Monday, February 4, 2013

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 3

Head Maid is disappointed in the lack of sex between the two main characters.
Anime post like a week in the waiting! Let's get right to it. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 3 times. Spoilers for delicious treats that will save the world.
Fight him!
Episode Summary: Life seems to be adjusting well for all speaking role characters so far. The two maids in training are doing well and the crops are starting to come in. 3 months of hard work have paid off but Demon King knows that they have more to do. Demon King (known by the villagers as Crimson Scholar) is given a container of some of the crops/ideas for the future. They walk back to their home where Hero wishes he could do more but apparently his attempts to help plant the crops was a failure. Demon King says that he has his own strengths and that they need to do more to make her dream come true. They teleport to one of the bigger towns to further expand their progress. While walking to a convent Demon King asks if Hero believes in the deity of the land. Hero says that he doesn't worship her but is mostly friends with her as she talks to him. Demon King doesn't really talk more about this topic. They get to the convent and wait for the head person in charge to greet them. Demon King talks about how in this time churches are really in charge of how people think and learn, something that Hero agrees with. If they are able to get the convent to help their ideas will spread much faster. The door opens and Demon King and Hero go to greet the head nun with their assumed names and said head nun loses her mind. It turns out she used to be one of Hero's men...Knight and she is none too pleased that he left their group a year ago. She heard stories he was dead or injured but either way he left her. Demon King explains that Hero did confront Demon King and was injured. She found him and nursed him back to health so as thanks Hero stated on as her bodyguard. Knight seems to believe this story but still is a bit upset that he never came back to them. She explains that their party was given money due to Hero's...heroic deeds. Knight did not take it and came to the convent instead to help the most people. Archer, an older man, took the money and left to serve some rich family. Mage took the money but went to the Demon Kingdom to look for Hero.
Go and kill my people please.
Demon King tries to get the pressure off Hero and reveals her secret weapon to Knight: Potatoes. She explains how potatoes work and why they are a beneficial crop. Knight eats some potatoes and is amazed at what she has heard. She becomes skeptical that they have come for money but Demon King explains she just wants Knight to make a convent near their village and teach them the ways of the potato. Then build more and more convents to spread the word of potatoes. Knight wants to know what is it for Demon King and she says a happy future for all. Knight agrees but says she will be the one to build the convent personally. Hero gets all weird and Knight wants to know if he has a problem with her. After returning home Demon King accuses Knight of being Hero's past woman. He denies it but she still looks at him with suspicion. They then talk about why Demon King has been keeping to herself lately. This is explained via some rich merchants in one of the larger towns. Demon King has invented a compass that keeps itself level and given it to a local merchant. Said local merchant has taken it to the Merchant Alliance, a guild that has more power than the King. The merchant guild wants it for themselves and are suspicious that the one who made it is now in legal with a convent. This invention will also help make the world a better place...if it isn't used against people. Demon King catches Hero trying to sneak out with intentions to rescue Mage. Demon King then accuses Mage of being Hero's past woman and he denies it. Demon King gives Hero a tool to help with finding Mage and tells Hero to rough some demons up as things have been too quiet lately. She wishes him luck and tries to get him to kiss her, as Maid has told her to step it up in the physical aspect of their relationship. Hero kisses her on top of her head, saying they can work on that when he comes back. He leaves for Demon Country and Demon King looks frustrated. THE END!
A woman...being right? I can't believe it!
Release the secret WEAPON! What was it again? I think it was a giant float made out of fabric designed to be an animal. A piece of my childhood all forgotten. What was that movie again....
So delicious! XD
Yes though! The secret weapon was French Fries. So take that health nuts. Potatoes are the future. Okay maybe it is a bit more complicated than delicious French Fries but it still made me laugh. I don't have a beautiful box full of potatoes after all. What did they expect me to do? XD
Smooth way to slide this right in.
That was quite a timeskip wasn't it? 3 months already have passed. I guess it might have been boring to watch clovers and turnips grow. Might have been slightly boring. But it could have been cool watch Hero carry home that huge boar from last time. Seriously that thing was huge. I can see why there was a large timeskip this time but I am not sure this show can keep doing that as Demon King said she has about a year to cover where they are. I doubt the lies can last much longer but then again it takes longer than that to change the world. So who knows at this point.
More than you!!!!
I wonder if Hero kept to his word and found something bigger to contribute to the cause. He did mention that he tried planting crops but he suffers from TooStrongItis. But I am sure there are other things he could do. Make some barns and such to house all the new crops, build pens to house the surplus of new animals. Contribute. It would have been nice also to see more interaction between all the villagers and Demon King. But I guess a few of them did come up and greet her, thanking her for all her help. That must be universal for the village. Yay plans.
Go towards the light!
While on the way to Demon King's next stop in saving the world there was slight religion talk. Not too much but since they were on their way to a convent I am sure this was inevitable. There is no god persay in this world but Light? Demon King seems to be checking how devote Hero is. I think that she thought he wasn't that serious into the religion whereas I think he was totally into it. It is one thing to worship something and another thing hear that creation talking to you. Either way both are fine with how things have turned out.
Time to make the Bible belt.
While waiting for the head nun so to speak Demon King explained her plan. The more this anime goes on the more it shows you how smart Demon King is. Meaning it seems like she is from another time and that is how she has acquired this knowledge. All the smarts are in the show and not in the naming process it seems. But anyway yes Demon King has recognized that in this time period the church has the most power and the only teaching tool people can really rely on. Plus people are super superstitious. Get the church to back you and you are golden. Why is the Hero here again?
Should have stabbed him anyway.
Knight being the head of the church or ahead of this particular one is interesting. Not as interesting as her lovely name but interesting anyway. I would have been pissed if I was her too. He just ups and leaves them and shows up with a hot girl on his arm? Pissed. He didn't seem to think what would happen to his team after he left. They could have been killed without him. He needed a bit of a beat down.
Apparently he is off not being important or something.
It seems that two of three members are doing okay. I am surprised that they were rewarded money despite the fact it appeared that Hero did the work. I would have taken the money if I were Knight and then put it towards the convent. Archer is off doing his own thing so it is hard to talk about him. Mage is off looking for Hero which is what he should have thought about when he agreed to this adventure with Demon King. I know the more people who know a secret the less it is a secret but these were his core folk. Good friends look for each other. Selfish Hero.
A tiny bit jealous....
Demon King was either jealous of all this conversationing or needed to protect Hero. Either way she brought out....the secret weapon. The secret ingredient is....POTATOES! I guess I forget that things that are obvious today weren't always obvious. Or delicious. Oh potatoes. How I love thee. Let me count the ways. Sounds like things are looking up for humans. Just got to build some more convents and invent A1 Sauce and all will be fine in the world.
Behold the sparkles!
If that wasn't enough Demon King has been planning other things. We can't just save the world with crops. She has introduced a new compass to the world. Now she has to be careful on how she markets this as the greedy Merchant Alliance might hurt the convent if they think she is favoring them. Some people can never have enough money. But still it is good to know that she is trying to branch out and not put all of her eggs in one basket.
Kissing you mean?
Demon King then opened up a little bit, showing behind all this smartiness she is a girl with feelings and gets jealous and wants kisses. But she is not too insane that she forbids Hero from rescuing his friend. Instead she is like well....if you are going kick some demon ass too so they stay on their toes. Although after all of this hard work you think she would have earned more than a forehead kissy.
The names in this amazing.
I think that is about it. Potatoes and compasses and love triangles oh my! Shall we rescue the Mage on the first try now or will it take Hero a bit of work to do so? Guess we will find out soon.


