Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Psycho-Pass episode 17

Hello there my lovely readers. This was supposed to be up and blogged last night but I got slightly distracted. Story of my life. But my house is lovely and clean now. It shall last for 5 seconds as apparently we have 6 children I don't know about. But for the moment clean. Time to blog anime
The under statment of the year.
What episode is up now? Psycho-Pass episode 17. Spoilers for Granny spilling the beans on what the system actually is. Also spoilers for spelling Sybil any way she wants to.
Also we hate Akane yes?
Episode Summary: The riots have ended and the popo are slowly putting things back together. Ginoza pretends that capturing Shougo was no big deal as he focuses on the fact that Shuusei is missing. Considering another Enforcer escaped during the riots it is assumed that Shuusei did too. Still the search goes on for him. Many people are in need of medical assistance after witnessing and taking part of all the crime. Ginoza watches public places be turned into make shift hospitals and Yayoi comments that Shougo had such a long reach. Ginoza is called to talk to Granny where he is told their department has lost jurisdiction over Shougo. Ginoza gets pissed but Granny explains that the Ministry of Welfare has to take care of this matter, mainly because things like evidence are a forgotten art. Ginoza goes on his way, warned that it is his fault Shuusei has disappeared. Akane and Shinya are recovering from their injuries in the hospital. Shinya takes this time to not bash Akane's head in with at wrench. Instead the two talk about how the Sybil system really isn't perfect and the public just has to think so. But what will happen to Shougo? Will he see justice? It looks like Akane is having second thoughts on the entire matter. Later in the episode Ginoza tells the team about how they lost jurisdiction over Shougo which goes well with no one. Instead Ginoza pretends like Shuusei really did run away and finding him is the most important thing ever. Everyone does go out and look for him but Shinya thinks that Shuusei was probably killed with a Dominator set on to Star Trek phaser kill level.
Is Shougo trying to be sexy?
Elsewhere Shougo wakes up to see Granny staring at him. Granny is pretty familiar with Shougo and Shougo is like um I don't know you old lady. Granny returns to Shougo a book she borrowed three years ago and when Shougo looks at it his mind is blown. Is that you my old friend Touma? Granny confirms that it is Touma and sorta not Touma. She throws Shougo Choe's cellphone so Shougo can see Choe's last moments. Oh and the fact that the legendary Sybil system is a room full of brains! BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS! Granny explains that this body can be used by any brain the Sybil system and that Touma is just present right now. That the Sybil system is a bunch of brains used at once to determine the likelihood of someone going crazy on people. And that to become apart of this network one must be a unique thinker, like Touma and Shougo. So can't you see how amazing this is and join us? Shougo is like um no crazy bitch and proceeds to throw Granny all over the room. Granny is surprised that Shougo won't join them but Shougo explains he isn't a sheep. He manages to crash the helicopter that was transporting him, probably to remove his brain. Shinya was busy working out and daydreaming of punching Shougo in the face when Shougo calls him. Shougo tells Shinya the Sybil program is not worth dying over. Shougo tries to trace the call but Ginoza is like yeah did you know Shougo escaped from capture? DUH! The end!
Shougo is not down for this system. Clearly.
I just want it to be known that I had planned on blogging two more anime episodes Monday night before I went to bed. But I just had to find out what Choe saw in the room so I decided to watch more anime instead. But as long as things get posted that is all that matters yes?
Brains? Are you serious?!
BRAINS! Like literally brains! But not the Andrea use your BRAINS kind from The Walking Dead. Which you know I am very upset about still. I should make a post about that. Everyone watches The Walking Dead right? I assume that everyone is team Daryl. If you aren't just don't be team Andrea and we will get along. Well unless you are team Comic Andrea.
Eff the helmet men. BRAINS!
Back to what I was saying though. BRAINS! It was brains. Well I got my answer. I actually thought to myself I really should have posted the other two anime episodes first because I doubt we are going to answers in the next episode. It will just be the team licking their wounds and Japan recovering from all this drama. But we did find out. BRAINS!
Photobucket one has ever accused you of being smart. Ever.
The team did spend some time trying to digest what happened. I thought that Shinya was going to stab Akane in the face. Well at least glare at her or something. She didn't do what he asked her to do, what she should have done. Shinya really deserved the killing blow but maybe watching Akane do it would make him feel better. Now Shinya is just...well not mad. I would say he is in love with her and he allows her to get away with everything but that is not the case either. I don't know what his problem is. He must be so focused on hating and killing Shougo that he has decided it's okay that Akane didn't Shougo because now he can do it. But both were able to bond over the fact that the system is flawed and can things really go back to normal?
Ginoza dying would probably be the best for him yes? All I can see if bad for him in the future.
I am not saying that cyborgs shouldn't have rights. I am just saying it was hard to focus on Granny talking to Ginoza without gagging. Still it is amusing or shocking to see how Granny has Ginoza fooled. I wonder how many people know the truth about Granny. Can't be too many people because HAHA that would be horrible. I like how Granny gave Ginoza one two punch. Like nope you guys don't get to proof that Shougo did all these crimes AND you are responsible for Shuusei disappearing. Both are upsetting to Ginoza and really if he ever learns the truth about Shuusei is will be like a third punch. Poor Ginoza.
Yep......we are probably standing on Shuusei right now.
The team was not happy with the news but really what can they do? Most of them are latent criminals and have less rights than hamsters. Akane doesn't have the best track record and has a hard time doing what she wants to do. So walk around town and see how the city is trying to piece itself back together is all they really could do. Again I am wondering how things were brought back from that level of rioting. Although I do wish that Shinya would have shown a bit more emotion when talking about dead Shuusei. :( Poor kid.
Well that and in this series has cool guns.
I said earlier in the series that this show was a lot like Minority Report, staring a less crazy Tom Cruise. Now after the is almost exactly like the Minority Report. Only they used special people to do the judging/seeing of the future and people seem to be aware of this fact. So while I am all going BRAINS I was really like.....oh X___X Well then. I see.
......I think being an Enforcer is looking slightly better.
I guess deep down it doesn't matter how the system was being done. It was made up science. So I am not going to focus on how brains can be kept functioning and scan people and see their souls and figure out their likelihood of committing crimes. That we are supposed to focus on the fact all of their society is being lied to. Lots of lies. Tons of lies. They are being told not to worry, machines can do the judging. Human flaws have been removed from the situation. But in fact humans judged to be DANGEROUS by the system are the ones judging it. Crazy times.
MOG the grossest part of the episode!
I am a bit disappointed that Touma is the one in the Granny suit and he is not Akane. There is still a reason why this girl was chosen to be a popo but I really thought she was a repurposed Touma. I guess Touma being one of the people telling Shinya what to do is a fun surprise too. I am just shocked how clam Shougo was about all of this. Not sure why I am shocked, he should have been a little upset. Maybe he was upset on the inside.
This would be Shougo giving Granny his answer.
I am not sure why Granny/Touma thought that Shougo was going to join their side. Like I really don't know why someone who wanted to destroy the system would say YES turn me into a jar brain and make me apart of the system. If anything this would make Shougo more likely to destroy the system. Did Touma not know Shougo at all?
Sorry I'm late for our date sweetie!
In the end Shougo takes down the plane and gives his friend Shinya a little head's up. He didn't exactly explain what the system was but it was enough information to get Shinya on the right path. This leads me to believe that Ginoza is next on the chopping block! Of course that means Daddy will die to save Ginoza but still. Ready for the insanity? Or did we already use all the insane?


