Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Psycho-Pass episode 16

Won't have much to smile about in a few minutes. :(
About to head out to dinner and movie!!! Social life? Me? Craziness. Here is one more anime post before I am gone for most of the evening weee! Psycho-Pass episode 16. Spoilers for death!
So much planning.
Episode Summary: Shougo and Choe take a moment to go WOOHOO we broke into the building. They still haven't located where the Sybil system is. Choe figures knowing the energy output the system is either at the top of the building or the bottom. Choe guesses it is probably in the uncharted basement as the top is probably just the radio tower. Shougo says he wants to go to the top as he knows Shinya is on the way and will be bait. Team Shinya, Akane, and Shuusei make it to the building where they see it has been broken into. They inform Ginoza of what is going on. He acknowledges that Shinya is the best ever but they (Team Ginoza) need to stay on the outside fighting the riots. He orders them to capture Shougo alive as that is Granny's orders. Shougo is like psht okay and asks Shion for help locating the assholes. Shion tells them about the uncharted basement and roof. Shinya and Akane take the roof as Shuusei puts on a red shirt and tells them he will be right back. He makes his way through the charted basement and finds where the assholes broke in. Once he enters those areas he is unable to communicate with Shion or anyone else. He is quickly attacked by one of the intruders as his Dominator doesn't work this far in. He takes out the guy and steals his nail gun and communicator that works with the one Choe is holding. Shuusei and Choe have a heart to heart where Shuusei confesses he really isn't crying for all the people dying outside. That he hates the Sybil system just as much as any other latent criminal but that doesn't mean Choe doesn't suck too. Shuusei tells Choe to hurry up and destroy the system before he gets down there and kills. Choe is pretty amused.
Why aren't you perfect Shinya?!?!?
Meanwhile Akane and Shinya are making their way upstairs via the droids elevator. Shinya points out they won't be able to use their Dominators because of Akane but haha Shinya has a plan. He hands Akane a helmet and they are good to go. Only when they come across their first opponent they are unable to shoot them. Akane is slightly injured but Shinya takes out the guy. Shinya gets pissed with himself as he forgot that Shougo has a crystal clear number. Akane tends to her wounds and tells Shinya to go on his way. The scenes from episode 1 take place, with Shinya takes out people near the red stairs and Shougo dramatically making his way down the stairs. The two exchange some quoted words then start bashing each other in. Due to prior injuries Shinya does really bad and slightly disappoints Shougo who really wanted to tell him about the Sybil secrets. Right before Shougo takes out Shinya Akane appears and knocks him out with her helmet. Shinya screams at Akane to kill Shougo and she nearly does with images of her dead friend flying around in her head. But in the end she arrests him instead because she is a good cop. Shuusei makes his injury self down to where Choe is, taking out the other two guys. Choe has orgasmed all over himself, saying they don't even need to take out the Sybil system. That merely taking pictures of it will cause the entire city to riot. Granny appears out of nowhere and shoots Choe. He dies but not before he shots at her, revealing to Shuusei that she is a cyborg. She points her Dominator at him but she seems to change the gun to lethal mood. Shuusei realizes this and strikes an Aw Hell Look before THE END!
That's what I'm saying!
XO Why Shuusei?! WHY?! I told you not to go along with the two main characters but you just couldn't help yourself. :( Woe is me.
I think Ginoza has seen this list and that is why he is pissed all the time.
But before that....is there a running list of how many times Shinya has been right and how many times Ginoza has been right? I am going to assume the Ginoza side of the list is rather short. It's almost like Ginoza realizes this too but is so stuck in being right himself he can't acknowledge it. Can't the man just say sorry? Or better yet not be put in positions to say sorry? Just listen to Shinya. Dear lord.
I got this covered, thanks.
Is Shougo a QueerRat? He seems to have all this insanity planned out to a T. Of course I am sure that Choe has done a lot of the work too. Can't take him out of the equation. But the system is in this building. It is probably in the basement. The cops are coming and Shinya is probably leading the charge. He will go after me and he knows I am leading him into a trap. Go do what you do Choe. Indeed. I am surprised that Choe didn't say something cheesy like “It was a pleasure serving with you sir”.
Well....that is the end of Shuusei.
Shuusei....when Akane and Ginoza went upstairs I was like well game over. Of course in episode 1 we didn't see Akane either so that didn't mean she was automatically safe. But yeah. With Shuusei saying run them down last episode and him volunteering to go off alone we knew his number was up. Which is a shame since we didn't get to see his sad back story at all. I call foul on that! So unfair.
I will kill you all because everyone sucks!
But Shuusei sorta went out in his own way. He took out three of the men by himself where Akane was injured on her first one. And Shuusei was able to express how he really felt about the system. Throughout the series Shuusei has been the the laid back one. Like meh so what if I am a latent criminal. But Shuusei has the most reason to be mad. Not Choe who chose to live here. So Shuusei can be pissed at everyone and it can be okay. Get them all!
Look at me being amazing!!!!
I was all cheering for Shinya with his helmet for Akane idea. His confidence and propensity to be right all the time made me forget that he is actually a human being and can forget things when caught up in the moment. That mistake could have cost Akane her life. Thankfully she was not wearing a red shirt and was just side tracked while Shinya traveled onwards to fight his archenemy while meeting him for the first time.
I think they talked more than they fought.
I really thought that Shinya and Shougo were going to have a longer, drawn out fight. That they were pretty much equal. But Shinya has been through a lot lately while Shougo just walks away from the drama. I thought maybe while Shougo was leaning over Shinya before the death blow he could have whispered in his ear what the Sybil system was all about.
I think Akane and her helmet smashing was a bit hardcore. She was like BAM pay attention to me bitches. Shinya screamed at her to kill Shougo but given how many episodes are left in this series that wasn't going to happen folks. I thought she should have hit him one more time and then looked at his bloody face and stop. Akane really can't go against her “programming” no matter how obvious her choice should be. Shougo can't be tracked by the Sybil system. He killed your friend. He caused all this chaos and death. End it all before something else happens.
And whatever else this is. Something and this. And that.
The something else of course is Granny is a cyborg. I knew she looked way too odd when thinking of/talking about Shougo. Like look at those crazy eyes. But come on Granny. I wanted to see that the Sybil system is really just a box in a well protected room and NO ONE is behind it. Or maybe it is the man behind the curtain. Quick hide from the monkeys. I think Choe was okay with dying since he got to know the truth but Shuusei. Man.....
Um...Granny has looked better.
So what is going on? Is Granny a cyborg or a robot? What is in that room? How many minutes will it take Akane to regret her dumb decision to let Shougo live? Let the body count begin!


