Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Busters! episode 18

X___X So much has been done today. Is that why people get up early? Because once you are up you feel compelled to do things otherwise it would have been a waste? Well it worked for me today. Despite the rain trying to drown me on the road.
And then I had a Yuno moment....
But never fear, I got some anime blogging done today in between my real life stuffers. Up first is Little Busters! episode 18. Spoilers for the twin drama finally being over.
Um...I wouldn't say that...
Episode Summary: Haruka starts yelling at Kanata for dressing up as her to trick Riki. Kanata tries to run away but Haruka and Riki run after her in the pouring rain. What it is was sunny at the end of the last episode? Craziness. Rin and her friends are walking by and see this hot mess take place. Haruka starts yelling about how Kanata is allergic to eggs and how could she make this cake?! Kanata smiles confirming that she is a liar. Haruka starts beating on her which causes Kanata to drop her hair clips. Haruka can't verbalize her anger very well so Kanata leaves. Komari and Rin take Haruka to get changed while Noumi asks Riki if he hates Kanata. He is like um were you not watching this all go on? Noumi says that she knows things about Kanata but decides it is too personal to tell Riki. Riki then goes after Kanata to get her side of the story. He wants to know which Dad is Haruka's and Kanata gets all pissed off. Riki can't change anything and he isn't a god. Riki wants to know why she lied about the eggs so Kanata explains that there was going to be a cooking class in home ec at their elementary school. Kanata knew that if she won Haruka would get beat again. She refused to make an omelet hoping that Haruka could pull off a victory. Of course she didn't and Haruka asks why Kanata didn't make the omelet thus the egg lie. Riki wonders why Kanata would lie about that for Haruka so he runs to tell Haruka this information. Haruka immediately decides that Riki is blaming her when Kanata must be the evil one. Haruka runs off and Kyousuke tells Riki that the only way Haruka has dealt with her life is blaming Kanata. If Riki takes that away Haruka might fall apart. Kyousuke suggests telling Haruka to follow her heart as he can't save her.
Wait.....where is the great advice?! Is this situation beyond helping?
Riki takes Kyousuke's advice and tells Haruka he doesn't know what she should do but knows that the hatred in her heart is clouding her vision. Haruka agrees and decides to confront Kanata. She demands to know who her father is as she no longer has hatred in her heart for Kanata. Kanata is surprised that this is all coming from Haruka and breaks down into tiny little pieces. Apparently the family beat her too, because Kanata wouldn't be hard on Haruka. So Kanata took it all on herself and tried to be perfect. Still that wasn't enough and the family threatened to kill Haruka if Kanata didn't start ignoring her. So Kanata did that and hates herself for all the hurt she caused Haruka. Haruka hugs her and the Snow White birds start singing. They walk hand in hand to see criminal dad who decides to explain the family history before explaining whose kid is whose. Turns out that mom liked the other guy better and criminal dad knew and accepted that. He decided to let the other dad and mom escape with the kids so everyone could be happy. Only the family caught them and that is when all the “criminal” stuff happened. He goes to tell Haruka who her father is but she decides it is not important anymore as no one is evil and she loves herself. They skip down the road and meet up with mom and the other dad and take a happy family photo like nothing ever happened. THE END!
I see Kanata...I see.
I am pretty sure this is the worst anime episode on the face of the planet. At the very least the worst episode for this show. I was so RARW after this I went out of the house to cool down. Of course I went to Walmart, land of broken shopping carts and people trying to run me down to get the last pack of dollar cookies so needless to say my mood has not improved.
And then it turns out both your dads suck and your mom and everyone to know because they let you get hurt!
BUT WHAT THE HELL FOLKS! Really what the hell? Did the writers really step back and look at the insanity they wrote down and decide....yep this makes sense. Surely people will buy this sad story of woe. It shall be the saddest story in the land and people will cheer on how amazing we were to bring it to life. Of course it probably just copied the storyline from the game but that is crap too then. CRAP!
Make Kanata happy so the rain will stop.
Can someone tell me why we can't have a sad moment in the sunshine? Because really the rain was so pretty I almost forgot it wasn't raining 5 seconds ago. The rain is Kanata's tears indeed. More like how overdramatic can this get?
What the hell? Eggs?
When Haruka started going on and on about eggs I was like what is this insanity. I know that some people are allergic to thinks by touch but I am thinking eggs aren't one of them. Eggs are inside their shell and those are cleaned before being sent to the store. So what is all this madness about? Well it turns out that lie was made by a 7 year old so that makes sense. Kanata just wanted to give Haruka one victory in life and when put on the spot she thought of this dumb lie.
I think I can make cake better than you Haruka....
But it doesn't even matter folks! Because Haruka sucks at cooking everything!!!! So while it was nice to try and give Haruka something wasn't Kanata doing more damage by keeping up with this madness? Why was Haruka so pissed? Let me have one thing? Don't you know your cooking sucks and Kanata was just trying to make you feel better? That should make you feel worse. isn't working. Give us a lie that makes sense.
Well no more cake for you....
I am not going to touch on Haruka yelling at Riki because she was caught up in the anger and I am sure deep down she knew she was being crazy. Instead I will talk about Kyousuke and his advice to Riki. Which I think should be obvious. You can't help Haruka. I would have taken that one step further though. Like mending things with Kanata and Haruka seem like the kid way of fixing things but that is not the real problem here. The real issue is a bunch of adults running around torturing kids. That is why Riki can't help.
That I want to kill them all?
Riki conveying this advice to Haruka wasn't strong enough either. It wasn't like Katniss....who is your real enemy? It was more like you need to stop being angry so you can find the answer within yourself. I know I keep saying that Haruka is a brat and she is. But what she needs to do is take a chainsaw to all those adults. Haruka is allowed to be angry. Just redirect it to the correct people.
She just cracked into 43845436 pieces.
Kanata breaking down at the drop of a hat was so odd. Even without Noumi adding her two cents anyone with eyes could see Kanata was only pretending to be tough. But the more Kanata talked the more I rolled my eyes. Maybe I am a cold hearted snake but really folks. REALLY. Instead of shipping off the bad kid they just tortured her? Threatened to kill her? Yeah because that would motivate me to listen to the adults in the house, threaten to kill my twin. Since they are already beating my ass I would think well if they can kill her they can certainly kill me. Why was Kanata putting up with all of this? You got the bruises, go to the police and tell them what is happening!!!
They threaten to kill you and instead of picking up the phone and calling ANYONE what they say and let them keep on beating you. I see.
See this is why I went to the store to gather my thoughts. Or attempt to. Because it was all CALL THE POLICE! Mom you suck! Haruka why are you so forgiving?! Kanata why didn't you tell Haruka about the threat?! That at home they would pretend to hate each other but at school they could cry and comfort each other? This drama makes Twilight look like a great drama.
So much misunderstanding going on in this arc.
Then when dad criminal opened his mouth I wanted to set the entire episode on fire. I knew deep down he was a good guy, I just didn't realize how dumb things were. I mean...he wanted his wife to be happy with another man because he knew he was the third wheel. He was willing to give up his child to this other man to save them all. But for some reason there are no police officers in Japan. Hello Mr. Policeman? My mom and father and my siblings took my children and won't let me see them. EASY AS PIE! Was this show written by 5th grade monkeys??!?!
A few sparkles doesn't make the situation any less shitty!
And then Haruka said she was okay with everything because there were no evil people in the world............................................................................................Um. This story means your father and Kanata aren't evil. But all the people who kicked you and threw you in the mud and beat Kanata with a belt are still very evil. Very evil people. Your mom and other dad suck for not trying to fight for you. If it was so easy for Kanata to quit the family why didn't she do it before? Um because they are evil. WHY IS EVERYONE HAPPY?!
And then the evil family came by and gunned you all down because that is what they do!
So that is why I hate this episode folks. Things were way too over the top evil and vile and a few hugs and Kanata and Haruka are happy. Haruka should have hated the people who hurt her all her life but since she really couldn't do anything about it she took it out on Kanata. Kanata decided to keep her mouth shut about the whole thing. None of the parents fought for their kids. And that entire house that they came from needs to be lit on fire. So yeah. Where are all the smiles coming from? Things are not okay. Not okay at all. But since this is all too stupid to be happening at once I feel dumb for being upset over the lack of upset. Thank goodness this arc is over because I want to blow things up now. Thanks for listening to my rant. X_x


