Sunday, February 24, 2013

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 5

This rain folks. X___X One minute I was driving home hating work and all was fine. Then BAM it was like I was on a Disney ride only it was real. Guess the news wasn't kidding when they said a storm was coming. Just a very off and on storm. We didn't lose power though so I got to watch my awful Sci-Fi movie of the week weeee!
What a lovely pose!
A post a week in the making tada! What is it? Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 5 times. Spoilers for me being lazy and taking me sweet time to blog this!
Happy reunion!
Episode Summary....stolen from Wiki because hey they know who the characters are!!!- At Gateway City, a huge city in the Demon Realm occupied by the Humans, Hero, addressing himself as Black Knight, saves a Demon barmaid from being harassed from Crusaders. She is grateful for his help and takes care of him while he is in town. Hero learns from her how most of the Human army have mistreated the Demons since occupying the city except those who guard the Eastern Fortress. Hero finally realizes that Demon King is right, that if either side of the war wins the other side will be mistreated and they must not have a winner. Meanwhile, the expeditionary fleet sent to recapture Bright Light Island is a disaster no thanks to their incompetent commander the White Night King when Demon Krakens destroy most of the fleet with only a few survivors, including the Winter Prince, whose father is killed saving the White Night King. Winter Prince is especially pissed as White Night King treated his father with contempt despite being right. Back in the Southern Nations, most of the Southern leaders are disgusted with White Night King, who refuses to take responsibility for his failures and tries to blame it on the late Winter King. Viewed with distrust by White Night King due to Crimson Scholar, the Church and the Alliance helping the Winter Kingdom, the Winter Prince assumes his father's throne, becoming the new Winter King and summons Knight to command a second expedition to recapture Bright Light Island. As Knight prepares to depart, Demon King confesses her true identity as the Demon King to her and wants to be her friend. Knight is like oh....well say you're sorry for the lie about who you are and we will call it even. Demon King is confused but Knight sees no reason to hate Demon King for being who she is. Demon King is touched as she wanted a female friend her own age. The New Year Festival arrives and the Maids head out to have fun, with the two children giving the adults little presents. Demon King decides not to get attend the party and instead goes to bed cursing Hero. POOF! Hero arrives and there is a bit of fighting as he has been gone forever without real contact. But soon it is maybe hugs and affection time as the two dance to the music they can hear all the way in the mansion and almost kiss. After the two have a dance by themselves, Hero reveals to her that he has a plan to liberate Gateway City in one month and learns from her that she also intends to help the Humans retake Bright Light Island. Hero then leaves again, promising to meet her next time in the battlefield. 
I want a castle of cake, not fish.
Too much talking! Too much to learn. Too much to read! Maybe this show has the right idea, not naming anything because hello could I really remember things if they weren't named after what they are? So keep on keeping on being the Winter King in the cold areas of the world. Because otherwise I wouldn't know anything. Especially grammar.
Swim in your riches!!!
We have some people in the Merchant Alliance talking about the compass and how it will be used in the next campaign. War, what is it good for? Apparently making money. A sad reality but I guess most humans now and then can't stand the idea of peace or being equals with everyone. So while Demon King made the compass as a tool for trading and harboring good will it has been used against her own people. But even within this Alliance there is a bit of jealousy. Oh you know the Crimson Scholar? Things must be good. HMMM!
That is pretty much the middle of nowhere. X___X
That has trickled down to the other factions and kingdoms. Winter Prince couldn't get a word in edgewise because there has been word he has received aid from other areas. So it is okay for the leaders of this war to screw over other kingdoms if said other kingdoms have found a new source of income? I mean...I guess I can see how that would be special. Like you are rich and want more? But the kingdoms are rich too so them complaining about things is moot. Give them what is promised as you are leading people into a losing situation.
For some reason I wasn't expecting this.
Which was special right? I mean....we haven't seen many demons yet in this show and some appear to be very human. But when I think demons I think gross monster things. And sometimes gross monster things live in the water and spew out black smoke and explode the air and take down your ships. The person ahead of this campaign could talk pretty words but had very little to back it up. I am not a war/soldier person but it seems to me that sending out that many people into the water...all at a bad idea. At least go in waves. Instead they were like shooting ducks. Peace out, time to die. Senior Winter King was trying to save face and work with others but I am sure on the inside he was pissed. Well he is dead now so I guess it doesn't matter.
I see angry faces.
I thought that Prince Winter was going to take himself and his country out of the war. But it seems that he wants to win back the Bright Light island more than anyone else. Not sure what that is all about. Maybe the person who gains control of the island will have control of the trading route. See folks? It is getting complicated and more and more like a class in school. My brain might explode from this learning.
Running around telling secrets I see.
On the Hero front he seems to be taking his sweet ass time doing nothing. I thought he was supposed to be looking for Mage. That his primary goal was to find her and Demon King said oh well if you want keep all those demon rebels in line too. But now it seems like the goals have changed. Hero has seen what happened to those demons in areas that have been reclaimed by humans. I am not sure what sparkly world that Hero was living in before but what did he think happened in reclaimed areas? That the losers were treated wonderfully? Of course why don't the demons just use their powers and win? Other demons come and rescue them? But on the other, other hand if demons are from another world and they have invaded...well we should just kill them and be done with it. War, what is it good for?
That is code for....Forget About It.
The fact that Knight is already leaving is a bit odd. I didn't think we got a real chance to get to know her. And I am sure she is mad as hell that she didn't get to see Hero at all. But as stupid as it is that Hero hasn't been around at all you can tell he really cares about the ladies. I was wondering why Knight took the news of who Demon King was so lightly. You could tell it weighed heavily on Demon King's heart and she had to work up the courage. But since Hero warned Knight she had time to deal and see Demon King for who she really was, not the title. Therefore Knight didn't lose her mind and Demon King got her hope in humanity. Everyone say AWW to the Hero. Now go to the stall and say 5 Hail Marys and you and God can call it even.
I guess in this time kind work is the best they can get.
The little Maids being so appreciative all the time makes me feel weird. I mean...their life is better now that they have come to live with Demon King. But they are still technically owned. Much better life but I can't cheer it on 100 percent. If that makes any sense. Still they are safe and I guess giving presents to the people who basically saved their lives isn't out of the question. Buy them presents next time Demon king!
Beat him more!!!!
I think if I were Demon King I would have given Hero a bit more of a hard time. Like thrown him across the room. Not visiting in all that time what was he thinking?! I would be pissed too. Men got to go out and find themselves indeed. Slap him Gone with the Wind (fabulous) style. Then you can hug and dance the night away. So very special this guy named Hero.
We are in this together!
It is interesting how both Hero and Demon King have decided to help the other side out in the next episode. Hero wants to help the demon's reclaim “their” city and Demon King wants to help win back Bright Island. After their little dance they seem resolved to do whatever it takes to see the other side of the hill. Many more will lose their lives but it seems as if that fact is being glossed over. Just...that is how it is in this time frame. Gotta keep on trucking and help the ones that are still here kinda mentality.