Anonymous said...

BRAIN? Yes brains. Floating brains of people apprehended by Sibyl was one theory I (and many other people) did predict, because floating brains as computers is fairly standard in cyberpunk stories. But unlike most other standard sci-fic, which proclaims “BECAUSE SCIENCE”, Psycho Pass decided to stop using such cliché and get on w/ their explanation, and I was able to buy it.

Quote from SCAMP:
>Morality is decided by humans, so therefore only other humans can decide how morally aligned someone is. It sounds a bit silly when you put it as bluntly as that, but that happens to be a large part of what out legal system is built on. Juries are based on this idea that selection of regular old folks can tell how likely someone is to be guilty or not guilty. When you consider how shockingly thick most people on the planet are, this idea really does come across as absurd. A collection of people with no training or expertise can deliver judgment on a potential criminal?

The idea of jury does have sound theory behind it, based upon the very basic idea that only other humans can judge each other. Sibyl just expands on that idea and improves on it. Instead of picking a random selection of people who could end up being 10 racists who send a man to the slammer because those blacks are all like that you know, we get over 200 people with wildly different personalities and outlooks on life. The people they bring in are the most intelligent and cross reference to fill any and every world view there is. Plus whenever they reveal to have a flaw in their system, they improve it and plug that hole with the very thing that revealed the flaw. It’s like how computing companies hire the hacker who hacks their own system.

So, as silly as the idea of a bunch of brains in jars might be as a visual representation of this system, I can totally buy it. The chief constable lady also works quite well as a representation of Sibyl actually talking to people. She’s just a shell which swaps in and out the people who make up Sibyl.<

Makishima’s rejection is no shocker, yet it sets PSYCHO-PASS in an unknown trajectory. He will no doubt continue on his path to wreak havoc on Sybil, and Kougami and the rest of the Enforcers will not stop chasing him. But where does it all end? Is there a conclusion where anyone will “win”? If Makishima emerges victorious, it would mean the end of the Sybil System, but the triumph of misguided, villainous values. Kougami’s win would ensure “justice”, but the continuation of falsely peaceful ideals.

Now, all that rants (above) are over, I wonder, which brain killed Kagari?

Christina said...

Anonymous- It makes it easier for me to think that the Touma Granny has been in charge since revealing the truth. He seems to have it for Shinya and was trying to bond with Shougo. So I can see that brain trying to fight for control to accomplish....something.

So in theory being a special little flower in this society is a dangerous thing. That people are arrested and labeled latent criminals to hide the fact that every once and a while a new brain is needed and someone needs to disappear. They are the borg! Of course they are creating a society full of boring people who can't think for themselves so new brains might be few and far between thus Granny Touma wanting Shougo so bad.

I think Shougo is tired of living and doesn't expect to make it much further in life. So if Shinya finds him Shougo will probably just be happy to be acknowledged and the truth be known. He will tell Shinya what he knows and go splat in some way. Shinya will then try to save the world which will probably result in Akane killing him so this anime can have a bad ending. SMILES FOR ALL!

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