Monday, February 11, 2013

Amnesia episode 5

Hello there my lovely readers. I barely know what day it is due to crazy work schedule changes. But here I am covered in dust as I been cleaning my house most of the day. Well and playing Facebook games. I can't spend that much time cleaning or I die of boredom. That or my hands would fall off.
Why is Orion all disappeary?
But here is my second anime post of the day. See folks I haven't given up yet? But maybe having 7 shows at once was a bit much to take on. In any event here is Amnesia episode 5. Spoilers for Shujinko not knowing what is going on again SHOCKER!
This is Shujinko's mind all the time everyday.
Episode Summary: This other girl (named Rika) just glares at Ikki and Shujinko. Shujinko wonders how she knows this girl while Rika seems to apologize for all those other girls being around. Ikki then apologizes to Shujinko a million times for being late and wants to make it up to her somehow. For now they go to the movies where Ikki talks about how Shujinko seems off and is she okay? Ms. Mouse says she is okay and onward Ikki goes to buy tickets. Shujinko starts to wonder why things are so different but is sidetracked when the movie they see seems to mirror her own memory problems. After the movie Ikki apologizes for always having to take her to dark places which sorta throws Shujinko off as he is getting way too close to her. They go to a little cafe where Ikki talks about his “condition” and if Shujinko enjoyed the not so sweet romance. Shujinko decides she wants Ikki to take her to work tomorrow as a way for him to say sorry. Since Ikki loves carrying her purse....I mean spending time with her he says yes. Shujinko makes it home and is exhausted from all this thinking. Orion starts talking about how there must be something wrong with him when Shujinko is like I CAN HEAR YOU! He is very faint and tries to give Shujinko more information on what is going on but he disappears again. Shujinko gets a text from someone about a daily report but she ignores it as she has no idea what is going on.
Can I stab this girl? Please?
Shujinko goes to bed so she can be ready for the amazing adventure of being walked to work by Ikki. She gets to her job and Waka is once again different, a yelling asshole. Ikki has to show Shujinko how to make the parfait again which makes Shujinko wonder what is going on. Ikki sees that there are fangirls all around and tells Shujinko to wait for him in the usual spot after work. Only she doesn't know where that is and ends up waiting behind the store. Ikki gets worried and calls. Shujinko explains where she is and he runs to meet her. He carries her bag home obviously but then pushes her against the wall. She panics and Ikki talks about how they have been going out for over 2 months and of course it doesn't work on HER of all people. He says something about 3 more weeks but doesn't press her into any kisses. At work the next day Sawa shows up but only as a customer as she doesn't work there. She wants to pull her friend Shujinko aside and talk about how she knows Ikki is a womanizer and has proof that breaks up with all his girlfriends after 3 months of dating. While Shujinko processes all this information Mine shows up and sees Shujinko confuses how she feels about Ikki. Mine then asks if she can have him instead weee! After work Shujinko gets hurt trying to break up a fight between Ikki and Kent. Only it turns out they were exchanging puzzles and she is just clumsy. They take her back to Ikki's house where Ikki fetches some drinks for them. Ikki then talks about how Shujinko seems to be different from all the other girls as Ikki breaks up with them after 3 months. This causes Shujinko to worry but she has no time to think as Ikki returns and asks her to spend the night. THE END!
Are you glaring because you are upset no one likes your hat? Because....sorry it's ugly.
Do you see my brain? My brain oozing out of my ears? Yeah it is on a pile on the ground, next to my hair as I rip it out from my scalp in frustration. Since I am convinced I am going bald this is not good folks. No bueno indeed. STOP SAYING BUENO IS SPELLED WRONG! Racist Open Office I swear.
If Ikki apologized one more time for being “late” I was going to throw my laptop out of the window. Clearly I am feeling violent today. But he told her he would be there and such and such time and he was early. Just surrounded by fans. Unless it took forever for those fans to clear out STOP WITH THE SORRIES! Stabbing out my eyes for real folks. What can I give you as a symbol of my love because I was SO LATE for our boring date?
Everyone is a stranger so it really doesn't matter.
Shujinko didn't bother to tell Ikki she had no idea what was going on in this timeline. Nor did she stop and wonder where the heck Shin is. I don't think I would go as far to say that Shujinko is cheating on Shin but I can see how some fans might think that. At the very least it would have been nice if Shujinko had acknowledged that she was kissing Shin the other day and this all seems off. Instead it is like Shujinko is sleep walking through this series and she has very little impact on what is going on and has no expression besides Oh My.
If I lose my memories will I become boring too?
In the original timelime/world is Shujinko way more interesting? Because everyone keeps saying how she doesn't seem like herself and is quiet and blah and the blah. I can't see Shujinko as anything besides boring. I know in harem animes the guy is purposely....a little plain so male players can imagine themselves in that role. Shujinko just takes to a whole nother level with the what blank slate look/feel.
If you want one so bad go buy one gosh!!!!
It seems that Ikki's condition is...his eyes are so amazing all the girls in the world minus Ms. Princess fall in love with him. But sadly they fall out of love with him within 3 months and Ikki has to break up with them to save face. Or something like that. It hasn't been explained yet but Kent implied this and Ikki is always wearing those sunglasses and the 3 month rule that applies to other girls. Now why is Ms. Princess so special the rules don't apply to her? We don't know yet but woe is Ikki. It must be so hard that all these girls love him.
A report on how amazing Ikki is maybe?
It didn't state in this episode but I am assuming that the report Shujinko was supposed to give to the mysterious person on the phone was one of the hat girls. The ones that were mean to Shujinko or so she thinks. I believe she was sent to date Ikki and get info on him and that is why the girls in another timeline believe she has betrayed them. That Shujinko told the girls she didn't like Ikki and that she would date him to find out about him and give that information to the girls. Only Shujinko doesn't remember now....and maybe liked him when she did remember. That is my theory anyway.
This girl Shujinko is a genius!
I would have liked to seen more of the movie Shujinko and Ikki were watching. Maybe it was nothing but a spark for Shujinko but it looked like it could have been interesting. I saw that the lady was standing on a staircase and it appears that Shujinko is going to take a flying leap down some staircases because the house is on fire. Just wanted to know if the two were connected.
You are acting a little off. Let me force myself onto you and all will be better.
Shujinko didn't tell Ikki about her memory problems in this episode but he was catching on that things weren't right. But I think he was more concerned about her loving him and looking at him that her condition. I am not sure what was up with all that purse holding but it was weird. Again Ikki probably has a broken heart over all these girls that really don't love him but be a bit more attentive to the girlfriend you have right now kay?
Oh that Waka......
Since this is a different timeline people were in different roles. Waka was probably the meanest in this episode that he has been so far. I wonder who the real him is. Mine was a homewrecking HOEBAG so we won't even speak of her. And while Sawa doesn't work at the cafe she still is Shujinko's friend. No mention of Shin or Toma.
Maybe in each timeline people could get different clothes? Not so ugly maybe?
I am not sure how I feel about Shujinko being told of his 3 month rule with girls. I mean....she is super confused about everything in life and this is just icing on the cake. On the other hand I think she reacted the way she should have. She doesn't know how she feels about Ikki so he is going to break up with her will that really matter to her? Confusion. The only expression Shujinko knows.
So helpful this Orion guy.
Orion showed up for about 5 seconds this episode. I am not sure why the synopsis says that Orion helps Shujinko out. Even when Orion was around he really didn't do that much for her besides reassure her that everything is going to be okay even though he is probably the one who messed it all up. So he appeared for about 5 seconds and disappeared again. Thanks for the help.
In case you didn't hear about this rumor let me say it one more time.
The episode ends with Shujinko ending up at Ikki's house. Apparently he and Kent need to have dramatic moments when giving each other puzzles. After Kent confirms this 3 month rule Ikki has going on Ikki comes back in the room and asks Shujinko to spend the night. XO What is a girl with no memories supposed to do? Um...probably fall down and hurt herself again to avoid this all? That's my answer and I am sticking to it!