Anonymous said...

Bright Island (a human island, controlled by demons) is the Winter Nation’s home land, so even the Winter King/Prince does not want to fight, he have to, where else could him and his people live? Peace is hard to come by when the other side is squatting on your land.

Even though his kingdom does have the help of Crimson Scholar and Churches, they are in the middle of NOWHERE, not to mention the place freezing cold too, that’s why they need the White King (rule the Central, where people party/marry/living in pleasure all the time, see ep 1) ‘s food/material resources (transportation, thus merchants) and that’s why he have to “obey” the White King. It sucks right? T___T

Speaking of the Byakuya Ou (White Night King, I call him White King for short), Oh MAN!! Seriously though, humans are dicks. Or at least some of them like him are. I cannot understate how much of a pompous, short-sighted asshole he is. Quote for RandomC:

>He was using his “rousing speech” to snipe at Fuyu Sabi Ou (Former Winter King), and then when said king saves his life by sacrificing his own, the bastard has the gall to try to blame the loss on him. And as if that wasn’t enough, he had the temerity to say that the whole disaster didn’t matter because they would get new ships. It doesn’t matter? It doesn’t MATTER? 200 ships and 6,000 lives don’t matter because you’ll get shiny new ships? If this is humanity, I’ll take the demons, because I don’t see how they can be any worse. Though if they’re really so much like humanity, they’re probably just as bad.<
Also, I don’t think the Chruch, the Alliance, and Maou (thanks to their help with their new farming methods) help them due to their own good will. Again, this is life, not everything come w/ good will; the Alliance at least stands to make a lot of money if they can use the shipping routes that go past Bright Island to trade with the West. As for the Church, they just want to exert their influence and remain relevant. And the Demon King, well you know already. My my, the one who wrote this story sure knows their history.

As for the New Year’s Festival, massive props go once again go to the meido sisters, this time for being kind, thoughtful, and generally great people. If White Night King and the soldiers of Gate City make me hate humanity, they make me love it again. Not only were their presents sweet, but they even managed to render Meido Chou speechless for a second there. I never thought I’d see the day! LOL

Ohoho, Meido Chou got asked to dance! I don’t know why, but that entertains me a lot. That old man has good taste.

Christina said...

Anonymous- When seeing history or this case fake/re purposed history it makes me hate people too. Of course I can look outside and see people sucking so maybe not much has changed. I don't know. I like having nice things and feeling special but I am not sure I could live in my castle knowing that I am causing people to die everyday.

I think this show does a good balance of showing why people do the things they do. Not always out of the kindness of their heart but when it easier to do the wrong thing I guess they get part of a cookie for doing this new idea. Like maybe 1/4 of the cookie.

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