Monday, February 4, 2013

Are you ready for some football?!

So much anger!!!!!
Just kidding. I don't even know who was in the SuperBowl. XD Just my Facebook page exploded with tons of football things and I felt like being snarky.. Something about the power going out and other such things. I have no idea. XD I was out...celebrating the fact no one else was out. Tons of fun things with the husband. Probably should get caught up on blogging though.... 

But yeah...go football! Now it can be gone and forgotten about for....6 months. Then the cycle can start all over again. Such joy fills my heart. XD

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Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

At least the half-time commercials were interesting, right? I just bought chips, sodas, and sandwiches for the Superbowl. If felt like a holiday to me. Hope you had a good time too. :)

I'm going to be off-topic here:

Well, look at it this way: each new season will bring new shows for you and everyone to watch alongside with football. Hopefully, one of them will find a special space in your heart for being endearing/awesome.

For me, I desperately want the new seasons to bring a better written, longer, and interesting Black Rock Shooter show. No more hyperactive Mato and her stupid rainbow book! No more dramatic schoolgirls blowing up over the smallest things! No more insanity! And especially, no more pretentious symbolism! Just give me an awesome, gothic, and interesting BRS show with compelling characters!

My apology for the mini-rant. I just want to like the franchise again like before! :(

That's all.