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I'm sorry that you felt frustrated with this episode. :(

Hopefully, as we go further into the show all our questions will be answered. At least Orion confirmed to the princess that there are multiple timelines and she's in a different one with new people. So, he's not completely useless. I still think that Orion is slowly regaining his powers and working in the background to return the princess back to her old self.

It's understandable why the story would be frustrating to some but I think the writers wanted to keep the amnesia-mystery as it is because that's the incentive for the audience to continue watching future episodes. They will eventually reveal the entire mystery to us in time. I also know the princess has a boring personality (according to some people and Eternia) but it makes sense why she would be dull due to amnesia, and that she's suppose to embody the female player. After all, the show is called Amnesia and not the Daily Life of Potato Princess 2.0 and Knights. I hope you understand. :)

I agree that the bag thing with Ikki was strange. But that's probably a cultural thing in Japan for guys trying to flatter girls. Maybe that's it? I'm pretty sure if the princess told Ikki of her predicament, he would have been more careful and understanding with the princess than Shin. You're right about the three months thing. Ikki is probably using that time to gauge the girls he dates and see if they love him for being himself and not out of shallowness.

The mean girls were creepy in this episode--even more so than the regular fangirls! They were like stalking Ikki everywhere and seem to know his daily schedule. But Rika raises more creepy questions: Who is she? Is she a sorceress? What's her connection to Ikki? Is she responsible for the multiple timelines? and much more. I think she's Ikki's greatest and/or craziest fangirl; she refers to him as "Ikki-sama" which is the highest honorific in Japanese culture. I think there's a supernatural edge with her and she's somehow responsible for the multiple timelines and the princess' amnesia.

I would agree that the mean girls (along with the green guy) are aware of the multiple timelines and sent the princess to gather information on Ikki (Why? Romance maybe?) but instead has fallen in love with him hence the "betrayal" accusation and "daily report". Or it could be anything--we don't know yet.

Yes, are all the characters in every timeline going to wear the same ridiculous outfit every time? Can't they just change clothes and dress normally for once? I can hear the fashion police screaming at the screen already! D:

End comments, folks.

Christina said...

Anonymous- If anyone called me -sama I would be like yeah so not dating you. Of course I have been raised to be equal with my husband and to me that puts things way out of balance.

Princess just needs to open her mouth more and talk. I know she is trying to be a blank slate to relate to all girls but that is not how males are usually portrayed in harem shows. They at least have some personality. We know nothing about this girl. If she says 5 lines an episode it is amazing.

I think I was expecting more from Orion because the synopsizes I read made him sound like a big deal. Like every step of the way Orion will be here to help when really he is just as confused as what is going on.