Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shin Sekai Yori episode 21: And the suck keeps on rolling in

See? Told you I was busy today. Three episodes in an hour go me! At this time I would usually reward myself with ice cream but I already did that...twice today. XO Best stay away for any more of that, especially since I need to start saving money.
Saki's eyes got a lot of attention this episode.
While Kira tries to distract me from my anime posting here is another episode! Shin Sekai Yori episode 21 woohoo! Spoilers for more people dying and things getting worse!
And where is everyone supposed to hide anyway?
Episode Summary: Saki and Granny's Aid continue to try to escape from the town despite feeling guilty about leaving Granny behind. They see other people in the streets and Saki wants to warn them that they have to run. She wants to reach Shisei but suddenly he appears in the sky sporting a new look and using the clouds as messages. He tells everyone he goes this and lands on the ground. The second he does it collapses under his feet. Saki just looks on in horror as the Aid Niimi tries to get Saki to leave. Shisei reappears having rescued some of the villagers but is pissed he couldn't save them all. The QueerRats have dug passageways under the village and start to attack. Shisei takes them out straight away but the Fiend appears. People start turning into little splats as Shisei is like this can't be happening. Satoru appears out of nowhere and is like we need to run, Shisei can't defeat a Fiend. They stay long enough to see Shisei try a few more things but is eventually killed by the Fiend. People are splatted everywhere but Satoru, Saki, and Niimi escape in the QueerRat tunnels. They find a semi conscious QueerRat so Satoru uses his amazing integration skills to talk the creature. Saki is shocked to learn that the QueerRats aren't happy with being their slaves and that they would rebel. The QueerRat says their leader Yakomaru and their messiah will free their whole race. They end up killing the QueerRat by suicide and they continue on their way.
A long 24 hours folks.
Niimi insists Saki and Satoru go to the temple as he must try and warn as many people as possible. Saki and Satoru continue on until they hear Lord of the Rings going home music and a warning that a Fiend has appeared. But for some reason Saki knows that Niimi has been killed. They continue on until they reach the temple. They tell those there what has happened and Saki demands to see her parents. She learns they went back to the village to let out the Crazy Cats but left Saki something. They wait for this gift and are reunited with Inui who was sent to kill Yakomaru and his QueerRats. Inui explains that they were unable to find the QueerRats for days but eventually did. They started to kill them bit by bit but a human child came out of the secret entrance. 4 members of his party go to see what is wrong with the kid but OPPIES it was the Fiend. Inui is forced to hide the remaining days before the attack as the QueerRats know humans work in groups of 5. By the time he was able to escape the nearest village was empty because they went to the festival. He figures there would still be people at the hospital taking care of kids and the injured. When he gets there he finds all the adults dead and the babies stolen. Saki and Satoru put everything together based on events that happened years ago. Babies are spoils of war and human babies can grow up to be Fiends if left unchecked. So while Yakomaru and his army might have to wait a while for victory with Maria's kid now they have several kids. Older Adult Saki voice overs that if Yakomaru waits about 10 years he will have an army of Fiend kids and can basically take over the world and save all the QueerRats. THE END!
Are you slow or something?
HMMM folks. I guess there will be enough material to cover the end of the series as they are going slow as dirt to get through this ultimate carnage. The only person who is guaranteed to survive is Saki and her 40 year old self. Everyone else is fair game. Although the way she talks in the future humans are going to make it and rebuild. Just a question of many.
There is clearly enough blame to go around for everyone.
I still am pissed though that adult Saki blames Maria for this all. I know I bring this up a lot, ever since episode 2 when adult Saki voiced over that many people would have survived had Maria not been brought into this world. Last time I checked Maria loved Saki and just felt really bad for Mamoru. Mamoru loved Maria. So I am sure the baby resulted in from comfort sex. I say that because I am sure the QueerRats were watching the couple the entire time they were in the wild. Without the town to keep things in check I am sure Maria got pregnant fast and when the baby popped out Maria and Mamoru were killed. So how is any of this Maria's fault? Mamoru was the one targeted for death, the town taught her about comfort sex, and the QueerRats used the situation to their advantage to raise the kid. So thanks for blaming Maria for everything.
Um...time to run.
But first things first. How much worse can things get for everyone in the village? Their last defense against...well anything was Shisei and looked how fast he got taken out. I really thought he was going to last longer than he did. Once he accepted that there was a Fiend around I thought he was going to grit his teeth and manage to hold off the Fiend for....well at least a few minutes. Not a few attacks. Of course it would have been nice had Shisei been able to defeat the Fiend. Find a way to take him out like the doctor did. But then he went out in 5 seconds and all the people in the immediate area had no chance.
