Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Chocolate Day!

I mean....Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Hello Kitty loves commercialism...I mean Valentine's Day!
Sure it might be a day created by the card companies to get over the Christmas slump and then it just took off with department stores and specialty stores pushing everything red our way. Pay no attention to that huge credit card bill you still have to pay off from Christmas. Another holiday wee!!
XO There are no boys in your show!!! Are the chocolates for Mugi?
Since I have a fabulous husband in my life that puts up with all my nonsense, crazy, and faults I will be spending at least part of Valentine's Day....well with him. When I asked what we would be doing this year he said it really didn't matter. As long as we were together. Everyone say AWWWW. While spending a lot of money on food, presents, and activities is a fine way to spend the day with someone you care about sometimes that is not always possible. Sometimes one or both people have to work or budgets might be tight.
AWWW! I love you too Duffy!
I think Valentine's Day is important, like people's birthdays. Once a year you really get to show someone you care and make it all about that other person. But maybe Valentine's Day is always a good reminder to people that HEY I have been slacking in the romance department lately. Maybe Valentine's Day can jump start a relationship back up. Like instead of waiting once a year to be romantic lets go out once a week, special alone time. Sorta like how Christmas should people back in a good/charitable mood. So I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. Hopefully you can spend it with someone you love and reaffirm/rekindle sparks or just simply spend it with good friends getting plastered all over the place. XD Have fun everyone. YAY CHOCOLATE!

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