Monday, February 11, 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 17

Three posts in one day? I should celebrate by doing absolutely nothing tomorrow. Just kidding. Need to catch up when I don't have work. Keep on chugging weeeee.
Let it snow let it snow let it snow!
What is up now? Well it is time for those crazy kids over at Zetsuen no Tempest episode 17. Spoilers for Megumu being the smartest person in the show.
Someone has a lot of enemies.
Episode Summary: Takumi is walking around the office acting all important and what not. Some people are whispering about him, about how he has made a comeback due to the Mage appearing and how he is in a position of power. Takumi then sees someone high up as he confirms many countries are starting to doubt the power of Genesis and the UN wants to talk with him. This person in charge takes note that Takumi is set up in a perfect position for...well many great things. Said person warns Takumi to not push his luck too far but Takumi just smiles. Around the world Megumu has been appearing getting rid of Genesis trees left and right. Natsumura and Evangeline accompany him and note all the conversations that are sparking whether or not to support this tree or that tree. Evangeline tries to sideline the conversation with nuts but soon they get back on track about whether or not the trees really are trees or are they dragons or something else just taking on the shape of trees. Hakaze and Yoshino are still out...doing whatever it is they are doing and Hakaze watches the news programs arguing both sides of the tree. Only Hakaze has lost her little mind and is having a girl moment about Yoshino sucking and being perfect at the same time. Yoshino eats his food calmly as Hakaze has the faces of many Samon moments. They go on a train ride to their next destination and Hakaze has decided if she learns about Hakaze's girlfriend she will realize that the girlfriend is better than her and she can move on. Yoshino thinks back to Valentine's Day and summer vacation and responds while his girlfriend is pretty she is a rotten person. This is clearly not the answer Hakaze wanted but does the happy dance because Yoshino calls her pretty.
Behold I am here to blast you!!!!
Later in the hot springs Hakaze beats herself up because the Tree of Genesis might take out this girlfriend for her sake and she can't be having that. Back in the city Megumu is taking a beating from Junichirou disguised as a massage. Mahiro walks in and is like yo I know you think Yoshino is really the Exodus mage what is up with that? Samon and Tesuma are shocked but explain that they think the Exodus mage is two people, the heart Yoshino and the power Megumu. Everyone nods that this makes sense and if this is true Yoshino will have to die. Mahiro then decides that if they kidnap Yoshino's girlfriend they can use her as bait. So Mahiro, Tesuma, and Samon have the stupidest conversation on the face of the planet on who the girlfriend can be. Someone in 6th grade, his teacher, and a married lady are the top contenders. Megumu watches in horror as everyone around him becomes a moron. At the hot springs Yoshino tries to show Hakaze some basic kindness so obviously she has to lose her mind and yell at him. She confesses that she is in love with him and wants to molest his earlobes and that her thoughts might kill his girlfriend. Yoshino tries to calm Hakaze down but eventually he has to show her the truth. At the same time Megumu is like look guys isn't the only person that meets all this criteria Mahiro's sister Aika? THE END!
See? Still crazy.
So.....this episode was actually enjoyable. I am not sure why that is when last week I was like WOE IS ME THIS SHOW SUCKS as this episode was probably worse that episode. Maybe I am in a better mood? Trying to embrace the crazy? Who knows folks. Who knows.
Takumi is going to be the one to save the world guys. No one else is taking it seriously. And he is doing it for personal gain. X___X
Takumi tries to start the episode off on a serious note. Or at least his colleagues did. Apparently Takumi wasn't very popular wherever he worked. The people he worked with thought he was on his way out regardless of the outcome of his last project but surprise he has pulled through. Is this jealously or is Takumi an asshole? He must be an ass as the head dude in charge or someone in charge of something is not very pleased with Takumi either and is suspect of all this good fortune Takumi is experiencing. Either Takumi is like HAHA I got this bitches and you know I do and there is nothing you can do about it.
What are you talking about? I seriously love Yoshino! Super serious!
And with that the serious part of the episode ends. Yes folks 1 whole minute of serious and 21 minutes of is this really happening? At least some characters realized the absurdity of the situation and relayed that fact to us viewers. Like really that just happened you aren't insane, don't worry.
People worshiping trees are now going to believe in someone wearing a cape. Amazing.
Okay there was ONE more serious moment in the show. I forgot about it since Evangeline was going on about nuts. Don't worry Megumu will feel better if he eats nuts indeed. But she and Natsumura did have a semi serious conversation about their tactics. That their goal seems to be changing how people view the Tree of Genesis. They probably didn't have to give many people that seed of doubt but for others maybe after the initial 2 billion people dead...things got better. Now there is conversation on which tree if any should be in charge. This will probably help them get the needed support to bring back the Exodus tree. You paying attention Hakaze?
I think everyone has the crazy!! What happened to you bro?!
She might have been folks. Like she looked at the screen and was like oh that is what Samon was trying to say to me when I was having my meltdown. Then she took a bite of her hamburger, said good job Samon, and went back to having her crazy moment. What did you expect her to do folks? 

