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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 19

More anime posts yay! Just a warning though I may or may not go out of town for a few days to do some family bonding with the husband's family. Maybe. The husband hasn't decided yet and has apparently will make up his mind the morning of said travel day. How special is that? XD
Hi I'm here to drive you crazy weee!
So if I am going to go out of town for two days or more I need to catch up with as many episodes as I can now yes? So here is another. Zetsuen no Temptest episode 19 time. Spoilers for Mahiro and Yoshino going face to face!
Why are you still here?!?!?!?
Episode Summary: Yoshino and Mahiro walk around the city, lost in their own thoughts about meeting up with the other. On all the TVs ever the news is on, talking about both mages. Hakaze has been giving her wish and is the Dancing Princess. She regularly appears where Megumu is, appearing to fight him while also summoning up the fruit. Hakaze has told the group it is out of effort to train Megumu but it doesn't make the situation any less stressful. Evangeline is useless again traveling around with some of the boys, talking about how they have 99 problems when BAM Hakaze and her in love self arrives. Evangeline senses her chance to be part of the plot and goes out with Hakaze to see what is up. Hakaze acknowledges that all signs point to yes, Yoshino might be the other part of the Exodus mage but they have no proof. She wants to hear more about Evangeline and the aliens. There actually isn't much to the theory, just that aliens sent out weapons of mass destruction in the form of evil trees to keep civilizations in check. Hakaze points out the many flaws in the theory, including her own existence. But Hakaze does admit the trees do seem out of this world. Evangeline uses this conversation to see how crazy in love Hakaze is and comes to the conclusion she would do anything for love. Samon is busy trying to not shoot himself in the head while the Princess' new act has people doubting the government and what to do with the trees.
Of course we need to be reminded all the time that Samon suffers so.
While the fate of the world hangs in the balance Mahiro is out walking near graves and thinking about Aika. A walk down memory lane shows us that Mahiro took offense to the way Aika looked sloppy and would never get a boyfriend that way. Of course Aika just smiles and in the present Mahiro decides talking to dead people is stupid and goes to walk home. Only Yoshino has made his way to the graveyard too. An epic battle 18 episodes in making then takes place, with Mahiro smashing out all of Yoshino's teeth for lying to him and dating Hakaze behind his back. Both sets of trees begin to glow as Yoshino fades away. OR OR OR Mahiro asks if Yoshino was the boyfriend and Yoshino says yes. Then the two calmly talk about the situation and Mahiro realizes he has no right to be upset at Yoshino. Elsewhere Samon is told that Mahiro and Yoshino are basically going out now and have moved in together. Samon attempts to crash the car into the guard rail because there is nothing left to live for at this point. At the apartment things are getting rather hectic. Hakaze, Mahiro, and Yoshino talk freely about Aika and Hakaze is all flirty and Megumu leaves the house because things just got really special. Only when Yoshino goes to do the dishes Mahiro and Hakaze get more serious. Hakaze talks about how Aika might be dead because of her and that Yoshino hasn't moved on from Aika. Mahiro talks about how he really doesn't care about the fate of the world and how Hakaze only wants to save Yoshino. Evangeline goes outside to talk to Megumu. He seems to be very confused on who is right in this situation. Evangeline points out that every one of those assholes can't be trusted and that Megumu should follow his own heart. But probably save the world. THE END!
Eff your kisses!
What.....what what that?! Where is that star trek picture, with Professor X going what is this shit?! Something like that anyway. That about sums up my face right now.
Everybody hurtssssssss
It felt like a music video, the first part of the episode. Mahiro and Yoshino walking around the city, not being able to see the other. Our hearts can't become one, we keep missing each other. Can't you hear the music in the background? So tragic. So much tragic all over the place.
Just an update that things still suck. Just throwing that out there.
Meanwhile the rest of the world is in chaos. Or should be in chaos. I guess these scenes are necessary, how consumed Mahiro and Yoshino are over someone who died a year ago. Which I guess makes sense. It seems to be easy, to be Samon and focus on saving the most people. But if you are stuck in your grief it is hard to think about others. And sometimes one person can be your whole world. So while it seems odd to feel that bad for Aika and Yoshino losing one person a year ago when 2 billion people died within a month...this show is all about small things trickling up to world wide events.
Just seems super off yes?
I am not sure what is up with Hakaze appearing to “train” Megumu. Maybe I miss the point of that. I thought she was going to test the tree, to see if it would allow her to destroy it. I suppose that could be happening, that Hakaze is training Megumu to take out the tree when it is time. But she could be doing that in private. And it appears to everyone she is trying to protect the tree. So maybe there will be something else to her plan but for now it is doing more harm than good. Samon might start losing his lovely hair at this point. Wrinkles all over the place.
