Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little Busters! episode 20

Hello there my lovely readers! I was going to try and post 5 episodes last night but I got sidetracked. But I got sidetracked in watching anime. XD So that doesn't make me a slacker right? Just I have a problem focusing on one issue at a time. Special me.
Just had to throw that out there. XD
But here is the episode anyway! Little Busters! episode 2o time. Spoilers for Sasami being a crazy person and annoying.
Don't say the evil one's name!
Episode Summary: All of the Little Busters are in their uniforms practicing on the field. Rin keeps throwing balls (like the opposite of strike) but maintains a good speed. Sasami appears with her posse and demand they be allowed to use the field for their baseball team. Rin doesn't seem to care about the actual sport but can't forgive when Sasami's girls get rough with her cats. Rin and Sasami then have a match determining who can use the field. Since Rin is so fired up about the injured cats she wins although Sasami pretends to have given up. After practice Rin spends time with her cats trying to teach them tricks. Riki goes to talk to Rin but they notice there is a note on one of the cats. It says to help the lovesick heart of a certain classmate. Despite not knowing what the term lovesick means Rin goes to action and finds the boy the note refers to. Hello Aikawa and how are you doing? The boy is shocked that they know his secret but they promise to help him. For some reason Aikawa is okay with that and explains his typical lovesick symptoms and then says he is in love with Sasami. Rin tries to blow up the room with her evil cats. Riki manages to calm down Rin before Aikawa has a heart attack. Rin promises Aikawa she will help him out no matter what and leaves. Riki asks Rin what she has planned later and obviously she doesn't know. Komari skips by and says lets Tea Party Rin. Riki sees that as a good time for the girls to teach Rin about love. So Rin goes along without throwing her usual fit. Unfortunately the girls assume Rin is the one in love thus nothing useful takes place at said tea party.
When was there help?
Rin decides that she must complete this mission, even if it means talking to Sasami. Sasami assumes that Rin is being a jerk and trying to make her into a fool. Rin holds no punches and is like what is your favorite color and boy type and hobbies and underwear preferences. Riki and Rin learn that Sasami likes Kengo. Riki is like this is awful news but Rin presses on. She confronts Kengo who barely knows who Sasami is and doesn't care about her crush. So Rin tells all of this to Aikawa even if Riki thinks it is an awful idea. Aikawa is crushed but Rin thinks that Aikawa just needs to be more like Kengo. So beat up Kengo and all will be solved. That idea falls flat so they focus on their shared hobbies. It turns out they don't share anything so Rin suggests that Aikawa do a hip hop song in front of Sasami to win her attention. Only Aikawa messes up the lyrics and Sasami thinks he is a creep. Amazing. So Rin reinstates the beat up Kengo plan. Riki and Rin are sent to distract Kengo so Aikawa can do the minimum amount of work. Only Kengo turns out to be amazing and Aikawa gets flatten. Sasami walks by and assumes that Aikawa was being a trouble maker again. Aikawa gets very discouraged that these freaks have only made things worse and decides he will be sad forever. Rin then knows what she has to do, since she has never been in love herself. She goes to Sasami herself and explains she was the crazy one, not Aikawa. But a boy does like Sasami and can Rin have Sasami's number to give to said boy. Sasami seems more embarrassed with Rin and her maybe olive branch of friendship. Rin goes back to Aikawa with number in hand and strict instructions to not text Sasami more than once a day and to focus on his school work. Things go back to normal and the Little Busters practice baseball some more. Sasami walks over to Rin and wants advice on what foods Kengo likes. When Rin gives Sasami a liar answer it is war time between the two girls. Ah everything is back to normal. THE END!
Um no one cares about you. Sorry.
That was boring. YAWN! Can I get some caffeine please, I nearly feel asleep with this episode. Of course it is a break from the constant young girl suffer routine...
Cat abuse!!!
Okay maybe that was a little harsh. But I really don't like Sasami. Or maybe I don't know her enough to like her. Her character design looks cheap and her voice is like nails on a chalk board. Of course other girls in this series suffers from that problem too....Still Sasami is just way over the top for me to care about her. Like Haruka but with way less screen time. And anyone who has an posse of people with them at all time gets the side eye from me.
We are practicing woohoo! Go us!
Everyone give the Little Busters a round of applause. They were actually practicing today. At they were working as a group. Sure Rin got most of the attention but it seemed more structured than usual. Why I bet before the series ends in season two they will have at least one game at this rate. Yay for practice.
Get off my lawn!!!
