Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tamako Market episode 5

Oh snap did things just get real?
XO An anime post? Is it Christmas? Lies it is almost Valentine's Day. But yes anime posts for you lovely readers. Up now (finally) is Tamako Market episode 5. Spoilers for it..well really not being Christmas.
Don't leave me behind?!
Episode Summary: Mochizou is super bored at work as he is harassed by family members. He sees Tamako and her friends leaving her house and Tamako waves to him, inviting him to go swimming with them. Midori and Kanna are like NO A BOY so Tamako waves Mochizou off. Mochizou gets a little discouraged and his family teasing him about liking Tamako doesn't help matters any. He goes to his room and thinks about how things would have gone had he went swimming with the girls. He decides that it would have been a disaster because Tamako is so dense. He rolls over and sees Dera who is delighting in the love troubles of Mochizou. Mochizou tries to deny it but eventually he admits he loves Tamako and she is dense as hell. Dera tries to give Mochizou some advice but it turns into dancing with feathers kinda nonsense. At the pool the girls are trying to teach Tamako how to swim for an upcoming trip to the ocean. Tamako is not doing so well while Kanna is like look at me I love swimming. Tamako is later seen collapsed at her house from the efforts at the pool. The next day the girls don their hideous school uniforms and get ready to board the bus. Mochizou is trying to keep Dera quiet in his bag. Dera has agreed to help out Mochizou in exchange for being taken to the ocean. Dera does not travel well being stuffed in a bag and is greatly happily once they reach their destination. Tamako is pleased with the bunk bed set up but worries about the swimming part of the trip. The girls encourage her to think about other things. 