Eternia said...

Oh, don't be surprised by the three months time skip, tenchi. Next episode will be one year time skip. Also you are not the only ones who rolled her eyes over the names in this anime. What a half-assed naming! Can't they think of better names?
In these aspects alone, this anime is even more shitty than SAO. Thank goodness that the hero is not as awful as Kirito. Instead, he's generic and uninteresting. Oh, is that can even be called a good thing? Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I like how Demon King uses Church to spread her influences. Yes, as a history major, I really enjoy this era’s process and thinking. Judging through the development of compass and new crops I’d believe they are in (or about to go to) the early Reconnaissance era. The author of this story knows his history.

The Merchant Alliance want to possess the compass fast because they hear/know she (Crimson Scholar) also visit the church, and believe she also shown the compass (even though it is just potatoes) to the church, which could led the church to get more influence. I like how the author show merchants’ inner thoughts and I have to say it is very true even for today’s economy and business----entrepreneur want to possess the idea/things for themselves and could use ANY means (sometimes media) to get rid their competition.

Also, LOL, Tenchi, the Demon King does not want him to go and kill off her people. You see, it has been 3 months they left the demon world, there are (rough) changes during her absents, I mean even we human have policemen everywhere and everyday, imagine what happen to the demons w/o their king for 3 months………well, you get the idea. She just wants Hero to go there to settle down some violent/disobedient minions, a.k.a. troublemakers.

Anonymous said...

Aw~ potato! The wonderful, wonderful Miracle food!! If you sliced thinly, boil it with oil, and add salt it become potato chips. If you “strip” and fried them, they become French Fries. If you boil them whole and smash it, it becomes “potato smash”. Oh don’t forget the hashbrowns! Or if you are too lazy to cut them just stuff them with some paprika, a little olive oil, some cayenne pepper, a little garlic power and toss them into the oven…………drooooooooooooooooolllll. 0q0 Anyway, I know it is a bit silly when looked at from our spoiled age of commonplace tubers, but I just can’t stop my cravings for it. Damn, I will blame this ep if I get fat. LOL

Anonymous said...

I’m starting to think Maou is too good for Yuusha. Well at least, she’s apparently smart enough to spot an Idiot Hero’s harem a mile away. As for her unparalleled foresight, quote from Inushinde, “It’s nice to get a glimpse into how she tests the potential of 2 vastly different organizations to further her own goals; it not only shows how persuasive and plain sly she can be, but it perfectly illustrates how a wide variety of groups, from merchant guilds to the clergy, can help Maou”.