How were we supposed to get that message aliens?
Hakaze is unable to show up anywhere like a normal person. Which is fine with everyone else. I thought that Evangeline was going to say something really amazing, something much more than aliens hate us. But that is basically all she said. Granted these are some messed up and well thought out alien plans but come on. Aliens sent the tree/s to keep our population from getting out of control. No visitors in space! While the idea wasn't that shocking Evangeline said some smart things, that magic is just an advanced form of science and the offerings the mages use are testing to see how advanced we really are. Hakaze is like that's nice but way too out there. Killer trees and fruits turning people into metal makes sense but not alien trees. DUH!
Why are we talking about Yoshino? Because you always bring him up!
So while the alien talk didn't go over well Evangeline did get a chance to gauge the crazy within Hakaze. Which was probably why Hakaze talked about her plan to begin with. So few girls to talk about their problems with. I think that we can safely say that Hakaze is a normal teenage girl. She is in love with a boy and is on a rollarcoaster full of emotion. She wants to do the right thing but then she wants to go to the mall and buy a cute outfit to impress a boy. She says that Yoshino is not controlling her and truly he isn't. It's her heart that is controlling her, Yoshino is just the object of her affections. Just all the boys fail to see that and want to make Yoshino part two of the Mage of Exodus to make things more dramatic.
So girls have to be super cute even when lounging at home? I see.
The flash back of Aika this week did not include the mention of a book. Can we write this down or something? Although the flashback wasn't very interesting either. Just Mahiro being special and telling to look more hot so she can get a boyfriend even though he has told her before not to get a boyfriend. It really was nothing, a small thing to show how out of touch Mahiro was with his own feelings.
Behold the fight!!!!
I really, really, REALLY thought that the epic conclusion of this show was going to be Mahiro asking Yoshino who the boyfriend was and that the fate of the world was going to hinge on that. Like the final moment, two young boys deciding which way things went. Instead of a magic fight with Aika revealing herself at the very end we got a...meh. Meh. You her boyfriend? Yeah what of it? Nothing lets sit down and have these cold snacks/drinks you bought us. It was nothing like I was expecting.
I wouldn't go as far to say you're nothing but....
Which I guess could be a good thing. At some point Mahiro was going to have to face the truth and the world ending on his crazy emotions would be lame. Mahiro was in love with his sister, didn't know it, and by all accounts wasn't even a nice person. Mahiro took a minute to listen and absorb the information. He didn't treat Aika very nice, he didn't try to connect with her, and gave Yoshino the impression boyfriends would be killed under his watch. So everything that happened was his fault. And instead of being his normal self he was mature and is what it is. I think Yoshino was a bit shocked with all this too. Are they going to be friends after this? Time will tell...
How are you teenagers messing things up this bad?!
Can we talk about Samon for a minute? Because this poor guy has been so much. Plans things out over many years, the word boyfriend has plagued him, and now their headquarters is being filled with insane people acting like the world won't end without their assistance. Crash into the guard rail Samon, you have earned it.
Just too much crazy?
Things got a little crazy at home. At first I thought I was watching a slice of life anime. Like let's share rooms and lets play fight. The way they talked about Aika was off too. Like weren't you all crying over her 5 seconds ago? But after that minute of fun the real feelings came out. Hakaze is putting on a show, she knows that Aika is the love of Yoshino's life. Mahiro might not have beaten Yoshino's face in but he still wants revenge. And Hakaze is going to save the world for Yoshino, something that might be a bad thing.
If two are going to be crazy I'm going outside and swinging!
Poor Megumu. He is like get me out of here, you insane people. I guess that Evangeline is the sanest person in the house but still. Megumu and her are really on the outside, looking in. Megumu has to be there but Evangeline just seems bored. Maybe she is the mage herself. But I can see why Megumu is confused on who to believe. There is a great deal of insanity going on and when dead people and crushes are controlling the fate of the world I might want to back off the superhero deal too.
Megumu just wants his girlfriend back so I guess in the end he's crazy too.
The episode ends with Hakaze saying HEY time to focus. We are going to find out who killed Aika. And in which room. And with what weapon. Hakaze has decided she will do all of this and find out why the trees are going back in time. So instead of seeing flashbacks with Aika we can really see her! Now the question is...if Hakaze can go back in time to see Hakaze why wouldn't she save the girl? Oh because of what happened to her on the island, a time paradox? HMMMMMMM!

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