I am not sure why Kanata allowed for the Little Busters to use the field without permission. The actual sports teams need to be able to practice on the fields. And if the teams are no longer in season/session the fields should go unused unless there is permission. So......lets not call people bossy when they are in the right. But we need to leave the innocent kittens out of this mess okay? :( No kitty abuse.
I need more cats!!!
After all of that fast ball and learning a new move Rin was trying to teach her cats a trick. See us crazy cat people call them tricks when really it is just our cats humoring us. They actually think that they are training us. Kira is like oh okay so if I come to the door and greet you like a prairie dog you will scream cute and give me treats. I see now. So that is what Rin was doing right before we got another mission to figure out the secrets of the world. I thought we were going to get more of these missions, like they would be intertwined with the Help Girl Arcs. Guess not on that front.
Love is a disease and there is no cure!!!!
The mission this episode was to help someone suffering from lovesickness. Later Riki and Rin realize they weren't supposed to get the two people together but just help the one sided lover to get over it and heal his heart. But things can't be that easy in anime. XD We got to go the crazy route. However if I were Aikawa I would have thrown those two freaks out of my room. Just coming in there and telling me I am rude when I am just being polite and then bringing up my personal business. Add in the fact Rin brought in ninja kitties and I think Aikawa could have gotten better advice from my Duffy Bear.
Oh and to help your fellow man.
I think Rin was mainly trying to help so they could learn about the secrets of the world, not because she cared about Sasami or this Aikawa dude. But as people from the internets have said Sasami and Rin are actually friends and just suck at showing it. So all of this blushy and song/dance routine was the girls being awkward around each other, not about Aikawa.
Would you like to know the male human being Kengo?
It came out of left field, at least for me, that Sasami liked Kengo. Or that anyone could like Kengo. There was no hints of this potential romance right? Or maybe I am blind. Kengo is such a nonfactor in this show I forget about him all about him. But he was like what romance? I have no time for that. I don't even have time for my friends DUH!
Rin said yes right away? SO HAPPY!
I liked how excited all the girls were when Rin went to their tea party. Usually they have to drag her kicking and screaming to the fun but this time she came willingly. Of course Rin did use the tea party or at least tried to use the party to get useful information out of the girls but since Rin is bad at communicating with humans her intentions were misinterpreted and now the girls think Rin is in love. Oh those Little Busters!
Um I think you should protest....
Most of Rin's ideas were very bad. Now I realize that if Masato had been the one to say these ideas he would be called a moron. But if Rin does it is is cute. I think there is a lot more to Masato than stupid jokes, that he is truly the closest to Riki and tries his best. But back to Rin and Riki spending time together. Beating up Kengo is a great idea? Singing a crazy song to Sasami will help Aikawa out? Oh those crazy kids.
Wait there is a boy involved?
It was pretty obvious that Rin was an awful choice to help with any love problem. But despite how misguided she was she really tried to help. Aikawa didn't do much to help Rin out either. Maybe the problem could have been solved easier if Rin found him a different love interest? But in the end she talked to Sasami which was probably Kyousuke's...I mean the note leavers intentions. Not so much helping out this random Aikawa but to help Sasami and Rin become friends. We really don't know why they are enemies anyway do we?
Yay friendships between women!!!
So in the end Aikawa probably isn't going to get Sasami as she asks about Kengo's food choices. Sasami and Rin are still going at it. And as Mio pointed out matter of fact the only real romance going on is between Riki and Kyousuke. But maybe Aikawa has a glimmer of hope and maybe he will see that Sasami is crazy and move on. Rin and Sasami can be friends and still fight all the time. So alls well that ends well? See ya next week!


MCAL said...

Horray for character development! Also, Kurugaya rocks!

Christina said...

Why aren't your comments showing up?!?! XO

Eternia has left a new comment on your post "Little Busters! episode 20":

They were friends? I don't remember at all.

Anyway, I see you have replied to my comment on episode 18. Kud's arc is coming next. This is no spoiler, these girls are actually in love with Riki during their respective arcs. But JC Staff changed everything to mere friendship, to fit anime's continuous timeline. It will be amusing to see how Riki can perform the miracle when they are mere friend.

My response- I can see how they would have to change things to make the overall timeline make sense. But in the shows similar to this (Clannad, ect.) you could still tell the girls like the main character but were happy for the one who ended up with him. In Little Busters I think these sleepovers are code for girl sex and they send Riki out to buy them purses and shoes. XD

MCAL- Hopefully Masato gets some of that too! Look at my muscles even though I can't win anything ever is getting a bit old. XD