Midori walks outside and sees Mochizou and Dera talking about how to handle Tamako. Mochizou has written her a note but Dera thinks it sucks. Midori runs back to the room and blocks Dera from delivering the sucky note anyway. Midori and Mochizou later have a pissing contest as Midori is not down with all the attention he gives Tamako and calls him a stalker. Mochizou then says he doesn't even like Tamako but still is like well I know a lot about her! Tamako doesn't seem to notice either of them or the tension as the swimming event happens and she tries to keep from dying in the ocean with her floaties. Once they reach the halfway mark Midori takes the time to ask Tamako how she feels about Mochizou. She is like Mochizou is my neighbor and he helps run a mochi shop and lalala. Midori senses victory but Tamako says she loves Midori sorta like Saya loves everyone in Blood-C. Everyone is equal and equal means failure. Dera cannot really give Mochizou a lot of advice as he is busy dodging all this wildlife from eating his soul. Tamako does not die during the swimming exercise but passes out from all the work. But once the fireworks go off Tamako is like woohoo lets go! She passes Midori and Mochizou on the beach as they are still working out their differences. Mochizou seems to have given up on Tamako while Midori is come hang out with us too. They seem to have squashed their differences and join Tamako as she is the most excited person ever to see fireworks. Life returns to normal at home with Mochizou being left out of the fun with the girls and being teased at home....but Dera thinks it will all work out because love is love folks. THE END!
Ah the beach. The waves, the school issued swimsuits, the fireworks. So much fun. know a handful of special. It is hard to tell.
Just rub it in!
A lot of this episode focused on Mochizou. About time too since he does live across the street and is the love interest. Not that Tamako knows that but oh well. We need a manly boy face to break up the tons of cute girls all the time. Too bad we just got Mochizou. I kid I kid. XD Or do I?
Someone come and rescue me.
I am glad that Mochizou is being abused by the system too. XD Of course I say that and every small mom and pops store I have worked has had the grandkids or kids work there despite being super underage. I myself had to help out with the “family” business growing up. But not to the extent that these kids have to. They are watching the store front and expected to do their homework at the same time AND not go to the pool during their summer break. Awful parents. :(
I ain't taking love advice from you bird!!!
Tamako does seem kind of dense though. A new kind of dense so to speak. It appears that Mochizou has flat out said how he feels to Tamako and she probably was like I love you too because you are my friend. Although...the other girls saying that Mochizou couldn't go swimming because he would see them in their swimsuits is a bit silly. He was going on the school trip and would see them anyway. And since their swimsuits weren't that revealing and there were boys at the pool...just an excuse. I see you being jealous there Midori.
I don't think this really counts as swimming.
That all being can Tamako not know how to swim? I am not saying I am the best swimmer but I can move myself in the water. And I never had classes in school. But then again I should be worried more about a school that would take the kids out on a random swimming exercise when not everyone is a good swimmer. What a random school trip wasn't it? I can see how Tamako would be stressed out. Trips should be fun according to all the animes ever.
The scary dance of Dera's people.
Dera trying to give Mochizou love advice was beyond crazy. At some points the bird was right on and at other points he in lala land dancing the dance of his people. Does Dera know he is a bird and that Mochizou doesn't have feathers to show off to the ladies? While Dera's perception of the truth resembles some of the crazy ladies on the Real Housewives show he does seem to want to help Mochizou even before the mention of the ocean. Dera seems to be focused on love a lot despite the fact he isn't doing a great job with his own personal mission.
Um....the flower shop person wasn't in this episode. Sorry.
Is the flowershop keeper really a girl? I swear the person looks like a dude and sounds like a dude but it is just cross dressing. Is everyone just being respectful and calling this person by their preferred gender or am I really blind? I hope not folks. That might be the most important aspect of the show! So confused.
Begone foul beast!
So the trip came instantly folks. Good thing that Tamako was practicing her swimming 5 seconds before she needed to be in the ocean. Mochizou takes along Dera so he can woe Tamako but he gets cock blocked by Midori. XO I was going to type something mean about Midori, that she needs to mind her own business but then I remember doing the exact same thing when I was in high school to one of my friends.
But not the way Midori wants you to.......
But of course I wasn't in love with my friend...not like Midori is. I am not sure if it is a real love or a crush but she was doing way more than protecting when it came to Tamako and Mochizou. XD She was like BAM no love letters for you, stop bothering my friend, and I am going to show off that I know Tamako better than you. I am surprised that Mochizou didn't call her out on it. But since he is too busy being embarrassed that he likes Tamako and Midori knows to point out that Midori is being more than a friend to Tamako. It was sorta cute, their last encounter being that they both were arguing over Tamako and Dera is like....why so mad? So cute.
Maybe being around Tamako is good enough for them?
In the end Mochizou and Midori don't get Tamako but neither of them really tried either. They seem to be worried about being rejected. Like it is better to keep what you have and try for something more in case you don't get it and ruin the friendship. But I guess in a way Mochizou acknowledges that Midori should be around more than him and Midori acknowledges that Tamako wants Mochizou around too. Like may the best person win and along the way lets all be friends because this girl needs help.
Oh I think they are over there.......
Kanna and Shiori were in this episode? I must have blinked. I do think I remember Kanna wearing water wings despite the fact she was going on and on how she liked long distance swimming. That is like saying you like bowling but use the bumpers. Shiori...did nothing. I think all of their scenes were taken up by Dera running around trying to not get eaten by a variety of animals. So much love for that overweight bird.
Is this Little House on the Prairie or something?
So...I think that is about it. Tamako went swimming, Mochizou didn't confess, and Dera didn't lose any weight despite all the flying he had to do because hello things were trying to nom on him. OH! And their school outfits are butt ugly. How did I almost forget that fact? Like is this in the modern era because those girl outfits were so ugly. I wanted to stab my eyes out. Gosh now I wish I had forgotten about them. XD


Noc said...

Ack, I seriously wanted to throttle Midori in this episode...I hate people who get all up in other people's business and don't give an honest reason for doing so while not having the guts to sort out their own problems. Granted, I do think Mochizou should just be upfront with Tamako, but going through Dera is no different from the good ol' letter in the shoe locker deal and people have done that for a long time so I won't complain much. Poor fella, it took him all had just to go that far- but at least he's going there, unlike Midori! I know she must be going through some turmoil at the thought of possibly being a lesbian, but that' no excuse for her bad behavior.

But yeah, I donno what it is with Japan and people not being able to swim...I never had classes, my parents just took us to the beach and threw us in the water to figure it out by ourselves. While making sure we didn't drown of course lol. But I not even to be able to do a doggy paddle at that age is a little...strange =/ and about the flower shop lady, I'm pretty sure it's a crossdressing guy and Dera just doesn't know because he's never heard of such a thing before or something XP

Christina said...

Noc- I have no problem with crossdressing individuals. I would just feel wrong using the incorrect pronouns so I want to know what gender the flower shop person is. XD Just wondering if that was a bad translation or....that really is a girl?

I can feel for Midori to an extent...but probably because I fail to mind my own business at times. That being said she was being harsh on Mochizou as a person instead of what he represented if that makes sense. Like she should have been mad at the idea of him but not made it so personal.

I don't understand the not swimming thing either. I ain't the greatest but floaties in high school is....odd to say the least. At she didn't drown though.