Anonymous said...

At the end I was yelling NOOOOOOOOOOOO Kaaagaaaariiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! He is one of my favors T__T
The lady chief is a cyborg X__X!!! Really?! I know Burcher Gen like to surprise us but I did not expected THAT.

I think they will be going toward the direction that "Makishima works along w/ Kogami&Akane to bring down Sybil" (just guessing) and I think those who are not affect by the Sybil are inside that container.

Also, Good GOD Akane, did that smack feel good!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Like RandomC, I have to say… Kagari’s death at the hands of the Chief/Sibyl was just exceptionally brutal. I suppose it fits right in with how UroGen does things, but damn, DAMN!! I never expected him to bite the dust in that manner — one where no one knows he died, there’s no body to recover, and where it’s likely no one will ever realize who did it. Truly brutal on many, many levels.

Oh Gen, although Kagari is not my favors, I don't feel as much as Anonymous 1 when he die, but PLEASE! Please, do not kill PAPA!! He and his son finally have a "family" moment after looooooonnnnnggg time rift, please do not destory that. T__T

Christina said...

Anonymous- I just think it sucks because we don't know him! Everyone else besides Shion has had their story sorta explained by others. But all we got from Shuusei was well I was a latent criminal from the age of 5. How does that happen?! This kid has been a walking tragedy from the start and there was so much more to learn from him. So SPLAT there goes that explanation.

I think that is what Shinya SHOULD do...and then kill Shougo after they accomplish their goal. But Shinya seems set on killing Shougo than discovering the truth. Unless he is playing us all.

Anonymous 2- Now that Daddy has had his sweet moment that means his death is even more likely! He was in less danger when Ginoza was hating him. But since this show is about taking everything from Ginoza you know Daddy is going to die to protect him now!

And to have no body at all...and to be painted as a "traitor"...just so much sad all over the place. Akane's brain will explode.

Anonymous said...

If only majority of the characters know how to EVADE!!! Tsk.. fight till you have a chance.