As we know Church sits on a foundation of charity and goodwill toward men (but not demons), if used correctly, its influence could change the face of their civilization, well from human history it did indeed change ours. This will increase the bound/symbiosis between them (church) and the community.

On the other hand, on the far, far, far, far end of the goodwill spectrum lays the Merchant Alliance, which seeks the greatest profit possible. This ep paints a brighter light on the church’s promise to spread the use of potato farming to the broader population, and a darker shade on the Guild’s jealousy on guarding Maou’s gift, the compass. It is interest to see Demon King calls them the “monster”, a useful one at that, and the people are actually very much depend on this “monster” in their society/economy to live throughout history.

Anonymous said...

Potatoes are nice and all, as long as she don’t let them mono-cropping then it should not be a problem. You see, quote from a farmer’ opinion, “if you base your entire food supply around it a bit of potato blight might just kill off quite few hundred or so of your peasants. Plus they were a bit exaggerated in their description, the do not do well in hard ground, nor do you get 3 crops a year WITHOUT modern fertilizers or warm climates”.

Although she may not want them w/ mono-cropping, (she did introduced the whole 4-crop rotations), she better introduce more/different/other crops besides the potatoes.

Anonymous said...

Quote from hoiut:
>I wonder about the worldview of the source author. Portraying the Church as a bunch of do-gooders but hammering us with symbolic statements like “No, there’s no Guidance of God here — this is the Creation of Man, of beings with soul” and of course the obvious “Thank goodness you don’t worship God, because I’m going to use their institution for my own ends — all for their own good of course!” <

This seems to be the mid-late Medieval England, where the merchant trade was beginning to flourish and people began to need more education in earnest.

>Some (easy, very short) reading:



In this time period, it was of great benefit to the Church to keep the general populace ignorant so they could not read the Bible themselves, forcing them to rely on the Church’s interpretation — which inevitably capitalized on their “heaven monopoly” to demand large food taxes from the peasants, which were stored in silos and (with alarming frequency) were left to spoil there.

The anime seems to get the social stratification, older farming practices, presence of starvation, merchant war profiteering, and other aspects of the period fairly right, but it seems in their attempt to portray merchants as “bad” right now they are painting the Church in unrealistically good colors to fill the role the merchants often funded during the period — education.<

Also, just so you know, the Church may seem to have nothing but good intentions, but keep in mind that as the sole provider of “education”, that also means that it controls education and thus what people learn and who gets to learn

Eternia said...

Sometimes I wonder if I am watching the same show as the other people.

This show is deep?

I don't remember becoming smarter from watching this anime. The lessons are at middle school level.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this show is deep, if any at all. Did anyone said this anime is deep? I only like this ep is because the introduction of potato! Because I looooove cooking! LOL

Oh, and I am the 2nd Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

The 4th Anonymous here:

One scene I found very interesting was when Older Sister Maid was speaking to some of the villagers, who are unaware of her origins. Their comments about her being “born on a different level” certainly cut close, and you could see her bite back a response, since they truly don’t understand. I’m finding her increasingly fascinating, and I'd like to keep a eye on her development.

Christina said...

Eternia- I think compared to what we saw in episode 1 this show can be considered pretty smart. More like a walk down memory lane. Like oh yes I remember learning about that in school. XD

A year time skip? Dear lord Hero is going to have to use a wheelchair to see the other side of the hill at this rate.

Anonymous 1- It does seem the writers brushed up on their history for the show...well not the part where the ladies dressed conservatively but what can you do?

Hopefully Hero is good at convincing the other demons he himself is one. Otherwise he is in store for a lot of hurt and explanation.

Anonymous 2- You comments have made me so hungry. Oh potatoes how I love thee and bread. Not veggies obviously. So many ways to make them oh so tasty.

Anonymous 3- I am starting to wonder what she sees in him. She seems like she has lived a lot longer and has been watching him for some time. Isn't there anyone else out there that seems worthy of her? She is just so....above him I guess it is hard to see them together.

While merchants always seem to get a bad rap in animes/movies/shows churches aren't always so clean themselves. Maybe down the line the dark side of churches will be shown. Not sure if that will happen as Knight seems to be a sparkly little character and she chooses to work at the church.

Anonymous 4- Potatoes are awesome. All hail Potato Princesses!

But yes never put all your dreams and hopes in one bag. Or one sack of crops.

The interactions between the New Maid and men was kinda weird. I guess in this time period working for such a lovely lady is better than being a serf thus they are envious. To me it seems....well weird to be jealous of her station in life.

Anonymous 5- Churches/religion play a big part in many societies (if not all) across the world/time. But while the idea behind churches is usually a noble one the ones running the churches are still humans and thus not perfect. Time will tell if we see corruption of the church or if Hero and Demon King have bigger social problems to deal with.