While the world being in danger might throw a wrench in things (and Hakaze acknowledges this) Hakaze was pretty amusing. And accurate. Maybe I am insane but I could really relate to Hakaze's rollarcoaster of crazy. Like AHA Yoshino sucks wait he is the sweetest guy in the world AND I HATE HIM! It made sense to me. Either that or I found in amusing. It must run in the family, this insanity. Her train of thought made sense, just the frequent stops probably make people question whether or not she should be in charge of cleaning the living let alone the fate of the world.
I think this will end badly folks. Just saying.
Hakaze then decided the best way to stop loving Yoshino was to learn more about his girlfriend. I am going to chalk that up to more insanity because if Aika had been a warm and loving person Hakaze probably would have become more jealous not less. Poor Hakaze. That could have gone...well more special than it actually did. Maybe Hakaze knows deep down she is really crazy and she needs to get back on track with this whole saving the world deal and was grasping at straws.
Such a dateable person!!!
While I feel Aika on this homemade chocolate thing everything else....not so much. What did Yoshino see in her again? Super jealous person who was cynical and full of...well crazy too. Controlled crazy. Hakaze is looking more sane and desirable at this point. Maybe deep down Aika was fun to be around. When she wasn't threatening to grind Yoshino into shaved ice or taking about Hamlet for the 4389473784 time.
Everyone is putting so much faith in Yoshino being sneaky but really is this all possible?!
I think Yoshino knew something was up with Hakaze. That if he is so observant with everything else how could he not see the crazy Hakaze was acting. Maybe he thought that Hakaze had been trapped so long on that island she deserved a moment or several of....insanity. But Hakaze got frustrated and finally told Yoshino how she felt. She should have left the part out about his earlobes though. That might scare the boy.
Does Mahiro work at a gas station now or something?
On the other side of town Mahiro is like Samon I know you think Yoshino is the mage lets squash this. I think everyone was taken back with his honesty. But I was confused that Mahiro was like well okay so lets go get his girlfriend in case we have to kill him. Maybe it was all an act to throw Samon off but damn he was convincing. Like look how much I don't care folks.
Isn't this this the most obvious answer ever?!
While Megumu might come across really weak he does make a lot of sense. Or maybe he is so far removed from the situation he can see it different ways. Seriously what was wrong with all those men? Yoshino is hitting on 6th graders? Married women?! A teacher? Megumu was sitting there wondering what kind of world he lives in and realized oh yeah there is a tree that is 4893843 feet tall outside. That is the world I guess.
Everyone is dense woohoo!!!
At the same time Yoshino confesses to Hakaze and Megumu guesses in front the guys that the girlfriend in question is Aika. Maybe deep down everyone knew that it had to be Aika but that would mean a whole lot of hurt so it was easier to pretend there were other options. Will Hakaze believe Yoshino? Will the boys listen to Megumu? I guess we will have to wait until next week to find out folks!


