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Tamako Market episode 6

I close my eyes and see glue stick and paper and scissors. XD But I will probably dream of bitchy reality tv people as that is what I was watching during my long project. How can people be so delusional even after seeing themselves on TV? One would think that after seeing themselves act so awful they would apologize and promise to change. No go though folks. No go at all.
Necklaces made of garlic are the best snacks of all DUH!
But for something not bitchy we have Tamako Market! The anime about nothing and mochi. Episode 6 spoilers include dead people and Tamako saving the day again.
Someone is super drunk.
Episode Summary: Tamako wakes up on a hot day to clean and pray to mini shrine on their street. Dera shows up and questions how one could pray for protection and receive it from this rock. Tamako tries to explain but ends up skipping back to her house in the heat. Tamako calls a district street meeting to talk about the lack of customers in the afternoon. Even though all the adults say that is natural due to the heat Tamako is determined to help by putting on a haunted house. Despite the adults thinking this is silly they support Tamako by giving her supplies and a place to have the haunted house. Kanna and Midori come by to help out when they can and Dera is convinced haunted houses are punishments. As Tamako works on the haunted house several weird things start happening on the street. Dead salaryman here, wet foot prints there, and missing food all over the place. The shop owners realize that they didn't have the street prayed over and they are cursed. So while they really think the haunted house is a bad idea now disappointing Tamako would be worse so they will protect her. This protection comes in the form of garlic and other spell like charms when Tamako and the girls are working on the house. Shiori eventually shows up after her club camp is over and brings real snacks. She is also the first victim of the haunted house but says Dera is the scariest part of it. XD The adults finally tell Tamako they think the district is actually haunted but Shiori is like...those are all normal occurrences you freaks. With that said it is haunted house time and one of their first customers in their teacher. He is scared out of his mind while his wife thinks it was cute. Overall the haunted house was a success and brought more people to the street. Everyone gets together to celebrate the success of the day, success brought on by the ghost rumors of course. Kanna pipes up and explains that the two “supernatural” events were really her fault, both involving Dera carrying things and causing stuff to look creepier than it was. Dera has a moment of being USED and flips. As he falls his little eye lazers activate and his Prince appears on video phone saying that someone is on her way so greet her warmly. THE END!
Have courage everyone!
XO How dare they! Tamako Market has been following the typical high school slice of life fun events so far (what the hell did I just type?) but now they have messed up. WHERE IS MY TEST OF COURAGE!!!!! Haunted House? Psht I scoff at that. How dare they do things out of order or do something different.
Weapons? Statues? Rocks? All the same to Dera.
I sorta like Dera being confused about what the statue is for. He is from a tropical nation so maybe their ways of worship are different. I am not sure how effective it would be throwing at an enemy but that might make more sense than clapping your hands and washing a rock for protection. If you are Dera and don't understand praying to a higher power. Everyone say AWWW because Tamako is the best girl ever and is the one keeping up the district.
I thought she looked like a broom girl but what do I know? XD
Since nothing gets done without Tamako's help there is going to be a haunted house to bring in some more business. Now...I would like to point out everyone looked like melted Popsicle sticks. Tamako was upset that at certain hours no customers were appearing. Now that could mean customers were showing up in the morning and in the evening, just not the afternoon and Tamako was worrying about nothing. But that would be mean, making fun of Tamako. She does do other things besides run everyone else's businesses right?
Did anyone else think that storage place that that haunted house took place in was super small? I did. Like thanks for letting us use this closet for our house. Of course when the haunted house was launched it looked huge because HEY we can make it look as big as we want to on the inside. But still. I was like....why not just set up at lemonade stand in this small area. XD Slap limited time on the lemonade and Japanese people would be lined up all around the block.
I still can't get over how awful these uniforms are.
I like how Tamako came up with the idea of the haunted house yet at times she was more freaked out than anyone else. That would be like me suggesting a trip to Six Flags but hating rollarcoasters. At least Tamako wasn't the biggest baby....Dera. XD Maybe on his island the sun never sets and everyone lives forever and nothing scary ever happens.
What is with the backwards hat?!
Everyone who runs a shop on the street is special. Maybe that is why Tamako feels the need to help them out...but she is special too. While some of the earlier ghostly encounters were...odd everyone just got crazy and started assuming insanity. Which I guess does happen in real life. You hear something and suddenly shadows look odd and what is that noise and MOG something is following me. It just snowballs out of control and you start scaring yourself. I can still think the adults were special though.
Protect Tamako no matter what!
Since this is a sweet slice of life show....all the adults have to worry over Tamako. It gets a little old at times. Like AWWWW this girl is the best person ever. We can't crush her hopes and dreams. I don't know, maybe I am a people hater but I can't imagine my neighbors being all up in my business and singing songs in the street and doing everything together. I am against working together folks. Let Tamako's plan fail! Strangers for all!
Look at us being teenagers and having good, clean fun.
While I think the haunted house was special it was something fun she could do with her friends. Kanna and Midori are down for helping out the district and receiving the weirdest snacks ever. Kanna is quite the builder isn't she? Overall it seems like they had fun and at least they made something. XD I just go on day trips and to the mall with my friends. Dressing up and scaring people seems like too much work to me.
Who are you again?
If they hadn't said hello teacher I would have had no idea who he was. I don't have much an emotional connection with him so...yeah. He shows up and gets scared and his new wife has to smile at his silly behavior. Not much character development taking place with him so I don't care that he showed up. And now I think he is a weanie, acting like me in the haunted house.
Maybe this girl can find your bride since Dera sucks?
Was that it for this episode? X___X That was fast. Kanna was behind most of the nonsense in the district with Shiori pointing out the rest was pretty typical. Tamako ran her haunted house with some success. And Dera with his lazer eyes is going to introduce a new character in the next episode. I guess that wrapped up rather quick didn't it?

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