MCAL said...

Yeah. Funny thing is this arc was actually twice as beter in the anime then in the VN for various reasons. Lucky?

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

This is what I say for this episode: The writers are idiots! I couldn't feel for the characters because I was dumbstruck-ed by the annoying writing, illogical narrative, and the fact that this decade long melodrama was solved by a group hug and photo. A group of monkeys can write a better script than the LB writing team! >:(

This is Komari's arc all again, and I don't feel like bringing up horrible memories by making comparisons. Terrible characters with terrible writing. I'm just on the verge of dropping Little Busters and future seasons entirely if I don't see a moderate improvement in Noumi's arc--we'll see.

That's all.

Eternia said...

I was in tears, from the laughs, of reading all your rants. This title is definitely one of the weakest among Key's visual novel. I have finished reading some more character's routes recently, and it reaffirms my statement above.
The biggest problem with Little Busters is, it's solving the conflicts in flash, in a very easy way, which is very illogical and leaving a lot of plotholes.

The latest one that I read was Kud's arc. And thank goodness, she didn't turn into a clingy crazy girl with blank eyes, she didn't turn into a brat who yells at her important friends. BUT. It has the worst Deus ex Machina I have seen in a while. They solved Kud's life threating problem very easily! The writer totally pulled a plot out of his ass, I am telling you.

Christina said...

MCAL-....It was WORSE in the VN? Dear lord how did anyone survive it?

Anonymous- There was just way too much crazy going on for this to relate to. I mean...having your imaginary friend come and take your place is illogical too but that was the only thing wrong with Mio. It wasn't like the imaginary friend raped her and set the house on fire and peed in the Cheerios while cutting off the heads of kittens. Sometimes less is more.

Eternia- I don't think anything can top this insanity so I will accept Noumi with open arms. But not with a hug though. Because hugs can't solve parents abandoning their kids and being threatened every single day of your life afterwards. And what is up with everyone being present for everyone's problems. Again less is more. Less people the more intimate it can be.