Anonymous said...

About Mahiro not caring a damn about killing Yoshino or getting a hold of his girlfriend....when Mahiro said the girlfriend bit about her being a good hostage, Samon also says to himself 'for the time being, that would be the best way to protect Takigawa Yoshino' while smiling a bit....then Mahiro goes WHAT? like a 'what did you just say?!' kind of what.

I think from that we can assume that Samon more or less knows why Mahiro is going along with Samon and Co.'s plans....namely so he can protect Yoshino along the way.....

Although im not quite clear on how getting a hold of Yoshino's girl could possibly protect him but yeah, Zetsuen reasoning. What i mean is that Mahiro probably said the girlfriend hostage bit to protect i dont know but yeah.

Sara said...

I KNOW! it just struck me a little while after i posted the earlier comment, Mahiro's reasoning was probably that if Yoshino knew his girl was in Samon and Co.'s hands he wouldnt do anything crazy or mage of going on a rampge or something XD :P meaning Yoshino would probably be very careful and not give anyone any cause for suspecting him...assuming of course that he IS the mage but yeah...thats all i could think of... :/

MCAL said...

I say embrace the crazy. Cause BONES is a studio that spits on conventionality.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Nothing makes sense anymore (to me). Everyone has gone crazy! D:

We have:

1. Mahiro wanting to "kill" his bro, Yoshino.

2. Hakaze obsessing over Yoshino and his dead girlfriend--Come on, Miss Fanservice, you just meet the guy for several episodes and now you want to be his next lover!

3. Billions of people died and their surviving friends/family don't give a damn!

4. A campy super hero who is really a campy guy appears and everyone instantly believes him as their savior! No suspicions at all!

5. Questions that still need to be answered, like the Trees of Epicness, Aika's return (maybe), how all this insanity will end, what's Yoshino true goal, the Mage of Exodus, who murdered Aika, and etc.

6. Mr. Salmon and Mr. Sister Complex going shopping!

7. Aika's obsessions with Hamlet/Shakespeare. All. The. Freaking. Time.

8. Trees of Epicness that murder people just because they can.

And here's the greatest revelation to me:

9. Aika is not a friendly person at all. I'm somewhat surprised that Yoshino thinks Aika is shady or rotten to the core when he revealed to Miss Fanservice on that lame date. I guess that's to be expected since Aika manipulated the emotions of both Yoshino and Mahiro in past episodes. Like in that episode when she said, "The sun flowers are watching." Indeed, the sunflowers are watching the insanity fly by in this show. Oh, and her Hamlet/Shakespeare quotes. :(

I'm speculating she is the true master behind this insanity. Why? Maybe because she's evil and doing it for the laughs.

That's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous- Mahiro is so good at playing the I don't care card it is hard to read him. So his okay, time to kill Yoshino get the girlfriend comment could be read in different ways. I think at this point everyone mistrusts everyone. Well not Hakaze as she loves Yoshino and his earlobes no matter what.

Sara- I was hoping that at the mention of Yoshino's girlfriend that would spark a memory of Aika's boyfriend. Like oh yeah that kid promised to tell me that...wait a minute...puts the pieces together....

But in the end only Megumu had a brain. Sad really.

MCAL- As long as there isn't too much crazy I will smile along with it. But if we start smiling and dancing around killer trees all the while worrying about boyfriends and girlfriends...maybe the world deserves to be eaten by a giant tree.

Anonymous 2- I think that everyone going along as normal is the worse part. I might overlook the super hero cape and Mahiro running off at the mouth but if 1/4 of the people DIED in the scope of a month/week/whatever it was...I be nervous smile and crying all the time.

Aika better show up at the end of this hot mess, that is all I am saying.