Sunday, March 31, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter one and all! Today is a special day for a great many people. Some religious, many celebrating with friends and family. But to all a great day and safe one full of treats, time of reflection and thanks, and whatever else the day may bring.
 photo Duffy016_zps9831af74.jpg
Duffy, Chick Duff, and Chibi Duffy are all ready to find some Easter eggs!
Here in the house of Tenchi that means waking up to find the husband hid all the Easter eggs for Duffy to find. How sweet is that?! XD Now that the hunt is over it is time to watch religious programs on TV and post all the fun pictures of this morning. Enjoy as there is a great many of them (trimmed down I mind you!!!). So many eggs and Duffys for everyone!
 photo Duffy018_zps003e9342.jpg
Chick Duff thinks they are going to need a bigger basket. Someone is feeling competitive!
 photo Duffy019_zps61091a49.jpg
I can tell you little guys are going to be a handful.
 photo Duffy020_zps475d6b59.jpg
Chick Duff and Chibi Duffy are good at getting the eggs low to the ground. They are taking this very seriously.
 photo Duffy021_zps1248be94.jpg
One down, how many to go?
 photo Duffy023_zps25a08a1f.jpg
Gotta climb Chibi Duffy!
 photo Duffy025_zpsf473d476.jpg
Looks like I found quite a few. Dad tried to be sneaky and color coordinate the eggs to match the bunnies.
 photo Duffy026_zpsd4caf229.jpg
We are Disney bears and we are finding Disney eggs!
 photo Duffy027_zpsdff61b89.jpg
I can almost reach it!
 photo Duffy029_zps630a40f2.jpg
This egg almost blends in. Wait...what is this?
 photo Duffy030_zps90e27b40.jpg
A Cars egg?! XO Mom went out and got them for me? Loves you mom!!!
 photo Duffy035_zpsf79f4171.jpg
There are eggs hidden among the other Duffys!
 photo Duffy042_zps8e9286c4.jpg
I better get this one. The little duffys might not be able to carry an egg this big.
 photo Duffy044_zps397cf083.jpg
I spy you in the corner!
 photo Duffy046_zps5ac4489a.jpg
Is that another Cars egg for me?
 photo Duffy049_zpsf00a23e8.jpg
Easter eggs are very colorful.
 photo Duffy050_zpsb931ab61.jpg
It looks like the egg is in jail.
 photo Duffy055_zps18f144d1.jpg
Climbing up the bookcase was hard work.
 photo Duffy057_zps856615a1.jpg
Dad was so sneaky, trying to hide them according to color.
 photo Duffy060_zpsc0062b3d.jpg
So many round things.
 photo Duffy063_zpsa8ea055f.jpg
Gotta use a little bit of teamwork. It makes the hunt more fun.
 photo Duffy064_zps1a5c2407.jpg
Is this egg in a trap?
 photo Duffy066_zps2f08ebb4.jpg
I see you staring at me.
 photo Duffy067_zps1cad298a.jpg
Was the egg shopping for groceries?
 photo Duffy069_zps65c37baa.jpg
Crawl crawl crawl.
 photo Duffy073_zps50fb3010.jpg
Our basket is getting full. Lets get another one. The hunt was apparently sponsored by Sanrio.
 photo Duffy075_zps37623283.jpg
Product placement!
 photo Duffy077_zps2c974482.jpg
The year of the bunny was in 2011.
 photo Duffy078_zps02acd756.jpg
A wild Kira has appeared!
 photo Duffy080_zps51be840f.jpg
We found all the eggs yay!!!
 photo Duffy081_zpsb69171b9.jpg
Look at all my treats!
 photo Duffy084_zpsb5190d30.jpg
No fair, you got more!
 photo Duffy085_zpsb68deb45.jpg
You two behave now! It's Easter!
 photo Duffy086_zps09925b3a.jpg
Hello Sunshine wishes to have some candy too.
 photo Duffy088_zps8ffa3b75.jpg
Even though mom spends too much time and money on Hello Kitty I am a good bear and I will share my candy.
 photo Duffy089_zps4d36ba92.jpg
See I am a good bear.
 photo Duffy090_zps49a0c87b.jpg
Thank you for my Car eggs.
 photo Duffy092_zpsd48b4f1d.jpg
Happy Easter from all the Duffys!

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 23

I have not fallen off the face of the planet! Promise. XD I really don't know what I have been doing with all my time though. I do know that I spent about an hour at work today cleaning the parking lot and outside structure because people are pigs. :( Cigarette wrappers and butts and cups and all sorts of trash everywhere. Most of it next to trash cans! What is wrong with people? Just gross. much fun. I don't know how people on the side of the road do it, it can get exhausting!
 photo tempestepisode2312_zps025d3641.jpg
A secret confession?!
