Monday, February 4, 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 16

BLEH FOLKS! Bleh. I am super behind on blogging from last week. But now since SOMETHING special happened at work...I might have more time to blog. A bad thing for my wallet but maybe a good thing socially? I guess we will have to see.
I can explain!!!!
But one of the reasons why I got so behind on blogging is because of Zetsuen no Tempest episode 16. This episode had so much special in it....I just felt no motivation to blog it. Guess I don't need to explain what my spoilers are going to be for this episode do I?
Make some babies! The world is ending but who cares. We are old woman and want to butt in on your life!
Episode Summary (based on rereading Wiki since I forgot this all): Mahiro and the viewers are a bit is this real life as Samon and his crew have devised a plan for something. Takumi and his friends in the government have decided to side with the Tree of Exodus and aren't down for the apparent worship of the Tree of Genesis. So he and Samon have decided to make Megumu a superhero. Complete with a power ranger like outfit and Natsumura and Tesuma flying around like creepy looking church mages. Takumi has leaked information on the Mage of Exodus and Megumu has to perform in front of a large crowd. Megumu destroys a random root of Genesis much to his shock. Still the others don't think much of his ability to be the actual mage and believe it is actually Yoshino. Mahiro sorta watches the whole thing like the event is the stupidest thing in the world. Hopefully this event takes the pressure of of Hakaze's and Samon's village as people have been spying on it lately. Hakaze and Yoshino travel there first to see what is going on. Hakaze is treated both as a rock star and a young girl being teased because she likes a boy. It is unclear if Tesuma has brought the person there to spy to set up Yoshino or not but Hakaze carries on like this is a real investigation. There is talk that this might be ghosts and how people just want to see their loved one once more. Yoshino can relate to that and thinks about Aika. Hakaze is unable to find the spy but decides to limit the use of magic among the people to keep their secret safe. She then starts to lose her mind and thinks only of Yoshino. She comes to the conclusion that she is in love with Yoshino and what to do what to do. Before anything can happen someone sets fire to their shrine and one of the local girls goes missing. They find her near the location of the on fire shrine with the shy. With all the fire it is obvious that magic needs to be used but Yoshino tries to hero himself over to the girl without magic. He actually makes it across to the shrine and girl but the fire threatens to kill him. Hakaze is forced to use magic and save Yoshino/capture the spy. Samon's crew is watching this encounter and Tesuma thinks that this is proof that Yoshino is the mage. Obviously. Hakaze just cries and cries that Yoshino is more important than keeping magic a secret and hold onto him for dear life. THE END!
We could focus on this.....
See folks? See how insane this show has gotten. Clearly it is the show's fault I have gotten behind on blogging and just passing out after work and taking Duffy out for photoshoots. Clearly folks.
but Megumu seems to be more interesting instead.
I think the biggest problem with this episode was the whole superhero aspect of the show. I am not sure what is up with that. Is it pure propaganda against the Genesis tree or is it really to test Megumu? I have no idea. It just came across super silly, especially in the wake of what is going on in the world. 2 billion people are dead. I can understand covering Megumu's face but the entire show was a bit much.
Well that's good to know....
I don't know, maybe it will make more sense later but it just seems as if the tone of the show has really shifted with the introduction of Megumu. Like the show jumped the shark. It introduces a new character to breath new life into the show but instead it kills it. Welcome aboard cousin Megumu. You are special.
You might want to inform him how special things can get.....
I might be being a little too harsh though. A lot of this show has been crazy in terms of end of the world verses what is going on with the characters. Mahiro is rolling his eyes at Megumu but he went on a mission to save the world because of his “love” for his sister. His revenge is greater than the fate of the world and he announces it proudly. Samon is off making faces over how the world is hanging in the balance over the word boyfriend. So maybe there has always been a high level of insanity with this show but the sense of danger has really decreased, a shift has taken place. Or maybe I just don't like Megumu, the fake mage of Exodus.
You are lucky to be alive and now you think you know everything? Crazy.
Even if I don't think Megumu is the real mage I am not on the Yoshino train either. Not the train that Tesuma is on. He really lost his damn mind this episode. Because Yoshino made the shrine catch on fire and he made the kid go out looking for the ghost and he made Hakaze use magic to save him. If there are magical trees that can control the events of the world why bother blaming things on Yoshino? Every single little thing. Look Hakaze is wearing red now and she never wore red before so Yoshino is the mage of Exodus. That is how insane Tesuma got. There was way too much reading into things for my taste. Way out there in crazy land.
Yes. Focus on saving the world!!!
I think I would like Hakaze and her crush on Yoshino more if there wasn't Megumu action going on behind the scenes. Like her layer of crazy would be okay but since Megumu is around it presents way too much crazy in the episode. That being said Hakaze seems relateable. Of course it does have The Hunger Games feel to it. The entire world is going to hell and they have these underlining girl/boy relationship problems that pale in compassion to death and what not.
See? Totally a good guy. XD
The Yoshino part of the show focused on how he missed Aika and how he can understand the idea of ghosts and what not. Just one last time to say goodbye to the person you loved. The part where the little girl though the same thing and Yoshino KNEW where the girl was....that was a bit forced. But Yoshino flying across on the broken bridge to save the girl was within his character. I am just not seeing this creepy guy everyone is talking about. Just a good guy who is observant all the time.
Everyone in Japan has read these books and can quote every single line DUH!!!!
Overall the best part of the episode was when Mahiro said he hated the books Aika read. XD Like thank you for finally pointing this out. Insanity. But yeah...this episode just felt off to me thus my post feels sorta off. Thanks for reading anyway though! XD We shall pull through together.


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Yes, this show is written by insane sociopaths.

I think Hakaze declared her love for Yoshino a little too soon in my opinion. I think Yoshino is still mourning for Aika and probably not in the mood to jump into another romantic saga. But hey, the writers need to give a Yoshino a quick and shallow love interest because they only have six episodes left.

The "super hero" scene is too ridiculous for my taste! That "super hero" pales in comparison to badass super heroes like the Avengers/Iron Man/Spider Man/Batman/Justice League. I'm willing to proudly and nerdly say that the super heroes I mentioned would have completely stopped the Trees of Epicness, saved those billions of people, tell Mahiro off, outshine Yoshino/Hakaze, and mock Mr.Salmon's weird faces. At least that situation is more awesome and cooler than having the survivors continue on with their lives without any emotions in the face of a massive global crisis!

Still waiting on the return of Aika. At least Mr. Sister Complex doesn't like Aika's books--kudos to him.

That's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous-I try to give Hakaze some slack but then I remember she really wasn't gone 2 years her time. The fact she is like A BOY I LOVE HIM...gets a bit much at time. Gotta remember he did save her life and considering the one she was counting on threw her in the trash (puddle)...maybe she has a right to be a little boy crazy....after she saves the world!!!

Now that Samon has his hair up he has stopped making the awesome faces. Makes me heart a little sad.