How about kill all the human adults?
Which is the entire point of the series I suppose. That humans suck and that maybe when that event started in Tokyo in the current not so far away future we should have just been taken out. So much awful has happened and along the way killing kids and enslaving creatures changed by leaking powers was the bright alternative. Humans were so guarded watching their uncooked eggs (kids) that they failed to realize there was too many QueerRats. That the threat of these creatures should not be underestimated. Yet one QueerRat was able to band everyone together and get squid monsters and dig tunnels and all this other crap. All under the humans' noses.
Saki still thinks humans were in the right?
As intelligent as Saki is I don't know why she wasn't getting it. When the injured QueerRat was talking about the rebellion she really didn't get it. Why the QueerRats would rebel. Just because a species doesn't look human doesn't mean they aren't intelligent. Yes their powers probably created the QueerRats but they are here now and the humans used them as a workforce. Do our dirty work. I would think anything capable of speech and free though would eventually rebel against such conditions. Yet this was beyond Saki to understand. I am sure she just thinks of them as the enemy. Now I think that QueerRats would be a good way to kill Fiends as a backup plan but there was no reason for them to have such high numbers. Keep a family or two around as Granny's friends and call it a day. But NOOOO lets just mess everything up in splendid ways.
Um...I guess you're dead?
I am sorry, the going home music sounds just like Lord of the Rings. Come with me Sam, we will take the ring together. So while this was a sad moment and apparently signified the death of Niimi. Saki and Satoru walking around and seeing how life has drastically changed. While the village was always ugly on the inside now the horrors were happening out in the open. Almost too much to bear for Saki.
Um....you all know some shit just went down right?
They make their way to the Temple where they find is Fiend free. Maybe if the humans hadn't kept life so super simple as a way of protection they could have gotten the word out via phone. For some reason the people at the temple weren't that much in a panic. It was kinda odd. Even when they told Saki that her parents basically went off to die to try and stop the Fiend there wasn't much sadness. Just...so many people have died in a 24 hour period time maybe they were just numb. Or they were going crazy and knew the end was near so why bother.
Um probably not.
Inui's explanation of what happened on his journey just cements how underestimated the QueerRats were and how clueless humans really were. I mean....if I was tracking down some evil group of monsters that killed an entire army under strange circumstances...I would not approach a strange looking child. And if I did I wouldn't do so with most of the group. Like two of you go see what's up, we will all stay here. So yeah it makes sense why Inui took so long to return and couldn't warn the others. Perhaps part of the meeting should have been taken more seriously, that a human killed the other QueerRat army.
Saki has had to deal with a lot in the past 24 hours. But now she knows for certain her two friends are dead...
The more Inui talked the more things got put together in Saki's head. Yeah she still blames Maria but things started to make sense. I found it odd that Satoru and Saki weren't seen on screen talking about Mari and Mamoru but both just KNEW it was Maria's kid. Just knew. And were able to say it with such....matter of factness. Maybe they were numb too. I would like to know when the bones of Maria and Mamoru were delivered to Granny. It must not have been that long after they escaped as that would look suspicious to the adult humans. Like when Saki and Satoru left to plead their case Maria had to sexy time Mamoru to calm him down and poof was pregnant. Maybe the QueerRats hid them for the 9 months and killed them the second the kid came out. I can see Granny accepting bones a year later, that maybe snow covered them up or what not. I think this just shows how.....far in advanced Yakomaru planned things.
Those little marks near the entrance are the humans being turned into squishes.
He did get lucky though. Maybe his plan was to NOT kill a kid when the council told him too. There was no way he could plan for Maria and Mamoru to have a kid. Nor do I understand how all those kids that were kidnapped will all be Fiends. I mean I know humans now are conditioned to not kill each other but not all are capable of becoming problems. So I am not sure why there is an assumption that all of those babies stolen will automatically become Fiends. They will have a greater potential and all will be able to kill humans without being killed themselves. Does that make sense? Maybe I am missing something.
This is so effed up!
Still it might not matter. Maybe one Fiend will be enough. Look what one Fiend has already done. Call the rest of the QueerRats together and the human race might be toast. A New World? It doesn't look like something worth fighting for. So much suffering and pain. And it's not even over yet. Will they be able to use their secret weapon Kiroumaru to stop the Fiend? Will there be enough humans to start over? Guess we will find out next episode.


Anonymous said...