But before we start to celebrate Easter anime post! I know right, you forgot what those looked like right? XD But yes here is the second to last episode of Zetsuen no Tempest. Episode 23 already?! XO Spoilers for Mahiro reading the Art of War. Or Hamlet. Whatever.
 photo tempestepisode2310_zpsc2d83a00.jpg know you guys could use cellphones yes?
Episode Summary: Samon and his piece of wood for a cellphone talk to Takumi about how they have leaked plans to the government that the Mage of Exodus will attack the Genesis Tree. Samon thinks that he might not survive this battle. Takumi urges him to live as he thinks his days are numbered too. The talk turns to the fact that Mahiro and Yoshino are insisting in taking part of the final battle. Back at the loft Megumu tries to give Mahiro a love give to his exgirlfriend in case he doesn't make it out of the battle. Mahiro tears it up, saying is Megumu dies everyone is doomed anyway. Megumu thinks back to how Mahiro and Yoshino asked Evangeline the most important character ever if they could take part in the chop the Genesis tree down party. Evangeline and Hakaze were like um no but Mahiro was like HELLO my plan! Evangeline meanwhile has booked a cruise ship for the crew to get closer to the tree and plans on celebrating with booze. But she takes the time to tell Natsumura and Tetsuma that while she thinks that Yoshino and Mahiro will splat themselves maybe it is destiny. And aliens and stuff. Yoshino is packing the car with Junichirou who apparently needs porn to use his powers that have never been explained. Hakaze comes by and is a jerk to Yoshino. They take a plane right and then a boat ride of fail to some magical island off Japan I am thinking.
 photo tempestepisode2317_zps2c56ae24.jpg
Who the heck is this kid anyway?!
After everyone puts on their vacation clothes Mahiro explains part of the plan but not all of it to keep the viewers on their toes. As this is episode 23 the budget for the cast has gone way down and Mahiro has to explain everything with coins and random stuff in the room. Mahiro gets himself and Yoshino more involved with the plan saying that Samon will need more backup than previously thought. Hakaze crushes nuts in protest. Everyone gets ready for the big day but Yoshino wants to find Hakaze so they can talk things out. She is having an angry swim because Yoshino is putting himself in danger. Yoshino says that Aika really decided to do everything on her own and he wants to feel part of the process. Plus he loves everyone despite how they came together and he wants to help protect them. Hakaze is like I love you so I won't help your ass out during this battle OKAY! The next day Megumu and Mahiro are eating breakfast together and Megumu talks about how he is a loser and someone else should have been the Mage. Mahiro is like....yep probably. But you are OUR loser and besides you being kind hearted helped the others accept this plan so eat up! Finally it is time. Hakaze is dressed as the Exodus Mage and readies to “attack” the ships. Evangeline, Yoshino, and Mahiro are taken by Megumu underwater near the survey ships to wait out their time. Then Megumu appears to “rescue” the ships from Hakaze. Hakaze then draws Megumu into a battle, away from the tree so Hakaze's magic can work. Once they are far enough away another magic user trades places with Megumu/Dancing Princess so Megumu can make his way to the Tree. The nonmagic users then attack the survey ships and get them under their control. All seems to be going extremely well until Yoshino gets shot. Oppies. THE END!
 photo tempestepisode23_zps230bed5e.jpg
Um....resourceful? X___x?
The way things are going I am not going to be happy with how this show ends am I? At this rate the only survivor is going to be Evangeline and her useless self. That everyone will actually make it past the final battle and Aika comes in with a machine gun and blows everyone away. Then makes out with Evangeline. Or she really is Evangeline. Either way this is the season of awful endings so I am preparing for the worse.
 photo tempestepisode235_zps54524f1e.jpg
Release the Kraken!
Mahiro's plan took the entire episode to explain fully. I feel as if they were running out of material for this show and everything has to be stretched stretched stretched. Be careful or it might snap in half. But the plan is as follows: Due to the magic barrier stopping Hakaze and crew Megumu and Hakaze will trade roles. Hakaze will be the Mage of Exodus and Megumu will be the Dancing Princess. This way Hakaze can attack the ships and appear to be approaching the tree. Megumu will protect the ships and gradually lead them all away from the tree root. The nonmagic users will be waiting under the water to jump the survey ships. Once they have been overtaken Megumu will dive under the water and make his way to the tree while a magic user will fight Hakaze the pretend Mage of Exodus.
 photo tempestepisode2314_zps4e5e0190.jpg
Well considering it is your plan...and this actually involves you sorta...
