. Saya got her butt handed to her a lot and she nearly drowned. I was actually expecting someone to come help her during the fight. But besides some deep scratches she came out okay.


Saya senses the sparkles.

So….basically this episode was a lot like the first episode. We didn’t learn all that much, Saya sang, and people like Saya because she is cute. Next episode promises to tell us the secret of Saya’s family. I rather find out who the baddie is. Or at least start the massive body count. Peace out peoples!

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