According to Vane, Raman-Klogius syndrome (悪鬼) and Hashimoto-Appelbaum syndrome (業魔)

悪鬼, Akki: It is called “fox in a henhouse syndrome”. You can say it is taken to mean human who is able to use power to harm or kill fellow human = Maria’s son

業魔, Gouma, is just like the fable story said, a person who “due to his karma” changed from human into something “unhuman” with his power causing undesirable changes in the environment/animals/plants surrounding him. = Shun

And all of this was explained in ep 4. I think the queerat just create a perfect environment for the children to develop to a fiend.

Anonymous said...

It seems fairly clear that the fiend is Maria (the only red hair and the eye color, shown in this series) and Mamoru (the curvy hair)’s child. If you remember back to the ending of one of the very first few episodes you hear an adult Saki say that had Maria died back then it would have prevented so many deaths in the future. I assume this to mean if she were not alive in the future then she couldn’t give birth to the fiend. But I do agree w/ you, Tenchi, why was the blame of this incident placed solely upon Maria when Mamoru is also an equal part of the equation? Was it because mentioning both of their names back in episode two would have made this revelation have less of an impact (though, by this point most of us had already figured the fiend was their child)? Actually, isn’t this all happening because Mamoru ran away? If he hadn’t he might of been killed but Maria would have survived and the fiend crisis we’re witnessing now is completely wiped away. It also can’t be a power issue because no matter who a fiend is born from, their power is automatically more simply because they lack the conscious. So, why is Mamoru given a get out of jail free card while Maria is placed with the entire blame of this situation? There’s got to be something I’m missing.

Anonymous said...

Also, Cantus Leakage = Subconscious Cantus use.

A fiend can direct attacks as well as think “I want to kill this target” and the subconscious will also launch attacks. Powerful Cantus users can counter any attacks launched against them but as seen from deaths from sneak attacks by queerats, if they cant ‘see’ or ‘predict’ the attacks – they can’t counter it. Subconcious Cantus attacks are impossible to counter (hence why people also fear Karma demons – they can’t counter the effects) because they are by nature random and unpredicable.

This was why Sotaru immediately realized Kaburagi was bluffing and going to lose. Cantus Leakage is impossible to counter even if he was showing he could easily counter the Fiend’s Direct attacks. ‘Cantus Leakage’ is another weapon in THIS fiends arsenal because it wasn’t given any of the hypnosis to fully control the subconsciousness in addition to no death feedback.

I think this is pretty much the explanation, right there. We already know that the Holy Barrier is a psychological tool, intended to direct Cantus leakage to the outside, where no humans live (which is also the reason why the flora and fauna is so oddly mutated). Cantus leakage is therefore a natural phenomenon for every PK user. The Fiend wasn’t conditioned to redirect his Cantus, which is why it could affect Shisei.

lolwat123 said...

What you said about shinsekai yori's "Going home" ruining Frodo's Going away song. Nope just Nope.

Frodo's going away song is actually sampled from Antonin Dvorak "New World Symphony" 2nd movement. Shinsekai Yori uses that exact song, no modifications or nothing from the New World Symphony. The original is better than LOR's verison anyway.

A little trivia too, that song is actually popular in japan. Theres stores known to play that song to let people know that the store is closing and for you to "Go Home."

Christina said...

Anonymous/3- I guess I thought that being a Fiend and having your powers leaking from your head was a rare condition. Well maybe not the power leaking deal. But being a Fiend I thought would be a rare occurrence. Then again we don't know how this kid was raised. Maybe he possesses little to no intelligence and can't tell he is being used and that he will be taken out once he is no longer needed.

Anonymous 2- And even then is it really Maria and Mamoru's fault? For all purposes Mamoru was a bit of a crybaby and the weakest of the group but I didn't think he was much of a threat to the society they had created. The only thing wrong with him was his friends remembering Shun and that his memories weren't erased. Had he not been experimented with he could have been a normal kid and not been targeted. The adults in their zeal to protect everyone smashed one too many eggs. Had they treated the QueerRats better and not gone kid killing crazy things would not have ended like this.

But I guess we wouldn't be waiting each episode to see what adult Saki meant by all of this. You would just think that this would be out of character for adult Saki to say. It was good to keep people interested but an adult Saki would know it is not Maria's fault.

lolwat123- NOPE! Can't hear you. LALALALA!

But it is nice to know I wasn't going crazy when I heard that song. And that is an interesting fact about Japan. Here in the states at major stores (not family run) they usually do NOTHING to get people out of the store. Even when it is clear it is time to get out. So rude.