X_____X Well then. That is complicated and makes sense at the same time. Isn't that magical? Funny how Mahiro is the one who came up with this smoke and mirrors show when really all the other characters have been the ones lying and scheming. Mahiro has really been a straight forward person. I don't care about the world and I want revenge. The end. Samon is off making sure to have back up plans involving blood barrels and skeletons and Takami is tricking the whole government and made the Mage of Exodus. So really those people I would expect to come up with cunning plans.
 photo tempestepisode2315_zpsc97c7fc5.jpg
Helpful person to the situation?
But maybe it is not as cunning as I think it to be. Maybe it is a bit simple and makes sense once you think about it. Or everything has worked out so perfectly and in our heroes favor this was inevitable. A round about way to protect people but a good plan nonetheless. Mahiro is the one who came up with it too. At this point 2 billion people died, what is a few more right? Samon let me down though, he should have come up with this grand play. GRAND PLAY!
 photo tempestepisode2316_zpsfd82424b.jpg
Have I mentioned yet that Evangeline is getting on my ever loving nerves? No I am against you and Yoshino from going on this trip even though it was your idea? Why um...because. What do you mean I can't use magic either?! Um I am a very important person to the plot! How paid me to hunt Mahiro? And I make sure this isn't a total sausage fest? And I suggested the thing about the aliens? But yes I should be allowed to go on the boats without knowing magic but not the boys. Because I said so!
 photo tempestepisode2313_zpsb06e3e59.jpg
Hey you sorta suck. But you hit me last week and that shows guts. Lets die together!
Despite the fact that Megumu almost killed Yoshino last week....there are no hard feelings. In fact Mahiro tried to cheer Megumu up. Well after he ripped up the young man's letter. I mean Mahiro has a point. If Megumu fails there will be no more girlfriend. Megumu was right too though, he might take out the tree with his dying breath. So I guess they both had points. Even if Mahiro's were doom and gloom. But he didn't sugar coat things. Like yep you are the worse person to be the Mage of Exodus.....but you are our awful Mage of Exodus. And no one else can make fun of you but me. I think I need a tissue.
 photo tempestepisode232_zps6e1af0ae.jpg
Not getting my way pout pout pout.
On the flip side....Hakaze is not handling anything well. I mean...I can SEE Hakaze's point...somewhat. If I had magical powers and could save the world and the person I loved did not have magical powers I would want him/her to stay home too. Hide under the blankets and wish me luck. Nothing good comes from people who really can't help helping. Well except in the 95 percent of the time when that person is the reason why the tide turns. But still I can see why she might be a little upset.
 photo tempestepisode233_zps30913946.jpg
I thought he was going to break out into Disney song!
But damn. Give the kid a break. Yoshino has been here from the start. The reason why you aren't a bag of bones. He saved a lot of people with his ability to keep Mahiro from not destroying the world. Would you love Yoshino if he wasn't the kind of person who risked his life to be with his friends? I think not. Despite the fact that Aika went on and on about Yoshino having a rotten personality Yoshino seems pretty nice. I mean Yoshino got a little emotional, saying these people are important to him now. They must be. Aika is dead and I am thinking that Yoshino's parents are dead too. Even though some of these people started off as enemies they are like family now and Yoshino isn't the kind of person to let his family down. So wipe away those tears Hakaze. Oh and start planning on what you are going to do once you can't use magic anymore.
 photo tempestepisode237_zpse1852a3c.jpg
To do something...important.
I am pretty surprised that everything went as smoothly as it did. How Yoshino and Mahiro got their way by saying Samon needs help with his task. We don't know what that task is, probably something to do with saving all the ships if the tree is destroyed. Megumu has come a long way and Hakaze as a super hero was a bit scaring. Take down those boats Evangeline. Because you are oh so important!
 photo tempestepisode239_zpsd7a407e0.jpg
NOOOOO! We were so close!
The episode ends with everything going according to plan. Evangeline is the most useful person ever, Hakaze is battling a fake Exodus mage, and Megumu might actually save the day. I know, it is shocking. This kid has come a long way. But what is this? Someone aboard the easy peasy capture boat had a gun? And Yoshino got shot?! I AM SHOCKED! It is like Hakaze saw the future and knew something horrible was going to happen. SHOCKED! Is Aika not going to get her happy ending? I mean besides the fact that she is dead and all? I mean...can this end happily if Yoshino joins Aika but the rest of the world is saved? XO One more episode to go and we will find out!!! Stay tuned.

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